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What hat are you wearing


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Published in: Education
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What hat are you wearing

  1. 1. What hat do you wear?
  2. 2. Let’s put on the white hat
  3. 3. Works perfect for me, the most comfortable Very easy to find solutions when putting on the white hat
  4. 4. Also my teammates came up withquite some ideas or suggestions.
  5. 5. Let’s put on the green hat
  6. 6. Happy to say, that it was working quite good as well Most probably thanks to the creativity course.
  7. 7. Let’s put on the red hat
  8. 8. That was a bit harder for, but alsoevoked some nice ideas, i.e. with my teammates.
  9. 9. Let’s put on the blue hat
  10. 10. Wow, here I almost went blank. For my teammates the same. In total we only had 6 ideas (of 118) created by blue ideas.
  11. 11. Let’s put on the black hat
  12. 12. Wow, here we come, very picky Worked especially well for evaluating already existing ideas.
  13. 13. Let’s put on the yellow hat
  14. 14. I think of myself as an optimisticperson, but in the brainstorming the yellow hat is ‘hardest’
  15. 15. In total only a bit more than 10% ofour ideas were created or evaluated when putting on the yellow hat.
  16. 16. Let’s sum up. We started first without implicitly putting on the hats, then went back putting them on, and here we go… We came up with some nice new ideas and also could evaluate the already existing ideas in a different ‘light’.
  17. 17. Thanks to• Title page• White hat• Red hat• Blue hat• Black hat