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Digital, Mobile and Virtual Medicine: Legal Challenges


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Technology is transforming the way health care is delivered and managed. In recent years, the use of apps, smartphones and other digital devices has increased dramatically among patients and health care providers. “Virtual visits,” remote monitoring and mHealth (mobile applications) have become more common. However, state and federal laws have not fully evolved to fit these new delivery models. In addition, the use of digital devices in health care creates new legal risks involving patient privacy and regulatory compliance.

In this webinar, Ryan Johnson and Catherine London will discuss the key legal and regulatory issues associated with virtual medicine, including privacy and security of health information sent and stored on digital devices, reimbursement, licensure, corporate practice of medicine, prescriptive authority and fraud and abuse. They will discuss recent guidance from regulatory authorities such as FDA and identify the critical issues to consider in connection with the use of digital devices and in the practice of virtual medicine. Ryan and Catherine will offer best practices to develop policies and procedures to minimize liability risks.

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