Story 2


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This story is the edited version of our online Collaborative Creative writing task using Moodle

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Story 2

  1. 1. Story Number <br />2<br />The Bully<br />
  2. 2. The Bully<br />Jenny grabbed for her phone just as Lady Gaga's " Just Dance" ringtone burst into life.<br />There it was again - the same text message which had been sent at least 20 times to her phone the previous day.<br />"You are not wanted here. We are watching you."<br />Jenny looked around. She was walking to school along the busy road. There was a lot of traffic and some drivers were obviously late and in a hurry. No-one else was walking with her. Some way ahead she could see a group students dawdling along the footpath. However, they were not paying any attention to her. They were too intent on kicking a plastic bottle along the footpath. She could hear them shouting to each other but she could not make out what was being said.<br />Then her phone rang again.<br />
  3. 3. Chapter 2<br />(Hester’s chapter)<br /> <br />Jenny opened her phone and cast her eyes over the message. It was the same text but from a different number.<br />Sick of receiving the message repeatedly, Jenny changed the sound setting to silent, and pocketed the device.<br />Her feet pounded on the footpath, crushing delicate blossom petals. All she could think of was how she had looked foward to attending school, and how she would hate to return to home schooling.<br />Her Mum had always been touchy on the bullying subject and had been too paranoid to send Jenny to a school before now. This year Jenny was at the tender age of thirteen and adamant that school was the best thing for her. At first her parents had thought her ridiculous and ignored the frivolous demand. Jenny had stomped through the house and snapped at her parents when they tried to talk to her, this went on for weeks until Jenny's Mum finally decided that Jenny was missing out on the social life that most girls of her age had and chose to enrol her in the nearest school, Linfield College.<br />Now Jenny was fretting, not worried for herself but at what brash actions her Mother might make when she found out about the messages she had been receiving. If... if she found out. Which she won't. Relief washed over her, she slowed her pace to a loiter, begining to enjoy the journey to school. The thick traffic reminded her to speed up, and soon she was right behind the group of students that had been kicking bottles around. Oblivious of their presence, she walked directly into the tallest boy, she recognised him as Hemi.<br />He whipped around and gripped her arms with heated force and shook her, he yelled, "Whadd'ya do that for, eh? Stupid," Jenny didn't reply she just felt her throat close up, and watched as the other kids cirlced. "She don't talk," said another, "We'll beat some words into her," he sounded exuberant. Jenny began whimpering scared of what harm they planned on doing to her. Just as Jenny sucked in a mouthful of air, ready to scream a girl burst through the barricade of people, yelling at Hemi, "What are you doing? Leave her alone! Get to school, maybe you'll learn something!" The kids slinked off, muttering swear words under their breath.<br />Jenny sat on the ground, going over everything that had happened in the last five minutes. The girl crouched down, held out her hand to help Jenny up and said, "Hi, I'm Sadie, are you alright? You seem a little shaken." Jenny took her hand and heaved herself up off the ground, and replied, "Thanks, I'm alright, my names Jenny, thanks again for saving me back there."<br />"You new?" Sadie asked, already knowing the answer, "Yeah, I am," Jenny said smiling, she had made a friend.<br />
  4. 4. Chapter 3<br />(Namoi’s chapter)<br />At lunch, Jenny trudged across the field with her books and sat under a tree by herself. She was folding back the gladwrap off her ham and tomato sandwiches when she heard someone shouting her name. Jenny scanned the field but couldn't make out who was calling her. "Over here, Jenny!" She twisted her neck and saw Sadie sitting on a bench outside the library with a bunch of her friends, waving her arms an Jenny frantically, signalling to her to go and join them. Jenny spent the rest of lunch time with Sadie, who introduced her to all her friends.<br />Jenny was so pleased to have found a nice group of girls to be friends with, that she had completely forgotten about those texts and the incident with Hemi earlier that morning, but not for long. As she was making her way back to class after lunch, Jenny noticed a big group of guys standing in the corridor ahead, blocking her way through. She didn't recognise any of them. "Hey new girl, where do you think you're going?" asked  a tall, bulky guy in a mocking tone. Jenny was in such a good mood from lunch, that she didn't think about what would happen if she risked a cheeky comment. "Where does it look like I'm going?" she gestured to the books  in her hands and made a face at him, as if to say 'really, isn't it obvious', "Don't you have a brain in that big head of yours?" Then walked forward, towards the group of boys, expecting them to just forget it and let her through. Quite to the contrary, "Oi! You've got a lot of nerve talking to Vince like that, you nearly got his little brother suspended this morning, when you got your little friend to rat on him." This time, it was a different guy who spoke, he  stood to the right of the one who'd spoken before, Vince. Realising that what she'd just done, Jenny turned around and sprinted off to find another way to her class, before the guys could do anything to her.<br />
  5. 5. Chapter 4<br />(Kevin’s chapter)<br />"Jenny turned around and sprinted off to find another way to her class, before the guys could do anything to her"<br />She ran through corridors and hallways, her breath heavy, she could hear the group of guys running behind her, they were catching up, it wouldn't be long before they caught her. She turned a sharp corner, and crashed right into Mr. úberman. "HEY!!!! What the heck do you think you're doing?!? NO running in the hallways, can't you read the damn signs?" he yelled. Jenny looked around the hallway, every square inch was covered with signs that said, "NO running in the halls, Chief of Punishment - Vince." Jenny turned around, there were Vince and the rest of the guys, Vince, with a nasty grin on his face, said, "Don't worry, Mr. Uberman, we've got it from here." Mr. úberman gave a quick nod and strode away. They waited until he was out of earshot, then they spat on her, and Vince grabbed her by the collar. He dragged her along, with the other guys walking in a ring around them, so nobody would see. They got outside, and went into a group of trees where nobody could see them. Vince picked up a tree branch from the ground, and he started beating Jenny with it, while the others were kicking her. She put her arms over her head as to protect it from the heavy blows she was receiving. She thought she was going to die when, through the narrow gap between her eyes, she saw a dark figure leaping from the roof of the building across the street. It did a flip in the air, and it's right foot landed right between Vince's shoulder blades. Vince was sent flying into the windshield of a car 30 feet away. The rest of the guys looked at the figure, then ran away faster than a Cheetah on steroids. She lifted her arms away from her head, and saw that the figure was Irou the Legendary Ninja. She had seen him on the news a few weeks previous, he was having a staring contest with a statue. The statue, after 3 days, blinked. She smiled at him, as if to say 'thankyou'. He reached down, and felt her ribs, she cringed from the pain. They were broken. He paused for a moment, with his hand on her ribs, and suddenly the pain stopped. It seemed he had somehow willed them to be fixed. He helped her up, and grabbed her books, then he walked her back to her classroom. When they were at the door he nodded at her teacher, then vanished in a puff of smoke.<br />
  6. 6. Chapter 5<br />(Mikayla’s chapter)<br />Jenny opened her eyes to see that it was quite dark outside, she was still underneath the trees where Vince and his friends had beat her up. "OH MY GOD, they actually left me here, for all they know i could have been dead, I knew I was dreaming, somehow, i know that there's no such thing as ninjas, that's just ridiculous," she exclaimed to herself in a particularly angry state. Grabbing her books and her bag, she started to head home when a car pulled up slowly beside her. As the window rolled down slowly, she recognised the face of the driver it was one of Vince's friends. "I'm sorry about what happened to day, do you want a lift?" Jenny stared at him for awhile, then she said, " No thanks I'm fine, I'm sure you are but it still doesn't excuse the fact that you did it, does it?" started to walk off, the car followed her. "No it doesn't, I really am sorry, please take a ride it's dangerous out here at this time of night." Looking around Jenny suddenly noticed quite dodgy looking people hanging around, some with guns, "Ok," she said, "What's your name?" "Zeek," replied the guy driving, "yours?" "I'm Jenny, thank you for the ride." They continued talking for the rest of the ride home, Zeek was a nice guy, he even told her the way to get to classes where Vince wouldn't be in the corridors. When they finally got to Jenny's house she said thank you, " It's alright," replied Zeek, "do you want a lift in the morning?" "That would be great," Jenny spoke with a softness in her voice, "Thank you." As jenny got changed into her pyjamas, and climbed into her bed, she couldn't stop thinking about Zeek, she'd grown quite fond of him.<br />
  7. 7. Chapter 6<br />(Hester kindly donated this chapter)<br />Dear diary, things seem to be looking up. Hallelujah!<br />Zeek, a "friend" of Vince's is being really kind to me. We started hanging out and, I kind of like him *blushing*<br />Today we walked through the horticultural centre (a place where someone like Vince would never go) and when I had to leave he kissed me on the cheek *mega blushing* !!!<br />The thing is, straight after I left, he text me,"Jenny there is smthn bout u. I dntknw what, but its drivn me crazy. Wil u go out wit me?" ...I didn't reply, I was shocked. No-one has ever asked me out before, let alone sent me a text like that! After a while I became really upset, thinking that Zeek wasn't my friend, that he was playing this game with me and Vince knew all about it!<br />...Hang on, I've got a text.<br />Oh, no. Please, no. Please, don't be true!<br />I just got a foward from a number I don't know, it said, "Vince & Zeek got in a fight at da park ova sum gurl Jenny. Zeek got Vince on da ground ndZeek tried 2 help him up bt Vince was actnnd he hit Zeek so hrddat he iz in a coma."<br />I have to go find out if this is true, I'm going to see Vince...<br />