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Christianity: Christian Beliefs Contrasted with Other Religions


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What are the major beliefs of Christianity? What are the major divisions of the Christian faith and how did they develop? What is an Evangelical Christian and why are those foundational beliefs so important to Christians? How do the major beliefs of Christianity compare to other world religions? And finally, don't all religions teach essentially the same thing? We'll consider these and more issues in this final part of the four part series on World Religions.

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Christianity: Christian Beliefs Contrasted with Other Religions

  1. 1. No, All Religions Don't Teach The Same Thing Comparing Christianity cc: mugley -
  2. 2. A Common Perception is That All Religions Teach Essentially The Same Thing and Worship the Same God cc: theaucitron -
  3. 3. THE TRUTH: Other Religions are just like Christianity "except" for their view on God, Scripture, Human Nature, Sin, Suffering, Salvation, Meaning, and Destiny. cc: theaucitron -
  4. 4. In other words, the belief that all religions are essentially the same is naive, misinformed, and altogether inaccurate. Informed people know better. cc: theaucitron -
  5. 5. Essentials Core Christian Beliefs cc: Connor Tarter -
  6. 6. The Bible, Not We, Define What Essential Christianity (orthodoxy) Is cc: knowhimonline -
  7. 7. Evangelical Christian Belief 1. Inspiration of the Holy Bible 2. The Holy Trinity 3. Deity of Christ 4. Virgin Birth 5. Literal, Physical Resurrection of Christ 6. Substitutionary Atonement of Christ cc: Anna & Michal -
  8. 8. The Inspiration of the Holy Bible 2 Tim 3:15-16 cc: Leo Reynolds -
  9. 9. What Inspirations Means: Supernatural influence by the Holy Spirit on the human authors of the Holy Bible resulted in an accurate rendering and record of what God told them to communicate, resulting in the "Written Word of God" cc: Leo Reynolds -
  10. 10. Why It Matters Because if the Bible isn't inspired, it isn't infallible, nor is it inerrant, nor would it be authoritative. It would be a lie. cc: Leo Reynolds -
  11. 11. The Holy Trinity John 1:1,14; Col. 2:9; Acts 5:3-5 cc: the justified sinner -
  12. 12. What the Trinity Is: The eternal existence of one and only one True God, the God of the Bible, who revealed Himself as a triune (3 persons in 1 deity) being, possessing all possible moral and amoral attributes cc: the justified sinner -
  13. 13. Why It Matters As the only faith claiming God exists in Trinity, without it, the Biblical God isn't God, the Holy Spirit isn't God, nor in you, and Jesus isn't God, but an impostor... OR the Bible God is true. cc: the justified sinner -
  14. 14. Deity of Christ Col 1:15; Col 2:9; Jn 8:58-59 cc: Steve Snodgrass -
  15. 15. Deity of Christ Jesus of Nazareth was and is, literally, God in the Flesh (God Incarnate), a fully-human being endowed with the complete divine nature, God-Man; the fullness of the Godhead, bodily cc: Steve Snodgrass -
  16. 16. Why It Matters Without it, Jesus wasn't sent by God, wasn't God, didn't speak for God, wasn't a mediator, and cannot save anyone. cc: Steve Snodgrass -
  17. 17. The Virgin Birth Isaiah 7:14; Luke 1:26-37 cc: gnuckx -
  18. 18. What the Virgin Birth Is In fulfillment of 800 year-old prophecies, that the Savior of the World would be conceived without the aid of man, through the non-sexual, supernatural aid of the Holy Spirit, causing the Virgin to conceive cc: gnuckx -
  19. 19. Why It Matters Without it, prophecies were incorrect and prophets were false, Jesus wasn't virgin born, Jesus was only a man with a sin nature, and Christianity offers no savior and no hope cc: gnuckx -
  20. 20. Literal, Physical Resurrection 1 Cor. 15:14; Luke 24:38-39 cc: Luz Adriana Villa A. -
  21. 21. Literal Physical Resurrection That, days after his fatal crucifixion, the Power of God healed and regenerated Jesus' dead physical corpse into an everlasting, glorified body to substantiate His claim of deity cc: Luz Adriana Villa A. -
  22. 22. Why It Matters Without it, the Bible and Apostles are a fraud, Jesus has decomposed and remains dead, and we have no hope of eternal life or salvation cc: Luz Adriana Villa A. -
  23. 23. Substitutionary Atonement 2 Cor 5:19-21; 1 Pet 3:18 cc: Luz Adriana Villa A. -
  24. 24. Substitutionary Atonement Jesus' bloody death secures peace with God, resulting in salvation by grace through faith alone, to all who believe on Christ as their only hope for acceptance by God cc: Universal Pops (David) -
  25. 25. Why It Matters Without it, no substitute exists to help you have peace with God, no divine savior exists, and you will face God's holy judgment on your own merits without grace or mercy cc: Universal Pops (David) -
  26. 26. Key Terminology for Informed Christians Terms to Know cc: herzogbr -
  27. 27. Orthodoxy: The awareness and affirmation of the fundamental-minimal beliefs (essentials) of the Christian Faith. This is not to be confused with “Orthodoxy” as in the “Orthodox Church.” Sometimes called the Byzantine or Eastern Church. cc: decafinata -
  28. 28. Orthodoxy/Minimal Convictions 1. Inspiration of the Holy Bible 2. The Holy Trinity 3. Deity of Christ 4. Virgin Birth 5. Literal, Physical Resurrection of Christ 6. Substitutionary Atonement of Christ cc: Andrew Nourse -
  29. 29. Apostasy The repudiation of a fundamental belief (essential) by a person or church who previously claimed to be Christian, resulting in the person OR church no longer adhering to the minimum biblical convictions of Christian faith. Gal 1:6-10; 1 Jn 2:19, 2 Peter 2:1-22 cc: *nacnud* -
  30. 30. Heresy Not ignorance, but obstinate disbelief of or active teaching against a fundamental tenet of the faith by a professing Christian. Whereas an “apostate” has disavowed the faith, the heretic may yet remain in a church or still consider himself a Christian. Jude 3-16 cc: ξωαŋ ThΦt (slowly back...) -
  31. 31. Sacrilege: Words or actions that mistreat, injure, disrespect, or otherwise dishonor the things of God (any Christian thing sacred or devoted to God and His use-honor) cc: kevin dooley -
  32. 32. Comparing World Religions
  33. 33. Keep In Mind: All Religions Aren't Essentially the Same Because We Differ on All Major Areas of Belief cc: sreeji.. -
  34. 34. What Is He/It Like? Who Is God? cc: Waiting For The Word -
  35. 35. God is Brahman. A Pervasive, Divine Consciousness and Supreme Spirit. cc: Xuan Che -
  36. 36. Brahman is Expressed in Many Deities of Different Character, including Unusual and Deviant Sexual Behavior cc: Xuan Che -
  37. 37. There is no God, viz., Supreme Being. There is No Self, No One to Worship. cc: Beverly & Pack -
  38. 38. God is 'like' nothing because one doesn't exist. Believe in Yourself. cc: Beverly & Pack -
  39. 39. God is Allah. He is Eternal, One, and Not a Trinity. cc: drakoheart -
  40. 40. He is Invisible, Non-Bodily, Good and Possesses All Moral Perfections. cc: drakoheart -
  41. 41. God is Father, Word, and Spirit. A Trinity. Eternal. Supreme. Good. cc: thomas lieser ( -
  42. 42. He is Personal and Knowable Through Jesus Christ, God the Son. cc: thomas lieser ( -
  43. 43. What is Scripture? cc: Waiting For The Word -
  44. 44. Scripture are the Vedas, Upanishads, Sutras, Gita, Among Others cc: Xuan Che -
  45. 45. These tell people Hindu legends, how to live and practice Hinduism. cc: Xuan Che -
  46. 46. Scripture are the Sutras, Tripitaka (Pali Canon), and Tibetan Book of the Dead. cc: Beverly & Pack -
  47. 47. These teach how to take personal responsibility to escape suffering. cc: Beverly & Pack -
  48. 48. Scripture is the Quran/Koran said to come to Muhammad from Gabriel. cc: drakoheart -
  49. 49. Quran teaches people to submit to God and reject Jesus as Son of God. cc: drakoheart -
  50. 50. The Bible Reveals the Nature and Identity of the One True God. cc: thomas lieser ( -
  51. 51. The Bible Tells God's Story & How to Have a Relationship with Him Through Grace. cc: thomas lieser ( -
  52. 52. What Is The Problem? cc: Waiting For The Word -
  53. 53. Bad Actions Cause Bad Karma and Endless Reincarnations cc: Xuan Che -
  54. 54. Desire Causes Suffering that Motivates Bad Actions, Bad Karma, and Reincarnations cc: Beverly & Pack -
  55. 55. People Refuse to Submit (be Muslim) and Must Come Under Submission to Allah and Sharia. All of Life is to Submit and See Others Submit. cc: drakoheart -
  56. 56. Pride Caused Us to Freely Rebel Against a Loving God, Breaking That Harmonious Relationship, Resulting in Guilt. We Are Responsible for Our Sin and Are Required To Address The Situation In This Lifetime cc: thomas lieser ( -
  57. 57. What/Who Is The Solution? cc: Waiting For The Word -
  58. 58. We Must Be Continually Reborn Until We Finally Balance the Totality of Our Evil With Good Motives and Actions Through Our Own Actions cc: Xuan Che -
  59. 59. Like Hinduism, We Must Continually Be Reborn Until We Overcome Personal Evil by Balancing It With Good Motives and Actions cc: Beverly & Pack -
  60. 60. We must submit to God through the Five Pillars and help Allah bring others under His Subjection in the House of Islam cc: drakoheart -
  61. 61. God Has Provided a Way to Sooth His Righteous Anger and Restore Our Relationship Through Receiving His Love Through Christ. We Should Accept God's Grace, Begin a Relationship with Him, and Help Others Find Peace with God As Well cc: thomas lieser ( -
  62. 62. Conclusionscc: aresauburn™ -
  63. 63. The gods mentioned in Hinduism and Buddhism vary widely from the character of God of Christianity cc: Werner Kunz -
  64. 64. The attributes of the Biblical God and Allah of Islam stated in both the Bible and Quran are Surprisingly Similar, But Muslims Reject Christ as the Son of God cc: Werner Kunz -
  65. 65. Quran and Bible presents God as all-knowing, all-powerful, and good. Both recognize the existence of one God. Both portray God as self-existent, the sovereign Creator of heaven and earth. Both exalt God as merciful, and that God will someday judge the world. Both teach the oneness of God-- but the Biblical God is a Trinity. Both affirm that God has sent prophets and has given sacred scriptures. Both unfold a paradox of divine transcendence and divine immanence. cc: Werner Kunz -
  66. 66. In Islam, Allah reveals His "Will" but Not How to Have a Relationship With Him. This notion is Absent and that Reconfigures the Entire Faith to Something Foreign to the Bible and Christianity. cc: Werner Kunz -
  67. 67. Jesus is revealed as God-Man and the Means to Relationship and Love with God, but Allah reveals no real emotions. He is distant and only to be feared and obeyed. He is hard to know, love, or experience. cc: Werner Kunz -
  68. 68. Only in Christianity do we have a God who loves us First, loves us back, and provides then pays the way for us to be reconciled to Him and to enter into a love relationship with Him. cc: Werner Kunz -
  69. 69. Q & A cc: West Midlands Police -
  70. 70. Discussion Questions cc: West Midlands Police - 1. There are three major divisions of Christianity: Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. What do you know about each? 2. There are two major divisions of Protestantism: Evangelicalism and Mainline Christianity. Based on your experience, what is the difference of the two? 3. How is the Christian God different than other religions’ God? Why does this matter? 4. What would you say if someone told you all religions teach essentially the same thing? 5. What was the most helpful part of this series to you?