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The PDF Guide for The German Empire.

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Tge guides

  1. 1. of The German Empire Quick Start Guide tGe Government PoliticS military internet relay chat (irc) reSource tradinG imProvementS infraStructure JumPinG land technoloGy technoloGy tradinG advanced economicS created by Der Rote Baron
  2. 2. Q U I C K S T A R T GU I D E 1. Economy • Always have full trades. You gain +1 happiness point if they are on your same team color (orange). • Always pay bills (Or have enough to pay them). • If just starting your nation, spend almost all of your money on infrastructure. • After getting 1,000 people, buy a harbor for your first improvement. • Keep tax rate at 28% (If each citizen makes less then $50 a day, try other rates). • Make sure religion is what your people desire. More on religion: LINK • Unless your citizens desire Revolutionary or Capitalist, your government should be Monarchy. Don’t choose the rest. More on government: LINK • +1 happiness = +$2 income per person • Also remember all references to extra income a day are gross (i.e, an extra $2.00 (+1 Happiness) a day is an extra $0.56 per citizen in taxes (tax rate 28%). • Government Positions should be set at B,A,B,B,B,A,B,A without uranium, and B,B,B,B,B,A,B,A with a uranium resource. These positions change your population income and happiness so it is important you set them correctly. There is no need to support nuclear energy if you don’t have nukes. 2. military • Keep your soldiers at 20-30% of your total citizens during peace time, there’s no need to pay extra upkeep because of them. If you purchase too many your population will riot! • Stay in DEFCON 5 unless in war - this will maximise your economy. • Switch to “war is an option” to keep economy going. if you arE attackEd, don’t panic: • Inform your Field Marshall. • Switch to DEFCON-1. • Buy as many soldiers, tanks, and aircraft as you can. • NEVER begin retaliating attacks without permission. 3. SimplE rulES • NEVER attack another nation without permission from the Minister of War. This includes tech raiding. • NEVER spy on anyone without permission from the Minister of War or your Field Marshall. • ALWAYS sign up in the military office for your regiment when able. • ALWAYS vote for TGE’s candidate for CN Team Senate when able to. You can vote every 15 days. • ALWAYS be on the orange team unless an exception is made by government. • ALWAYS check the LEO Forums for trades and technology deals. • ALWAYS go to our IRC channels, #tge & #tgew, to talk to the rest of the Empire instantly. • ALWAYS have Custom Flag 8 as your national flag. • ALWAYS have The German Empire in your Alliance Affiliation, but if you have not been accepted you should use TGE Immigrant. • ALWAYS listen to all government officals. • ALWAYS remain calm when speaking on the forums. • ALWAYS check the forums as often as possible. • ALWAYS ask questions if you need answers.
  3. 3. T G E G o v E Rnm E n T thE GErman EmpEror/EmprESS impErial miniStErS The German Empress is the Head of State of the Ger- The Imperial Ministers of the Imperial German man Empire. The German Empress is responsible for Government are as follows: directing the Imperial German Government. The Ger- man Empress cannot be removed unless she abdicates * Minister of Finance the Imperial Crown as her own voluntary act. The * Minister of Foreign Affairs German Empress is responsible for overseeing and di- * Minister of State Affairs recting the German Empire. She may have the Imperial * Minister of Propaganda Ministers work directly for her, or if she chooses, for * Minister of Research the Imperial Chancellor. She may decide on this at any * Minister of War given time during her reign. No Government Official within the German Empire may be removed or resign duties of imperial ministers from his position without the consent of the German Empress. the minister of finance -- is responsible for technology deals, aid and trades. It is at the Minister of thE impErial chancEllor Finance’s discretion as to whom in the German Empire The Imperial Chancellor is in charge of overseeing the will receive aid. The Minister of Finance also oversees everyday affairs of the German Empire. He is respon- tech deals arranged through the forums and may be sible for heading the Government and representing called upon to help with trades. However, the Minister the German Empire abroad in international affairs. The of Finance’s duties will consist mostly of setting up and Imperial Chancellor is responsible for the protection deploying our operational banking nations so that they and advancement of the German Empire. The Imperial are prepared to send aid. Chancellor is appointed by the German Emperor, and serves at the sole discretion of the German Emperor. the minister of foreign affairs -- is responsi- ble for maintaining and overseeing diplomatic relations thE impErial VicE-chancEllor with foreign alliances, and has the ability to appoint and The Imperial Vice-Chancellor is appointed by the Im- assign Diplomats to help him/her in preserving friendly perial Chancellor from the elected Reichstag Depu- relations with the rest of Planet Bob. The Minister of ties, subject to the consent of the German Emperor. Foreign Affairs can set Foreign Policy only at the ap- The Imperial Vice-Chancellor may assume the duties proval of the Emperor and the Imperial Chancellor, of the Imperial Chancellor if the Imperial Chancellor or has to carry out Foreign Policy set forth by the is not present. The Vice-Chancellor presides over the Empress. Reichstag and maintains the order or coherence with- in the Reichstag. the minister of propaganda -- is responsible for all visuals and graphic design created on behalf of thE impErial rEGEnt the German Empire. This ranges from signatures and In the short-term absence of the Empress, she may avatars to recruitment posters and non-official com- designate responsibility to the Chancellor. With her missions that are just for enjoyment and pleasure. longer absence, authority transfers over to the Re- gent. The Regent then assumes the full authority and the minister of research--is responsible for privileges of the Empress until her return. When this research of the empire, taking surveys, censuses, and occurs, he/she may choose whatever role suits his/her polls to learn more about the body of the German talents best. He/She is allocated a seat in perpetuity in Empire. the PHoL. Other members can ennobled by the Em- press alone. the minister of War -- is responsible for all of the military aspects of the German Empire. The Min- ister of War exercises authority over all matters re-
  4. 4. T G E A Dmn I S T R A T o R S Cont i nue d lated to the military and, with the aid of his officers, cellor, and must be approved by a majority of both the manages, organizes, and directs the Reichswehr, the Reichstag and the Prussian House of Lords. Medizinisches Korps, and any other subgroup of the Imperial German Military. rEcruitEr Recruiters are an extension of the Ministry of State the minister of State affairs-- is responsible Affairs. Our current system employs 8 people, each re- for all aspects relate to recruitment and training of sponsible for a separate team. A recruiter assigned to new recruits into the empire. He has deputies that a team will send out a message which will encourage control the Education Department and the Recruit- new members to join the Empire. If you are interested ment. His deputies help him complete his job. in being a recruiter, please contact . thE rEichStaG SiGnal korpS The Reichstag is the voice of the people of the Ger- The Signal Korps (SK) is an ingenious design. The SK man Empire. The Reichstag votes on legislation for sends mass messages to Nations on CN. News, Elec- the Imperial Government of the German Empire. The tions, Wars, etc will all be sent by the SK. To sign up, number of representatives in the Reichstag, other- visit the Army HQ, or contact the MoP wise known as Reichstag Deputies, is dictated by the German Emperor, and can only be changed every two months. Normally there are 8 Reichstag deputies. thE cybErnationS World and tGE Global diplomacy on Planet Bob is very important To be eligible for the position of Reichstag Deputy the within the realm of CyberNations. On Bob, having citizen must announce their candidacy at least 24 hours good treaties can make the difference between life and prior to the election. Candidates cannot currently hold death during major conflicts. As we are a mid-size al- the position of Imperial Minister or Field Marshal. The liance, we are in a unique position to be strong allies candidates must have served the German Empire for a to the larger alliances, and also protect the smaller period of two weeks prior to election day, this clause developing alliances. Our three primary allies are We can be waived with a letter of recommendation from Are Perth Army, The Immortals, The International, and the German Emperor or Imperial Chancellor. FOK (A dutch, orange sphere alliance). TGE currently has no protectorates. All treaties and pacts are often thE pruSSian houSE of lordS formed through diplomatic relations, and primarily The Prussian House of Lords is comprised of the fol- through TGE’s leadership including the Empress, Chan- lowing: The German Empress, Imperial Chancellor, cellor, and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Imperial Vice-Chancellor, Imperial Ministers, Imperial High Judge, and two citizens of high regard who have trEatiES been ennobled by the German Empress. Citizens who mdoap- Mutual Defense-optional Aggression Pact- are in good standing with the German Empire can be The two parties involved will defend one another with- nominated for appointment by the Empress and ap- out question if attacked. If one of the parties launches proved by a two-thirds vote of the Reichstag. The an offensive war, the other party has the option of Prussian House of Lords is also used as a floor of dis- assisting in this aggressive action. cussion and debate between the Ministers. odp- Optional Defense Pact - Self Explanatory mdp- Mutual Defense Pact - Both parties are thE impErial court of JuSticE obligated to defend one another if attacked. The Imperial Court of Justice is in charge of the duty piat- Peace, Intelligence, Aid, Treaty - A simple treaty of enforcing laws and the constitution. The Imperial stating general neutrality between both alliances. Nei- Court of Justice consists of the Imperial High Judge, ther alliance will attack the other. and two Imperial Judges. The Imperial High Judge is in protectorate- A smaller alliance asks to become charge of all matters regarding discipline unless oth- a protectorate of a larger alliance, thus the larger erwise stated herein. Imperial Judges are appointed by alliance is responsible for protecting the smaller alli- the Emperor in consultation with the Imperial Chan- ance from any and all aggressors. Specifically raiders.
  5. 5. PoLITICS It should be noted first and foremost, that your actions then you shouldn’t be playing. You may use it minimally determine the future of this game. And you should as part of a joke, when appropriate, but if you type in behave as such. netspeak, Baby Jesus will cry. And we know we don’t want that. thE 10 commandmEntS of cn 8. Thou shalt pay attention to any and all instructions given by leaders, and follow them to the 1. Thou shalt not be an ****** during diplomatic point (unless you can’t handle it, i.e. wars). negotiations - if things aren’t going your way, pres- 9. Thou shalt pay attention to this guide, these ent yourself clean, neat, and diplomatic. This will help commandments, and anything else that might be added, prevent you from digging yourself into a bigger hole. for it one day might save you from diplomatic ruin. Plus, don’t make a thread along the lines of “ZOMG 10. Thou shalt party like it’s 1969 - Have fun (insert alliance here) IS 3H ORZT ALLIANCE EVAR T W playing! I know I did. FOR ATTACKING ME OMG I H4T3 DEM!!!!!!11!1!” because that will only convince people that you should be ZIed (Zero Infrastructure, the point at which your dEalinG With alliancE lEadErShip nation “fails to exist”). Also, show respect during negotiations, and people will do likewise. Be respectful, courteous, and attentive. They usually 2. Eat more chikin. Bananas are yellow. like it if they see your loyalty to your alliance/cause. 3. Thou shalt get to know the veterans, and DO NOT offend them, call them names, or anything learn from their exploits/stories - self-explanatory. of the sort. You are trying to help your case, not put 4. Thou shalt use smiley’s sparingly - Please, for down theirs, so you shouldn’t, well, put down theirs. the love of God, do NOT click every smiley on the list Most times they will help you if they can, but keep at the end of your message. This only proves you are/ your requests reasonable. Asking for aid is out of the act like you’re ten. ONLY use where appropriate. question, as this is normally looked down upon, un- 5. Thou shalt not bandwagon - alliances thrown less you request it from your alliance. If you aren’t in together on the same side at the last minute won’t one, then get in one, otherwise, you will most likely coordinate their attacks nearly as well as alliances that be ZIed in the future. Back on topic, they will try to have maintained close working relationships prior to help you. They can call off wars (if you present yourself the war. If an alliance is merely joining a fight because reasonable and come to reasonable terms), help you they think they can “tip the scales” towards a favored reach/contact someone, or give you advice. side, then they’ll likely lack the same level of commit- ment to that war than the alliances who started it. That is, it’s a lot tougher to justify starting a war, so WarS those who do will have their reasons crystal clear, as will those who are defending, obviously. The amount Countless wars have been fought, and many nations of commitment to “the cause” is typically much less in and troops have “died.” This guide will teach you how alliances joining into an existing conflict. That means a to get into a war (properly, on your terms) and out of higher rate of desertions and surrenders, which means one. Tech raiding is normally looked down upon, but if failure. it is OK with your alliance, go ahead. But don’t bite off 6. Thou shalt be straightforward, and to the more than you can chew. This is the same with regu- point - Read the posts, but please, keep it on topic, and lar wars, try to pick someone a little above half your don’t be lazy in your explanations, if they can’t read, NS (Nation Strength). This tip will help you last longer then they shouldn’t argue. Just a quick note though: than you normally would. use walls of text only where a paragraph will not suffice in an explanation. If someone attacks you first, REPORT IT TO SOME- 7. Netspeak is the implement of Satan - Net- ONE. You have until update (1AM, EST) to tell your speak is evil, and hard to read. If you can’t type right, alliance leader, or theirs. Follow their instructions to
  6. 6. PoLITICS Cont i nue d get it cleared up. Usually, they will help you. If they SpyinG don’t, join a strong alliance (possibly theirs) and they will most likely stop attacking. If you are attacked by someone who has an alliance in their “Alliance Afflia- tion” space, you may want to find out where their IRC or private forums are, go there, and ask very politely if they will stop. Coming to the main forum and asking/ demanding it to stop generally doesn’t work. piratES/GhoStS/impoStErS/poSErS & Anyone who steals an Alliance Affiliation in General gtfo Spying is bad, and punishable by hanging by the neck until ZIed, ZIed, ZIed. If your alliance leader wants someone to spy on another alliance, I recommend you leave it before you get it shot out from under your a**. A definition of spying, in CN terms: Spying includes actual or planned attempts to misrepresent your identity or intentions in order to gain access to confidential bad to the bone information. For example, joining an alliance just so you can steal their game guides and take them back to Pirates of the Caribbean was a good movie, but pirates your alliance is the classical definition of spying. So is in this game are quite unwanted. If you fake an alliance logging into an alliance’s forums or IRC channel under affiliation without signing up, either change it, join that someone else’s ruler name. The most egregious crime alliance, or prepare to be ZIed. If you attack a nation under this heading is hacking anyone’s passwords for that is in an alliance while pirating another alliance’s any reason. Alliances who accept confidential or copy- affiliation, be prepared to be attacked by not only the righted information are engaging in spying, unless that alliance of the nation that you are attacking but also information is specifically about someone else spying by members of the alliance that you are pretending to on them. belong to. Alliances don’t like being made to look bad, so if you do something they don’t like (and sometimes even if you don’t do anything) they will attack you to get you Originally written by to change your AA. Edited and typeset by Der Rote Baron ' F' F' F' F' F' F' F' F'
  7. 7. m I L T A RY ScoutinG a tarGEt: The rest of your 50 aircraft should be fighters. When engaging in military action it is always important With your aircraft attacks and cruise missiles launched, to scout your target before attacking. This is held true you should invade the country with your army. You are for both tech raids and larger military conflicts. In any going to need to know the odds before you launch the ideal situation you want to be fight another nation 1v1 attacks. The odds and what you should use is below. or with support from allies. The max target range for Learn these and you will be a fierce fighter. one to attack is 75%-133% of your Nation Strength. You should chose a target who is smaller than you, Odds right around 75% of your NS. It is also helpful that this 5-30%: Aggressive target will have less infrastructure and tech than you. 31-55%: Cautious If entering into a large global conflict, make sure you 56-75%: Planned have a war chest to maintain your military. A good rule 76-95%: Aggressive of thumb to follow is to have a warchest equivalent to 15 days of bills. If you use the above tatics you can inflict maximum damage and take minumum damage on yourself. After finding a target be sure to pay bills then collect taxes. Following this you want to declare war on them and switch to defcon 1. At this point you want to buy anarchy the maximum amount of soldiers and tanks, as well as 2 cruise missiles. You buy these items after entering When your troops have been depleted to below 20% war as they will raise your nation strength, and per- of your population, your nation will be sent into a state haps take you out of range of a smaller target. Also be of anarchy. When in anarchy, a nation’s economic pro- sure to always buy these military items in DEFCON 1 duction capabilities are reduced to a fraction of their as they are much cheaper than in DEFCON 5. norm, vastly limiting their ability to fund a war. Knock- ing your foe in to Anarchy isn’t an instant win - a well- trained nation can still inflict quite a lot of damage battlE from anarchy - but limiting their economy puts a huge damper on their day. After you have purchased your military, you need to deploy it. There are several ways to do this. Let’s start Anarchy lasts for three full days after it is inflicted. Also, with the simple one. The simple method requires you if at any point you are attacked while under 20% sol- to deploy 50% of your standing army. Then after your diers, or attacked and knocked under 20% again, the battles you build your defenses back up to maximum anarchy counter is reset. Although the government strength. So what’s the other way? Deploy 80% of your type can be changed from “Anarchy” after only two military and fight the enemy with the correct tatic. full days, the economic pitfalls remain for the extra Finally, resupply your troops after you have fought. Use time. Remember this! The game will give no indication the 50% deployment method if you don’t know if your on the nation screen that you are in anything but won- enemy is online. derful health, but if you collect that day your income will still suck. Before you fight though you should do two different things to weaken the enemy before your troops in- Different from normal Anarchy is Nuclear Anarchy. vade. The first thing you should do is launch your 2 Nuclear anarchy is inflicted upon any nation hit with, Cruise Missiles. These will make him loose tanks and obviously, a nuclear weapon. It reduces economic ca- infra. The last thing you should do is launch two air- pability to around 10% of standard for 5 full days. See craft attacks. You should have just enough bombers to below for more on Nukes. do maximum damage to the enemy’s infra and tanks.
  8. 8. m I L I T A RY Cont i nue d If you are to be anarchied, it flat out sucks and is pretty aircraft: depressing. Here it is for the best if you apply for war An airforce can be a very effective tool when used aid immediately, using this aid buy a maximum amount in battle. With the proper odds, bombers can destroy of troops and tanks. At this point you’ll want to go into up to 20 infrastructure with every attack. For lower turtle mode, with little to no deployments. Anarchy level nations, maintaining an airforce is not advisable. only lasts 3 days, you don’t want it to last longer. Use Aircraft are costly to buy and to maintain, and I per- this aid to pay bills and it is advised that you do not sonally recommend not buying any aircraft until you collect taxes until leaving anarchy. After the three days have over 500 levels of technology. At this point you has passed you must change your government back to can buy level 9 fighters, which have a requirement of what your population desires. The game will automati- 1000 infrastructure and 500 technology. The ratio of cally shift you into anarchy, but you must shift yourself aircraft which you buy is also very important, espe- back out. cially with level 9 bombers. Five level 9 bombers will put out an equivalent amount of damage as 50 level 9 bombers due to the 20 infrastructure damage cap. bill lock The majority of your airforce should be comprised of fighters as they will help defend against any aggressors The ideal end-war scenario is to have your opponent attacks as well as protect your bombers during bomb- in Bill Lock. If a nation has not paid their bills for 3 ing runs. During peace time, it is recommended you days, they cannot launch any attacks. They cannot buy carry all fighters and swap out for bombers only when anything. All they can do is collect taxes or pay their attacking. This is not required, but will give you a good bills. If, because of the economic devastation you have advantage and will reduce losses. inflicted upon their nation, they CANNOT pay bills, they are sitting ducks, completely unable to retaliate to Aircraft also have a large impact on your NS and fol- your daily salvo. Obviously this is rather nice. low this equation: Number of Aircraft x Level x 5. With 60 level 9 fighters you gain 2,700 NS. maintaininG your military: navy Soldiers: Navies are the branch of a nation’s military forces These are the core of your fighting force. Having a principally designated for naval warfare and have the standing army is always necessary to keep your nation ability in the game to engage in sea-to-sea naval at- out of anarchy. However, the number of soldiers you tacks, create blockades, and provide battle support for should have is often debated. Personally, I stick with aircraft attacks, regular ground battle attacks, cruise 25% of my citizen count. This is a strong force which missile attacks, and nuclear missile attacks. If a nation doesn’t hurt your economy too badly. The more sol- is attacked with a foreign navy the defender’s navy will diers you have, the higher your bills will be and the less automatically defend even if that nation’s navy is cur- citizens you will have. rently in use by the defending player. tanks: Each vessel type has an infrastructure support require- The second main part of your fighting force. Tanks are ment as defined by Vessel Infrastructure (see vessel equivalent to 15 soldiers while attacking, and 17 sol- abilities chart below) which limits the number of each diers while defending. Tanks are also excellent to have vessel type a nation can purchase based on that na- on hand at all times, however they are extremely pricy tions infrastructure level. (ie. A nation with 2,000 in- to buy and to maintain daily. You may purchase up to frastructure would be able to build 1 Corvette (+1 10% of your soldier efficiency level or up to 8% of x Drydocks) and 1 Landing Ship (+1 x Shipyards).) A your working citizen population, whichever is less. nation must also have at least 1,000 land in order to purchase naval vessels. Both attacking and defending
  9. 9. m I L I T A RY Cont i nue d nations must have at least 1,000 land in order for at- gage in sea-to-sea battles against enemy navies. During tacking nations to operate their navy against another a Naval Attack all of the attacking nation’s navy vessels nation (If a defending nation has less than 1,000 miles will be used to attack all of the defending nation’s navy of land but still has navy vessels on hand then Naval vessels. Both the attacking and defending ‘techmods’ Attack operations against it are allowed). Nations that and DEFCON levels are taken into account when de- are in war mode may purchase up to 5 navy vessels termining sea-to-sea battle results. Naval Attacks are per day, nations that are in peace mode may purchase the method in which nations destroy enemy vessels in up to 2 navy vessels per day. Navies are limited to 3 order to then perform Blockades and Battle Support action slots per day. A player can use these action slots operations. Conducting Naval Attacks consumes one against a single enemy nation or use them against 3 navy action slot. separate nations. Nations must be at war with a nation in order to engage their navies against one another via For more information on navies: the various attack types below: blockades - Blockades reduce the tax collection in- come of a defending nation randomly between 1-5% for each successful blockade placed against it. In or- cruiSE miSSilES: der to place a blockade a navy must have 5 or more blockade capable vessels. (see vessel abilities chart be- These are tools used primarily for infrastructure and low) A defending nation must have zero Break-Block- technology destruction. They have a damage cap of ade capable ships in order for an attacker to create a 20 infrastructure each, which is dependent upon your blockade against it. Only one blockade may be placed technology level. Cruise Missiles cost $16,000 each, so against a nation per day. The penalties from multiple they are fairly cheap for larger nations. Their upkeep consecutive blockades stack up to a possible 100% re- cost isn’t very high either, so it may be worth it to duction of a nation’s tax collection. During a blockade keep a few on hand. However, maintaining a proper if the attacking navy has previously been blockaded warchest will allow for quick purchase and usage. then the attacking navy will attempt to capture enemy economic supplies thereby reducing their own pre-ex- isting blockade penalty. Aside from performing these nuclEar WEaponS counter blockade operations the only other way to reset the blockade penalty is by collecting taxes. Plac- These weapons are used for MASS destruction of all ing a Blockade against an enemy nation consumes one enemy soldiers, a percentage of cruise missiles, tanks, navy action slot. infrastructure, technology, land, and a quarter of all air- battle Support - Navies can provide battle sup- craft. Thus, these weapons should not be taken lightly; port against enemy nations. A nation may effectively a single nuclear attack can cause millions of dollars increase the damages from battle attacks by first plac- in damages. Not everyone can buy nukes, they may ing their navy into battle support mode against a de- only be purchased by nations within the top 5% in the fending nation and then launching ground battle, cruise game or by nations who have purchased the Manhat- missile, and nuclear missile attacks against it. Aircraft tan Project Wonder ($100,000,000 price tag). A nation Carriers that are in Battle Support mode allow for ad- may fire 2 nukes at a nation per day, though can only ditional deployment of aircraft. A navy must be in bat- buy 1 nuke per day (2 with the Weapons Research tle support mode against a defending nation in order Complex wonder). Nuclear weapons are expensive at to activate the battle support vessel abilities. (see ves- $500,000 and with each active nuclear weapon in your sel abilities chart below) A defending nation must have possession the price of nukes increases by 10%. In ad- zero Break-Blockade capable ships in order for an at- dition to the initial cost, nuclear weapons also have a tacker to conduct Battle Support against it. Conduct- starting cost of $5,000 a day to maintain (Upkeep cost ing Battle Support consumes one navy action slot. is doubled if you do not have access to Uranium). This naval attack - Naval Attacks allow players to en- cost increases +10% for every nuclear weapon that
  10. 10. m I L I T A RY Cont i nue d you own. SpiES Spies are secret agents in the game that have the ability to spy, harass, perform sabotage, and engage in acts of terror against other nations without having to declare war. Spies cost $100,000 each to purchase and all nations start out with a limit of 50 spies plus 100 x Intelligence Agencies (+250 with CIA wonder). Na- tions can conduct up to two spy operations per day and nations can be attacked in up to two spy opera- tions per day. Nations may only spy on nations within their strength ranking unless the target nation is cur- rently at war with the spy attacker. Aside from being killed during a mission and from assassination, spies are also vulnerable to defeat alerts where up to 5 spies can be killed. Spy Operations have four possible results based on the results of the calculations of the opera- tion odds . These results include 1) Mission success and not caught 2) Mission success but identity revealed 3) Mission failure but not caught 4) Mission failure and identity revealed. If either party in a spy operation is in peace mode the aggressor may only engage in non- destructive operations (green text below). If both par- ties are non-peace mode nations the aggressor may engage in all of the following spy operations:
  11. 11. IRC irc - #tGE Step 5 – Setting up nnS 4.2 After Install is finished open the NNS shortcut that IRC is an “Internet Relay Chat” and is the primary sys- should be on your desktop. Now click the second but- tem that members of TGE use to communicate with ton on the top and a screen like this should show up. each other. The discussions can either be about TGE, or anything really, more screwing around occurs on a. Enter in all the information BUT DON’T USE YOUR IRC than anything else. It’s a great way to meet fellow REAL EMAIL OR NAME… the internet is not a safe members and learn a little bit about the individuals place… that make up the Empire. b. After that on the right you will see a tab that says “Servers”, click on that. There might be a ton of serv- In this tutorial I will be teaching you guys *cough* ers on there, they come with mIRC, I recommend you noobs*cough* (the ones that care…) how to install delete them all but you never know when you might mIRC and a script called NNS (NoNameScript). This need them. Now to add coldfront on the list do the script basically pimps out your IRC. I will also cover following: an additional system called Chatzilla which is another c. Go to “Add” and enter the following info: excellent client for firefox users. Description: Coldfront – Main IRC Server: Ports: 6667 • Group: Coldfront hoW to inStall mirc d. Now you want to click “OK” and now go the 3rd button on top that looks like a piece of paper and says Step 1 – downloading mirc “NN”, here you will see “NoNameScript’s configura- The first thing you want to do is download IRC if you tion Options. don’t have it already. Do this by going to http://www. e. Go to “Favorite nets”, here you should see a list of ... d=10764664 and all the nets like Coldfront and Esper, if you decided to clicking the big “Download Now” link. delete all the servers only ColdFront should be on there. Step 2 – installing mirc f. Now find ColdFront and move it to Favorite Net- After your download of mIRC is finished run the .exe works by highlighting it and clicking the arrow pointing file. When you get the “Welcome to mIRC…” screen to the right. click “Next”, after that (if you’re a loser) you can read g Now fill in all the Information, like Nick, E-mail (don’t the License Agreement, but no one ever reads it… so use a real one…) and name (again please don’t use you can just click “I Agree”. Then chose a directory to install it to (default is best). The client is 100% free, just skip/ignore the messages they send asking you to purchase it. The trial never expires too. Step 3 – Getting nnS 4.2 Now it’s time to get NoNameScript 4.2, you can do this by going to php?id=27 and letting it download… Step 4 – installing nnS 4.2 Install is simple, click Next “I agree” radio button > In- stallation Type = Default > and Install directory should be default (most likely C:Program FilesmIRC)
  12. 12. IRC Cont i nue d your real one) and check the box “Connect at Start-up” approved people, simply type, /join #tge and you will h. Now go back to the first screen (the second button be accepted into the members private chat area. on the top) and go to options and go to “Perform…” i. Check “Enable Perform on connection” and then se- HOWEVER: Upon reopening coldfront you will need lect “add” and add coldfront. After that’s done go to to identify yourself with your chosen password each the scroll down menu and chose ColdFront and put time you log on. This requires another simple com- in commands in there like “/ns identify [your-pass]” or mand: /msg NickServ identify password “/join tge” what this does is it joins channel “TGE” every time you launch NNS 4.2 (or in case of the first If successful you will receive this message :—Nick- command it identifies you) Serv— Password accepted -- you are now recognized. You will need to do this every single time you open up hoW to inStall chatzilla IRC unless you wish to add it to your auto commands, which will allow you to identify your nickname, as well Chatzilla is a Firefox add-on, so this is another great as join multiple channels at once. option if you have firefox. To get chatzilla go here: mirc: After downloading and installing this add-on, start it To do this, goto Tools…then Options….now click and follow these steps: the button that says “Perform.” Here you can enter in everything you want mIRC to do upon connection. Step 1: Nickname: to change to a desire nickname It will perform the commands in order from top to type /nick ExampleNick[TGE] bottom…here is an example of what mine looks like, Step 2: Join a network: to join the CyberNations other people often join a lot more channels, but I’m Network type: /server happy to sit in TGE channels. Step 3: Join the TGE channels: to join tge or our member channel simply type /join #tge chatzilla: For the autoperform feature on Chatzilla and easier Gaining access to the member channel: access to TGE channels goto “Chatzilla”, click prefer- To gain access to TGE you MUST have a registered ences and the click “”. Next go to lists, nickname or you will be banned instantly, this step then autoperform, click and enter in any similar com- can be completed with relative ease…first go to your mands listed above, that you wish to have performed coldfront tab and type: /ns register [password] [email] upon connecting to IRC. Your password can be anything you want it to be, and your e-mail must be a real e-mail address. A registra- tion code will be sent to your e-mail account, and this code must be confirmed within 1 hour. Note: I have had problems receiving the email from coldfront with- in an hours time with some e-mail accounts, however gmail worked well for me. Once you receive your code in your email account return to the coldfront menu and type: /msg NickServ AUTH code. (replace code with the au- thentication code in the message) to complete your nickname registration. After getting registered and being added to the list of
  13. 13. R E S oU R C E T R AD I nG Securing a good combination of resources through the orange team will give you a +1 happiness bonus. trading is a major part in ensuring your nation’s eco- Search this screen for any two resources: nomic security. Organized trade circles are the best and most stable way to accomplish this. Participation in a good trade circle will ensure that you are reaching your full economic potential by achieving low cost for bills, high collection totals plus bonus resources and discounts on purchases such as tech and infra. There are several ways to get into reliable trade circles, three of the most common are: tGE tradinG forumS: LINK This is self explanatory. Post your resources in the applicable trade circle area, or in another thread of someone who is looking to establish a trade circle within TGE. This option is not always the easiest, and it can be difficult to find trades even within an alliance of 100 plus. Advertise and sell yourself. As you can see from this example, we are looking for a lumber and marble trade. You can select either Orange lEaGuE of Extraordinary oranGES team, or Any team. Also be sure to set your search (lEo) criteria to “require two”. This will generate a list of of orange nations that possess the two resources you LINK desire. In December of 2009, TGE voted to change spheres and become orange, LEO was a very big factor in that Note which nations might have a greater probability decision. LEO coordinates a great deal of trading in of selecting you as a trading partner. Nations lacking the orange sphere and orange is one of the top 3 trades or those with low NS who likely have poor spheres on the game, so you have a greater probability trades will often have the greatest success rate. You of securing a reliable trade circle here than on the TGE might also want to look for larger nations that don’t forums. appear to be involved in circles with bonus resources. maSS mESSaGinG: From here, you just need to send mass messages to various nation rulers, and see if you get a positive This is a great method for those who prefer to take response. The more people you message the greater matters into their own hands and not wait, however it your probabilities of success, here is an example mes- may only work if you have good resources which peo- sage one can send whenever missing trades: ple are always interested in. Using the CN advanced search feature: “Hi, I’m looking for a long term trading partner that has LINK (desired resource 1) and (desired resource 2), I have (your resource 1) and (your resource 2). Please send me a trade Scroll down to the bottom of this page and search offer if you’re interested in a long term trade only. Please for two resources at a time. Note that you can select note that this is a mass message, and requests will be filled just orange team, or all teams. Trading with a player on on a first come first serve basis.”
  14. 14. R E S oU R C E T R A D I nG Cont i nue d onlinE tradE rEfErEncE Citizens: +30.6% • Infra Cost: -33.2% • Infra Upkeep: -17.2% Happiness: +9.5 •Land Cost: -14.5% • Land Area: +24.2% Environment: +1 (depends on if you have coal as your default) resources & What they do” Soldier Cost: -$3 • Soldier Efficiency: +49% You can read detailed information about trading, Soldier Upkeep: -$0.5 • Aircraft Cost: -8% • Aircraft Limit: +10 resources & what they do in the CN guide here: Tank Upkeep: -5% • Navy Cost: -15% LINK Increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by 50 trade calculation tool: LINK vvvvvvvvv You can use this tool to help find the best combination trade Set 4 - improved population boosting 2 of trades. [Aluminum] [Cattle] [Fish] [Iron] [Lead] [Lumber] [Marble] [Pigs] [Spices] [Sugar] [Water] [Wheat] proVEn tradE circlES & bEnEfitS Bonus Resources: [Fast Food] [Beer] [Construction] [Scholars] trade Set 1 - population boosting Income: +$3 • Citizens: +30.6% •Infra Cost: -29% [Aluminum] [Cattle] [Fish] [Iron] [Lumber] [Marble] [Pigs] Infra Upkeep: -17.2% •Happiness: +9.5 • Land Cost: -14.5% [Spices] [Sugar] [Water] [Wheat] [1x Wildcard] Land Area: +8% •Environment: +1 • Soldier Cost: -$3 Bonus Resources: [Fast Food] [Beer] [Construction] Soldier Efficiency: +38% • Soldier Upkeep: -$1 Aircraft Cost: -8% •Aircraft Upkeep: -25% • Aircraft Limit: +10 This is a great trading combination. It gives you a good income Tank Cost: -8% •Tank Upkeep: -12.6% • Navy Upkeep: -20% boost and the biggest population boost you can achieve through CM Cost: -20% • Nuke Cost: -20% • Nuke Upkeep: -20% resources. By also obtaining construction, you get to maximize Increases number of citizens per mile before your air force. population unhappiness by 50 Citizens: +30.6% • Infra Cost: -29% • Infra Upkeep: -17.2% Happiness: +9.5 • Land Cost: -14.5% • Land Area: +8% vvvvvvvvv Environment: +1 • Soldier Cost: -$3 • Soldier Efficency: +38% trade Set 5 - population boosting with fine Jewelry Soldier Upkeep: -$0.5 • Aircraft Cost: -8% • Aircraft Limit: +10 [Aluminum] [Cattle] [Coal] [Gems] [Gold] [Fish] [Iron] [Lum- Tank Upkeep: -5% • Increases number of citizens per mile before ber] [Marble] [Silver] [Water] [Wheat] population unhappiness by 50 Bonus Resources: [Beer] [Construction] [Fine Jewelry] [Steel] This trade set with the wildcard as either silver, gems, or wine, is Citizens: +22.5% • Income: +$6.5 • Infra Cost: -33.2% widely considered the best trade set. Infra Upkeep: -17.2% • Happiness: +12 • Land Cost: -14.5% Land Area: +15% • Tech Cost: -5% vvvvvvvvv Environment: +1 (depends on if you have coal as a default) Soldier Efficiency: +29.6%• Soldier Cost: -$3 • Aircraft Cost: -8% trade Set 2 - also population boosting Aircraft Limit: +10 • Tank Upkeep: -5% • Navy Cost: -15% [Aluminum] [Cattle] [Fish] [Iron] [Lumber] [Marble] [Pigs] Increases number of citizens per mile before [Sugar][Spices][Wheat] [2x Wildcard] population unhappiness by 50 Bonus Resources: [Construction] [Fast Food] Citizens: +30.6% • Infras Cost: -29% • Infras Upkeep: -17.2% vvvvvvvvv Happiness: +5 •Land Cost: -14.5% • Land Area: +8% trade Set 6 - infrastructure reducing Soldier Efficiency: +38% • Soldier Cost: -$3 [Aluminum] [Cattle] [Coal] [Fish] [Iron] [Lumber] [Marble] Soldier Upkeep: $-0.5 • Aircraft Cost: -8% [Oil] [Rubber] [Water] [Wheat] [1x Wildcard] Aircraft Limit: +10 • Tank Upkeep: -5% Bonus Resources: [Steel] [Automobiles] [Beer] [Construction] [Asphalt] vvvvvvvvv This is a very good resource set. This trade set concentrates on trade Set 3 - improved population boosting reducing infrastructure costs and upkeep. The Automobiles and [Aluminum] [Cattle][Coal] [Fish] [Iron] [Lumber] [Marble] Beer provide a decent income boost. [Pigs] [Spices] [Sugar] [Water] [Wheat] Citizen:+22.5% • Infra Cost:-35.2% • Infra Upkeep:-21.3% Bonus Resources: [Steel] [Fast Food] [Beer] [Construction] Happiness:+9 • Land Cost:-23.1% • Land Area:+38%
  15. 15. R E S oU R C E T R A D I nG Cont i nue d Soldier Cost:-$6 • Soldier Efficiency:+42.6% [Aluminum] [Cattle] [Coal] [Gold] [Fish] [Iron] [Lead] Environment: -1 (depends on u don’t have coal or oil as default) [Lumber] [Marble] [Oil] [Rubber] [Wheat] Aircraft Cost: -15.2% • Aircraft Limit: +10 • Tank Upkeep: -9.8% Bonus: [Steel] [Automobiles] [Construction] [Microchips] Navy Cost: -15% • Navy Upkeep: -10% [Radiation Cleanup] [Asphalt] [Scholars] Increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by 50 Citizens: +22.5% • Infra Cost: -35.2% • Infra Upkeep: -21.3% Triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300) Happiness: +6.5 • Daily Income: +$6 • Land Cost: -23.1% Land Area: +38% • Tech Cost: -12.6% vvvvvvvvv Environment: -1 (depends on you don’t have coal or oil as default) trade Set 7 - infrastructure reducing also Soldier Efficiency:+42.6% • Soldier Cost: -$6 [Aluminum] [Cattle] [Coal] [Fish] [Iron] [Lumber] [Marble] Aircraft Cost: -15.2% • Aircraft Upkeep: -25% [Oil] [Rubber] [Wheat] [2x Wildcards] Aircraft Limit: +10 • Tank Cost: -8% • Tank Upkeep: -17% Bonus Resources: Navy Cost: -23.5% • Navy Upkeep: -35.2% • CM Cost: -20% [Steel] [Automobiles] [Construction] [Asphalt] Nuke Cost: -20% • Nuke Upkeep: -20% Removes 1 day of nuclear anarchy. This is just like the previous trade set. This difference is the beer Reduces global radiation effect on an individual nation -50%. is missing. This trade set benefits those people who start with Triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300) none of the required resources to get the bonus resources for this set. vvvvvvvvv Citizen:+22.5% • Infra Cost:-35.2% • Infra Upkeep:-21.3% trade Set 10- improved infrastructure reducing Happiness:+4.5 • Land Cost:-23.1% • Land Area:+38% [Aluminum] [Coal] [Gold] [Gem] [Fish] [Iron] [Lumber] Soldier Cost:-$6 • Soldier Efficiency:+42.6% [Marble] [Oil] [Rubber] [Silver] [Wheat] Aircraft Cost: -15.2% • Aircraft Limit: +10 Bonus: [Steel] [Automobiles] [Construction] Tank Upkeep: -9.8% • Navy Upkeep: -10% [Asphalt] [Fine Jewelry] Environment: -2 (depends on u don’t have coal or oil as default) Triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300) Citizens: +16.6% • Infra Cost: -35.2% • Infra Upkeep: -21.3% Happiness: +12 • Daily Income: +$6.5 • Land Cost: -14.5% vvvvvvvvv Land Area: +38% • Technology Cost: -5% Environment: -2 (depends on if you have coal or oil as default) trade Set 8 - improved infrastructure reducing Soldier Efficiency: +42.6% • Soldier Cost: -$6 [Aluminum] [Cattle] [Coal] [Fish] [Iron] [Lead] [Lumber] Aircraft Cost: -15.2% • Aircraft Limit: +10 [Marble] [Oil] [Rubber] [Water] [Wheat] Tank Upkeept: -9.8% • Navy Cost: -15% • Navy Upkeep: -10% Bonus Resources: [Asphalt] [Automobiles] [Beer] Triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300) [Construction] [Scholars] [Steel] vvvvvvvvv Citizen:+22.5% • Infra Cost:-35.2% • Infra Upkeep:-21.3% Happiness:+9 • Income:+$3 • Land Cost:-23.1% trade Set 11 - money builder Land Area:+38% • Environment: -1 [Cattle] [Fish] [Gems] [Gold] [Furs] [Pigs] [Silver] [Spices] (depends on if you don’t have coal or oil as default) [Sugar] [Water] [Wheat] [Wine] Soldier Cost:-$6 • Soldier Efficiency:+42.6% Bonus Resources: [Fast Food] Solder Upkeep: $-0.5 • Aircraft Cost: -15.2% Aircraft Limit: +10 • Aircraft Upkeep: -25% • Tank Cost: -8% This one is good for bank nations and people who want to save Tank Upkeep: -17% • Navy Cost: -15% • Navy Upkeep: -28% up money for infra jumps, you can switch Furs and Gold for any- CM Cost: -20% • Nuke Cost: -20% • Nuke Upkeep: -20% thing else, I suggest it to be Uranium, Lumber or Iron. Lumber Increases number of citizens per mile before and Iron are important if you have a nation with a lot of infra. population unhappiness by 50 Don’t buy infrastructure with this, you’ll end up losing money. Triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300) Citizens: +30.6% • Happiness: +15 • Income: +$10 vvvvvvvvv Land Cost: -14.5% • Land Area: +8% • Environment: +1 Tech Cost: -5% • Soldier Efficiency: +15% • Soldier Upkeep: $-0.5 Natural Growth: x3 • Increases number of citizens per mile trade Set 9-improved infrastructure reducing before population unhappiness by 50 for tech dealers trade Set 12 - improved money builder
  16. 16. R E S oU R C E T R A D I nG Cont i nue d [Cattle] [Coal] [Fish] [Furs] [Gem] [Gold] [Pigs] [Sliver] Triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300) [Spices] [Sugar] [Wheat] [Wine] Increases number of citizens per mile before Bonus Resources: population unhappienss by 50 [Fine Jewelry] [Fast Food] [Affluent Population] Removes 1 day of nuclear anarchy Reduces global radiation effect on an individual nation -50% This set is a good mix income and population boosting. vvvvvvvvv Citizens: +37.1% • Infra Cost: -4% • Happiness:+15.5 Income: +$10 • Land Cost: -14.5% • Land Area: +24.2% trade Set 15 - bonus resource bonanza Soldier Efficiency: +24.2% • Soldier Upkeep: $-0.5 [Aluminum] [Coal] [Gold] [Gems] [Iron] [Lead] [Marble] [Oil] Tech Cost: -5% • Natural Growth: x3 [Rubber] [Silver] [Lumber] [1x Wildcard] Bonus Resources: [Fine Jewelry] [Steel] [Construction] vvvvvvvvv [Asphalt] [Automobiles] [Microchips] [Radiation Cleanup] [Scholars] (Note:Scholars requires a literacy rate of 90% +) trade Set 13 - What to do with furs? [Aluminum] [Coal] [Fish] [Furs] [Gems] [Gold] [Iron] [Lumber] This set up will provide you with 8 bonus resources. [Silver] [Wheat] [Wine] [Water] This set up will provide you with a good mix of infrastructure Bonus Resources: cost reduction and income boosters. [Beer] [Steel] [Fine Jewelry] [Affluent Population] Infra Cost: -35.2% • Infra Upkeep: -21.3% • Happiness: +14 This set up is designed for people who start with furs as a trad- Income: +$9.5 • Land Cost: -10% • Land Area: +38% ing resource or if you land up with furs through a trade. This Tech Cost: -12.6% • Tank Upkeep: -17% combination will give a decent boost to your economy. Environment: -1 (depends on if you have coal or oil as default) Soldier Cost: -$6 • Soldier Efficiency: +42.6% Citizens: +22.5% • Infra Cost: -21.9% • Infra Upkeep: -17.2% Soldier Upkeep: -$0.5 • Aircraft Cost: -15.2% Happiness: +15 • Income: +$10 • Land Cost: -5% Aircraft Upkeep: -25% • Aircraft Limit: +10 • Tank Cost: -8% Land Area: +15% Navy Cost: -23.5% • Navy Upkeep: -35.2% • CM Cost: -20% Environment: +1 (depends on if you have coal as a default) Nuke Cost: -20% • Nuke Upkeep: -20% Tech Cost: -5% • Soldier Cost: -$3 • Soldier Efficiency:+29.6% Triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300) Aircraft Cost: -8% • Tank Upkeep: -5% • Navy Cost: -15% Removes 1 day of nuclear anarchy Natural Growth: x3 Reduces global radiation effect on an individual nation -50% Increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by 50 vvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvv trade Set 16 - military powerhouse [Aluminum] [Coal] [Gold] [Iron] [Lead] [Lumber] [Marble] [Oil] trade Set 14 - alternative Energies [Pigs] [Rubber] [Uranium] [1x Wildcard] [Aluminum] [Coal] [Gold] [Iron] [Lead] [Lumber] [Marble] [Oil] Bonus Resources: [Construction] [Steel] [Microchips] [Asphalt] [Rubber] [Water] [Wheat] [1x Wildcard] [Automobiles] [Radiation Cleanup] Bonus Resources: [Construction] [Radiation Cleanup] [Steel] [Asphalt] [Automobiles] [Beer] [Scholars] [Microchips] Great for those nations that want to concentrate on military This set up will provide you with a decent boost economically Citizens: +3.5% • Infra Cost: -35.2% • Infra Upkeep: -23.7% and the construction and steel will help keep your infrastructure Happiness: +5.5 • Income: +$13.5 • Land Cost: -10% purchasing costs down. Land Area: +38% • Aircraft Limit: +10 • Environment: -2 (depends on if you have coal, oil, or uranium as default) Citizens: +8% • Infra Cost: -35.2% • Infra Upkeep: -21.3% Tech Cost: -12.6% • Soldier Cost: -$6 • Aircraft Cost: -15.2% Happiness: +11 • Income: +$6 • Land Cost: -10% Soldier Efficiency: +63.9% • Soldier Upkeep: -$1 Land Area: +38% • Tech Cost: -12.6% Aircraft Upkeep: -25% • Tank Cost: -8% • Tank Upkeep: -17% Environment: +2 (depends on if you have coal or oil as default) Navy Cost: -27.3% • Navy Upkeep: -38.4% • CM Cost: -20% Soldier Cost: -$6 • Soldier Efficiency: +42.6% Nuke Cost: -20% • Nuke Upkeep: -60% Soldier Upkeep: -$0.5 • Aircraft Cost: -15.2% Triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300) Aircraft Upkeep: -25% • Aircraft Limit: +10 • Tank Cost: -8% Removes 1 day of nuclear anarchy Tank Upkeep: -17% • Navy Cost: -23.5% • Navy Upkeep: -20% Reduces global radiation effect on an individual nation -50% CM Cost: -20% • Nuke Cost: -20% • Nuke Upkeep: -20% Allow nations to develop nuclear weapons only if that nations
  17. 17. R E S oU R C E T R A D I nG Cont i nue d government preference supports nuclear weapons. If a nations [Aluminum] [Coal] [Fish] [Furs] [Gems] [Gold] [Iron] [Lumber] government preference favors nuclear technology for the use of [Marble] [Silver] [Uranium] [Wine] nuclear power plants but does not support nuclear weapons then Bonus Resources: the nation will receive +$3.00 per citizen and +$0.15 for every [Steel] [Fine Jewelry] [Construction] [Affluent Population] level of tech purchased up to level 30 but loses -1 population happiness. If a nation owns nuclear weapons but does not have This set offers great infra reduction and cheaper infra upkeep, uranium the cost to maintain nukes is doubled. along w/ good income boost. It’ll also provide light military benefits. vvvvvvvvv Initial infrastructure cost: -39% • Infrastructure upkeep:-21% trade Set 17 - income/infra mixture Population increase: 13% • Citizen income increase: $10 [Coal] [Fish] [Furs] [Gems] [Gold] [Lead] [Lumber] [Oil] Population happiness increase: 10.5 • Initial land cost:-5% [Silver] [Wine] [2x Wildcard] Purchased land area increase: 15% • Natural growth increase x3 Bonus Resources: [Affluent Population] [Fine Jewelry] Technology cost decrease:-5% • Soldier increase: 28% [Microchips] [Scholars] Soldier cost decrease: $-3 • Tank upkeep cost: -5% Aircraft cost decrease: -8% • Aircraft limit increase:10 This set contains many of the resources not found in the ever popular population-boosting circles and gives a huge economic Uranium allows nations to develop nuclear weapons only if that boost as well as minor cuts to infrastructure costs. nations government preference supports nuclear weapons. If a nations government preference favors nuclear technology for the Citizens: +13.4% • Income: +$13 • Happiness: +14 use of nuclear power plants but does not support nuclear weap- Infra Cost: -9.8% • Infra Upkeep: -8% • Land Cost: -5% ons then the nation will receive +$3.00 per citizen and +$0.15 for Land Area: +15% • Tech Cost: -12.6% every level of tech purchased up to level 30 but loses -1 popula- Environment: -1 (depends on if you have coal or oil as default) tion happienss. If a nation owns nuclear weapons but does not Soldier Efficiency: +18.8% • Soldier Cost: -$3 have uranium the cost to maintain nukes is doubled. Soldier Upkeep: $-0.5 • Aircraft Cost: -4% Aircraft Upkeep: -25% • Tank Cost: -8% vvvvvvvvv Tank Upkeep: -12.6% • Navy Cost: -10% • Navy Upkeep: -35.2% CM Cost: -20% • Nuke Cost: -20% • Nuke Upkeep: -20% While these 18 are the proven and common trade circles in CN, Natural Growth: x3 do not be discouraged from creating variations for whatever reason you may have. vvvvvvvvv trade Set 18 - infra. reduction redux
  18. 18. ImPRovEmEnTS SElEctinG improVEmEntS 13. Stadium 14. Stadium Generally you should almost always follow the order 15. Stadium listed below, however a nifty little tool called CN Extend 16. Stadium will make selecting improvements even easier. This 17. Clinic add-on will tell you exactly how much an improvement 18. Clinic (or wonder!!) will add or detract from your nation. It 19. Hospital is very helpful and I recommend it. This is an add-on 20. School for firefox, which can be downloaded here: 21. School 22. School 23. University Select download on the left hand side of the page to 24. University get this tool. If you want this tool but don’t have firefox, 25. Foreign Ministry** it can be downloaded here and really is the best web 26. Police HQ browser out there: 27. Police HQ 28. Police HQ Click the big button! 29. Police HQ 30. Police HQ 31. Clinic* What improVEmEntS do: 32. Clinic* 33. Clinic* The primary benefit of improvements is that they are 34. School not subject to outside forces. Unlike regular infrastruc- 35. School ture in war, improvements cannot be destroyed by oth- 36 - 45: Churches and Intel Agencies er nations. Improvements are stackable, so purchasing 45 - 50: Border Walls*** two banks will increase your population income +14%. You may only purchase one building per 1000 citizens. *If buying a clinic will put you over the limit for an- Nations are limited to 5 per type of improvement un- other improvement, then buy it sooner. less otherwise specified. You must pay taxes on your nation improvements at a starting rate of $500 per **If you plan on using foreign aid A LOT, then buy this day (this figure goes up the more improvements you MUCH sooner (buying this second is acceptable). own.) ***Depending on your nation, you only need a certain Improvement Purchase Order amount of border walls. This number might even be 0. You only need border walls until your environment is 1. Harbor perfect. Anymore will cause you to lose money. 2. Factory 3. Factory Labor camps are not included in this guide because 4. Factory they are part of something else. You will learn about 5. Factory this in another section. Avoiding collection with labor 6. Factory camps is a great idea. 7. Bank 8. Bank improvement cost 9. Bank • bank - $100,000.00 - Increases population income +7%. 10. Bank 11. Bank • barracks - $50,000.00 - Increases soldier efficiency 12. Stadium +10%, reduces soldier upkeep cost -10%.
  19. 19. ImPRovEmEnTS Cont i nue d • border Walls - $60,000.00 - Decreases citizen • labor camp - $150,000.00 - Reduces infrastructure count -2%, increases population happiness +2, Im- upkeep costs -10%, reduces population happiness -1. proves environment +1. (Does not affect Global Ra- diation levels) Border Walls may only be purchased • missile defense - $90,000.00 - Reduces effec- one at a time. tiveness of incoming cruise missiles used against your nation -10%. Nations must retain at least three missile • church - $40,000.00 - Increases population happi- defenses if that nation owns a Strategic Defense Initia- ness +1. tive wonder. • clinic - $50,000.00 - Increases population count by • naval academy - $300,000 - Increases both 2%. Purchasing 2 or more clinics allows you to pur- attacking and defending all navy vessel strength +1. chase hospitals. This improvement may not be de- stroyed if it is supporting a hospital until the hospital Limit 2 per nation. Requires Harbor. is first destroyed. • naval construction yard - $300,000 - Increases • drydock - $100,000 - Allows nations to build and the daily purchase limit for navy vessels +1. Your na- maintain navy Corvettes, Battleships, Cruisers, and De- tion must have pre-existing navy support capabilities stroyers. Increases the number of each of these types (via Drydocks and Shipyards) to actually purchase navy of ships that a nation can support +1. This improve- vessels. Limit 3 per nation. Requires Harbor. ment may not be destroyed if it is supporting navy vessels until those navy vessels are first destroyed. Re- • police headquarters - $75,000.00 - Increases quires Harbor. population happiness +2. • factory - $150,000.00 - Decreases cost of missiles • Satellite - $90,000.00 - Increases effectiveness of -5%, decreases tank cost -10%, reduces initial infra- cruise missiles used by your nation +10%. Nations structure purchase cost -8%. must retain at least three satellites if that nation owns a Strategic Defense Initiative wonder. • foreign ministry - $120,000.00 - Increases popu- lation income by 5%. Opens +1 extra foreign aid slot. • School - $85,000.00 - Increases population income Limit one foreign ministry per nation. by 5%, increases literacy rate +1%. Purchasing 3 or more schools allows you to purchase universities. This • Guerrilla camp - $20,000.00 - Increases soldier efficiency +35%, reduces soldier upkeep cost -10%, re- improvement may not be destroyed if it is supporting duces citizen income -8%. universities until the universities are first destroyed. • harbor - $200,000.00 - Increases population income • Shipyard - $100,000 - Allows nations to build and by 1%. Opens +1 extra trade slot. Limit one harbor maintain navy Landing Ships, Frigates, Submarines, and per nation. This improvement may not be destroyed Aircraft Carriers. Increases the number of each of if it is supporting trade agreements or navy vessels these types of ships that a nation can support +1. This until those trade agreements and navy vessels are first improvement may not be destroyed if it is supporting removed. navy vessels until those navy vessels are first destroyed. • hospital - $180,000.00 - Increases population Requires Harbor. count by 6%. Need 2 clinics for a hospital. Limit one hospital per nation. Nations must retain at least one • Stadium - $110,000.00 - Increases population hospital if that nation owns a Universal Health Care happiness + 3. wonder. • university - $180,000.00 - Increases population • intelligence agency - $38,500.00 - Increases income by 8%, reduces technology cost -10%, increases happiness for tax rates greater than 23% +1. Each In- telligence Agency allows nations to purchase + 100 literacy rate +3%. Three schools must be purchased spies. This improvement may not be destroyed if it is before any universities can be purchased. Limit two supporting spies until those spies are first destroyed. universities per nation.
  20. 20. I n F R A S T R UC T U R E J Um P S Infra jumps are those times that a nation breaks an in- of those. frastructure upkeep cost barrier; the most important • Below that is the factory indicator. I try not to carry ones are the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 infra them until I am ready to buy infra so I do not cur- marks, but there are also barriers at 8000 and 15000 rently have any, but I plan to purchase 5 for this infra too. purchase, so I select five in that slot. • I do not have either of the infra cost reducing won- So the trick is to avoid these barriers. For example, I’ll ders at this point, so I skip that part and leave the use the 2000 mark, when you hit 1999.99 or some- boxes blank. where just below, stay in that position. DO NOT cross • There are six government types that provide a 5% into the 2000 mark. discount on infrastructure purchases and even though I am not currently using any of them, I will switch to Why? The upkeep will increase if you cross the 2000 one before making this purchase - so I check that box mark. But there is a level after the 2000 mark whereby anyway. you will see a net profit from the extra infra purchases. Take for example, the profit point is 2500 infra. If you With all the applicable boxes filled, I’m ready to calcu- buy before the 2500 mark, you will have drop in income. late, so I press the button... Anything after that will be an increase of income. So my screen looks like the below image: So what should you do? SAVE UP! Yes, save up until you have enough to make that Infra Jump to 2500 and beyond (up till the next level). The following tool will calculate what level your next jump will be; and how much you will have to save to make the jump, without losing money due to the in- creased infra upkeep costs.: infra Jump calculator link And this tool will help you find the cost of infrastruc- ture without actually having to make the adjustments you plan to make (like buying 5 factories): infra coSt calculator link ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Let’s run through an example to help make clear how these tools work. Let’s say I have 3500 infrastructure and want to make a jump to the next break at 4,000 (or rather 3,999.99). • First I go to the infra cost calculator and enter my current infra (3,500), then I fill in all the modifyers that will apply for me. •The next section is for resources. I am in a trade cir- Cost per level: $38966.90 - by comparison, just going cle that supplies me Lumber, Iron, Aluminum, Marble, to my infra purchase section on my nation page it tells Coal, Steel, Rubber & Construction so I will check all me $68636.14 per level because it doesn’t take into
  21. 21. I n F R A S T R UC T U R E J Um P S Cont i nue d account my plans to buy 5 factories and switch my OK, so now that I know how much each level of in- government type. Using the infra cost calculator helps fra will cost to purchase and I know how much each me plan much more accurately this way. level costs for upkeep I’m ready to use the Infra Jump Calculator. I fill in the info , hit calculate and see the One more step before using the Infra Jump Calculator, below figures: I need to find the cost of upkeep per level of infra- structure. This calculator is side by side with the Infra Cost Calculator and I have the info I need to use it. • First, my infra level is 3500 • Using the info I just got using the other calculator, I fill in the cost per level,. • Nation strength is 11500 • I check Lumber, Iron & Asphalt because I have those, but I do not have Uranium, • Again, I have no wonders. With everything filled again, I press calculate and see the image below: So there we have it. In order for me to jump to the next infra plateau I will need $15,893,635.73. Now that I know I can start saving and once I hit that amount (plus the cost of improvement swapping for factories and such) I can safely make my jump to 3999 infra. For an alternative to this method, see the following page for the equation and firgure it out for yourself. $212.48 per level.
  22. 22. I n F R A S T R UC T U R E J Um P S Cont i nue d thE mathEmatical EQuation 2000 infra jump: This jump raises your infra upkeep bill by 18.2%. Use 1000 infra jump: the same formula as the 1,000 jump, but don’t forget This jump is by far the worst percentage wise, it’s a to replace 999.99 by 1999.99. 22.2% infra upkeep cost increase, translating it into real numbers (using a Trade set I setup), your 88,000 3000 infra jump: bill will go up to 104,000 with a measly .01 infra pur- This jump increases your infra upkeep bill by 15.4%. chased. It’s a total loss of 16,000 in income. [b]To cal- Use the same formula as the previous jumps, just re- culate how much money you will need to “make the place the infra purchase cost multiplier (25 to 30) and jump” use the formula. the infra level to 2999.99. (x)(Population Gain per level of infra)(net income per 4000 infra jump: citizen) - ( (999.99+x)(New Upkeep)-(999.99)(Old This one increases the infra bill by 13.3%. Use the Upkeep) ) = 0 same formula as the previous jump, just replace the infra purchase cost multiplier (30 to 40) and the infra And you solve for 0. level to 3999.99. x is the amount of infra you need. 5000 infra jump: New upkeep = ((999.99+x)*0.11+20)*infra upkeep re- The last infra jump increases your infra bill by 3%. Use ducers the same formula as the previous jump, just replace Old upkeep = (999.99*0.09+20)*infra reducers the infra purchase cost multiplier (40 to 60) and the infra level to 4999.99. Calculate how much x infra costs. To do that, divide x by 2 and add that to 999.99 and apply the cost formula The next major jump occurs at 15,000 infra. to 999.99+(x/2). An alternative/different formula (if you can’t get your head round the one above) is.. x equals: (amount of infra before Jump* (new upkeep - old upkeep)) ((pop. per infra level * income per citizen.) - new upkeep)
  23. 23. L AnD Land isn’t like technology and infra, it’s pretty much useless, the only real benefits are: 1. happiness bonus (not really a bonus, you just don’t lose one point) if population density is below 70; 2. it gives a small population boost when bought, around 1 citizen for every 2 miles of land 3. Small war advantage. Land also slightly increases your resistance to spy attacks. I suggest that small nations (<1000 infra) keep the population density below 30, and that larger nations disregard population density, especially if you have Wa- ter. You can buy it from time to time, but there’s a time that land is so expensive for what it does that it’s bet- ter to buy technology or infrastructure in it’s place. T E Chno L o GY Technology influences war outcomes up to an infinite amount hen your technology cost surpasses $30,000 W Technology is also helpful to decrease infrastructure per level, you should start buying from other nations upkeep costs, smaller nations won’t benefit as much (see Tech Trades). Try to buy 0.51 tech when you start from this as stronger ones will, though. It also gives making enough money for it in one day. a bonus to the literacy rate, as literacy rate is hardly used, you may ignore this feature. Remember that if you have the Uranium resource then for every level of tech you have you receive +$0.15 A good tech : infra ratio is 1 : 10 per citizen extra up to a maximum of 30tech, a total of $4.50. ou must have selected that your government Y favours nuclear technology for the use of nuclear power plants but does not support nuclear weapons to receive the bonus. These are the important “milestones” of tech purchas- ing: • 10 levels - Aircraft and tank requirement and major happiness boost (+5) • 15 levels - Enables you to purchase cruise missiles and have the radiation cleanup resources • 200 levels - You don’t get more anymore happiness out of it (total of 9 happiness gained) • 500 levels - You can purchase level 9 aircraft.
  24. 24. T E Ch D E A L S A techdeal is an agreement between two nations, 3x3 techdeals where the buyer delivers $3,000,000 and the seller A 3x3 deal is a corporation between 3 buyer nations produces and exports 100 technology in two 50 tech and 3 seller nations. The good thing about them is that sets. The Buyer techdeals because technology gets they only take a one aid cycle (10 days) to complete, more expensive over time, so he asks a nation with but they also take up three aid slots. For an example less technology to buy it for him. For the seller the of this see below: technology is much less expensive than $3,000,000 and he keeps the change for himself. Most of the time Buyer 1 send $3M to seller 1 this is somewhere between 1 and 1.8 million. So both Buyer 2 Send $3M to seller 2 sides benefit from these transactions and we will see Buyer 3 send $3M to seller 3 steady growth on both sides. Seller 1 send 50 tech to buyer 2 Seller 2 send 50 tech to buyer 3 bEforE you tEchdEal Seller 3 send 50 tech to buyer 1 There are a couple of things you need to know before Seller 1 send 50 tech to buyer 3 you go on and sign up for a techdeal. Seller 2 send 50 tech to buyer 1 Seller 3 send 50 tech to buyer 2 1. Get a trade circle with resources that give you a technology purchase discount, like gold and microchips. 2. Sellers, if you receive the money do not buy 100 tech all at once, but first buy 50 and send it as aid im- mediately and after that first 50 is accepted, you buy the other 50. This is cheaper for the seller nations. Sell- ers should have a MAXIMUM of 50 tech at any time. Do try to obey this. 3. Buy a Foreign Ministry Improvement. This is not essential, but it is a good idea to have one as it opens In this case the buyers finance each others tech, so another aid slot to trade with. they do not have the problem that they have to wait 4. Check your available aid slots. 10 or 20 days. 5. Check with who you have an active aidslot since nations can only aid each other once every ten days. hoW lonG Should i bE a SEllEr? hoW do i tEchdEal? This is often a matter of opinion, however we recom- mend selling tech until you technology cost surpasses After signing up in the according threads you are ready $30,000 per level After this point you may wish to to techdeal. There are two techdeal systems: continue until your nation reaches 4,000 infra, howev- er this will weaken your military capabilities. The more Single Slot deal: tech you have, the better your military will perform! A single aidslot deal is a deal between one buyer and After reaching this mark, it is advisable to buy up to one seller through one aidslot and will take 30 days to 150 tech yourself. After this point, it becomes cheaper complete. to buy tech through tech deals. You should sign up as a buyer on the forums and participate in 3x3’s as a buyer. 1. The buyer sends 3million to the seller Remember: The more tech deals you are involved in, 2. Ten days later the seller sends 50 tech to the buyer the faster you will grow! So use all your aid slots as 3. Ten days later the seller sends 50 tech to the buyer often as possible.