Food tourism - Few ideas for Montréal


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Food tourism - Few ideas for Montréal

  1. 1. FOOD TOURISM And few ideas for Montreal... @localmontreal #FoodMarketingDay
  2. 2. Local Montreal Tours Craft Beer and Local Food Walking Tours and Events
  3. 3. Today: 1. Food Tours around the world and in Montreal 2. Craft beer industry in the world and in Montreal 3. Food events, landmarks, stunts and ideas that are pretty cool and should/could (?) be done in Montreal
  4. 4. “42% of tourists who responded to an American Express survey indicated that culinary factors, including the opportunity to try new cuisines or take pleasure in discovering an exotic or local cuisine were extremely, or very important in their holiday choice.” - American Express Travel
  5. 5. “The proportion is even higher among 18 to 34 year olds (55%).” AND “53% of food tourists are under the age of 44.” - Travel Industry Association
  6. 6. 1. Since 2006, Food Walking Tours have become the new Tourism Sheriffs in many cities
  7. 7. Within the last three years, 27 million Americans have made culinary activities a part of their travels.
  8. 8. Of the 160 million U.S. residents who travel for leisure, about 1 in 6 have recently taken a food tour, enrolled in a cooking class, toured a winery or otherwise participated in culinary activities as part of a vacation
  9. 9. Coffee Tours Seattle
  10. 10. Pizza Tours in NY
  11. 11. Culinary Adventures in Toronto: paddle first and eat on a island after!
  12. 12. Chicago is the capital of food tours - There are 10 very successful buisnesses in Chicago that offer food tours and experiences - Food Tour Pros offer courses to start your own food tour company.
  13. 13. in Oregon
  14. 14. To be profitable, all these businesses must: - Offer almost exclusively local specialities - Connect with the historical and cultural values of the food, in order to explain the quality of the products - Promote the authenticity and quality of the products
  15. 15. Local Montreal Tours - The Mile End Montreal Food Tour - The Montreal Brewpub Experience - Groups and Private Events
  16. 16. Give us your email to get 40% off the mile-end tour
  17. 17. The Montreal Brewpub Experience - 3 unique and renowned craft breweries - 6 exceptional beers of varying styles, we drink a bit more than 2 pints or 1000 ml of beers. - At the second Brewpub stop, we’ll be tasting a special dish that showcases cheese, maple syrup and pecans, expertly paired with one of our local brews.
  18. 18. Craft Beer industry in Mtl & Quebec - Montreal is the second city in the world where you will find the most breweries... - Every year in Montreal, A new brewpub opens - According to the Association of Microbrewers of Quebec, 6% of the beer drunk in Quebec is now craft beer. Their goal is to conquer 12% of the market by 2017.
  19. 19. Quebecers are “patenteux” + Joie de Vivre
  20. 20. Beer Creativity at La tête d’Allumette Brewpub
  21. 21. The Craft beer Revolution in the U.S.
  22. 22. Portland, capital of Craft beer - Restaurants offer craft beer menu to mix with food - You also have restaurants that skip Wine and cooked special dishes to fit perfectly with their beers
  23. 23. Montreal needs to take the leap
  24. 24. We need to support our Craft Breweries much more! - The right to buy directly “take out beers” in Brewpubs
  25. 25. Montreal needs to invest in two important ways 1. We need to better connect our gastronomy to our cultural and historical landmarks 2. Appropriate urbanism in a more human way
  26. 26. Pop up Beer Gardens
  27. 27. John Molson Marketing Association? - Molson Brewery!
  28. 28. Molson Brewery in Vancouver
  29. 29. 3. Cool ideas - Appropriate urbanism in a more human way like they do in Berlin - Food Bus
  30. 30. Food Bus instead of Food Trucks in Berlin
  31. 31. A Restaurant/bar on a top a parking lot? Why not!!
  32. 32. Back Alleys and green alleys in Montreal, a true Montreal Symbol
  33. 33. Duke Street - Autodesk Event
  34. 34. In conclusion 1. The products are the forefront of the experience. 2. The cultural heritage of the territory is key. 3. The importance of having a authentic and coherent message linked to the gastronomic offer 4. Cooperation of the main actors (farmers, producers, chefs, restaurants, hotels, Goverment, Tourism organizations, etc) The example of, montreal start-up. 5. The idea is not to create a new pressure on the culinary heritage, but to put it in a sustainable and responsible manner
  35. 35. Thank you! @localmontreal #foodMarketingTourism