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fdrII-Resume - Updated


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fdrII-Resume - Updated

  1. 1. Frederick D. Richardson II 2787 Parnell Drive San Jose, CA 95121 * (408) 726-9199 * Results Driven Administrator/Manager; Skills Oriented Staff Developer; Programs Development Specialist; Effective Presentation Skills; Positive Relationships Builder; Proficient Computer Skills; Honed Project/Time Management Skills. CAREER ACHIEVEMENTS FleetLogix, Inc. Burlingame, CA (San Diego, CA) 01/16 – Present Lead Vehicle Transporter (Site Supervisor) Salary $12.50/ hr AIM HIGHER Adult Disability Services San Jose CA/Sunnyvale, CA 06/15 – 11/15 Program Coordinator (Consulting) San Jose, CA Salary $13.00/hr 12/14 – 06/15 Interim Program Manager Sunnyvale, CA Salary $13.00/hr + $150 Bonus per pay period 02/14 – 12/14 Program Coordinator Sunnyvale, CA Salary 13.00/hr 08/12 – 02/14 Program Coordinator San Jose, CA Salary: $11.50 - 13.00/hr 04/12- 08/12 Program Instructor/Case Manager San Jose, CA Salary: $11.00/hr Area Board VII on Developmental Disabilities San Jose, CA 04/10 – 09/10 Interviewer Salary: $50.00 stipend per report CIWP (Community Integrated Work Program) Campbell, CA 08/09- 03/10 Program Coordinator Salary: $33,280/yr 07/08-08/09 Program Assistant Salary: $12.00/hr ACORN Housing Corporation San Jose, CA 10/07-05/08 Housing-Delinquency Counselor Salary: $25500 - $26500/yr Employment & Community Options San Jose, CA 07/05-10/07 Job Coach/Support Specialist Salary: $12.73/hr Unity Care Group, Inc. San Jose, CA 04/04-06/05 Facility Manager Salary: $28,080/yr 04/02-04/04 Lead Residential Counselor Salary: $10.00-$10.51/hr In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) San Jose, CA 02/02-05/05 In-Home Care Provider Salary: $10.50/hr Sojourn Services Inc. Santa Barbara, CA 02/00-09/01 Facility Manager/Case Manager Salary: $9.00-$10.00/hr
  2. 2. The Seychelles Group, Inc. Richmond, CA 01/98-10/99 Assistant House Manager/ Onsite Counselor Salary: $6.75- $7.50/hr EDUCATION 2011 Center for Training & Careers - San Jose, CA Major: Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist 1999 Contra Costa Community College - San Pablo, CA Major: Crisis Intervention Specialist (program cancelled after enrolling). 1977-80 Central Community High School - Flint, MI Major: English/Fine Arts CERTIFICATIONS 2012 - Present Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certified 2011 - 2013 Certified RCFE Administrator (State of California Department of Social Services) 2011 – 2013 Electronic Health Record Specialist (National Healthcareers Association) 2011 National Career Readiness Certificate ( 2008 Delinquency Counselor - ACORN Housing Corporation’s Loss Mitigation Program. 2005 Certified Instructor, Why Try Program 2004 Skill Path: Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor 1990 Food Management and Production LA Metropolitan Skills Center MILITARY EXPERIENCE 1980-1983 United States Navy. Rating: Operations Specialist (Shipboard Operations/Intelligence) Commendations: Navy Expeditionary Medal; Battle Efficiency (X2); Navy Sea Service REFERENCES FURNISHED UPON REQUEST