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Singapore Company Registration


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Singapore Company Registration

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Singapore Company Registration

  1. 1. Incorporating a company in Singapore for a multitude of benefits Incorporation is a step every company goes through in its life. If you own a business which is in its growing stages and you are sure about its growth, you would need investors, shareholders and more customers to ensure you don’t lose out to others in this competitive sphere. Singapore is a common destination for registration of several companies by natives and foreigners alike. What are the basic requirements in order to register your company? •You need a name for your company which has to be approved before the incorporation is performed •You need a minimum of one resident director (a Singaporean Citizen or a Singaporean Permanent Resident or a person who has been issued an Entrepass, Employment Pass, or Dependent Pass) •You need shareholders for your company. A Singaporean private limited company can have a minimum of one shareholder and a maximum of fifty. The shareholder could be a separate individual or even another private limited firm •A company secretary is mandatory as per Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act •You need a minimum paid up capital for your business to be Company Register. The minimum amount for this is $1 •You need a registered physical address which should be present within Singapore With these requirements met, incorporating your company becomes an easy task which you can and should perform. But why is Singapore so popular? Because its laws are a lot friendlier than other countries and allows new business firms to flourish without any meaningless hassles. Many big firms which operate in other parts of the world are registered in Singapore because of their benevolence and openness to new business founders. What makes them even more attractive is the fact they do not impose too many restrictions on foreign nationals. If you have a professional advisor who can incorporate your company on your behalf, your job is done and now you only need to manage the daily needs of your business. Singapore is a very nice place to choose for incorporating your business because it helps ease the
  2. 2. few disadvantages the process of incorporation has to offer. When you incorporate a company, it becomes a separate entity with limited rights and privileges and has to pay income tax, just like any other individual. If your company is earning a lot of money, then paying these taxes can be painful but Singapore eases that concern by imposing only 9 per cent income tax on your firm. To start a corporation, you need professional advisors who know everything about what it takes to successfully register a company in Singapore. You need Stamford Advisors who are the best business advisors in the game. They know what your business needs in order to flourish as a corporation and will provide you with packages that will suit your need. Browse their website here to learn about their effectiveness in providing you the benefits of incorporation of your business in Singapore. Company Register