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Freddy Atton ~ Reviews


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Feedback from customers, students, peers, managers and executives.

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Freddy Atton ~ Reviews

  1. 1. FREDDY S. ATTON 829-3650 Student Evaluations & Feedback from the BroadVision Sales TeamBroadVision Showcase BroadVision“I saw the showcase demo and was very impressed.” May 3 - 6, 2005 : Sacramento, California---Pehong Chen, CEO "Freddy, you were awesome!"“Great work Freddy. Thanks.” ---James Thanos, EVP Sales ---Business Analyst“The Layout tool is a BIG plus of the Showcase.” "The course went really well. The labs are well developed."---Ron Matusof, VP Engineering ---Web Developer“When my SEs sing your praises I believe em! Great job & "Instructor was very cooperative and helpful. Thanks."thanks again.” ---Keith Morton, Regional VP Sales ---Technical Developer“Your webcast of your Showcase is legendary in our region.” April 11 - 15, 2005 ~ New Delhi India---Andreas Roesch, Germany "Overall, my verdict is SUPER! You are a super guy with super clarity“He accelerates the time it takes to customize the look and feel in thought process." ---Technical Consultantof a demo.” ---Doug Ito, Sales Engineer "It was a very good training. Thanks a lot for the patience and perse-“I LOVED meeting have GREAT energy!" verance in answering my queries." ---Technical Consultant---Laura Saunders "Freddy was brilliant! As always. It was fun filled and educative."“Fantastic watching u work a few weeks ago. Loved it.” ---Biplove Belwal, Engagement Manager---Michael Hemsey, Director, Product Marketing April 5 - 6, 2005 ~ Alexandria, Virginia“Freddy you rock :) Thank you for demoing your product tosupport.” ---Uma Nikhilesh, Director of Customer Support "Freddy does an excellent job!! He is high energy and likes his job and it shows." ---Founder & CEO“Your presentation was a masterpiece...I am echoing everybodysmessage.” ---Anuraj Berde, Customer Support "The guides were excellent. The labs were quite helpful." ---Engineer“Hey Freddy, I am a business consultant in Atlanta and attendedyour session today and just want to let you know how outstand- "Instructor was hardworking and very helpful."ing your work is!!! I am really looking forward to showing this ---Engineerto clients. Way to go!” ---Kerry Atha March 1 - 3, 2005 ~ Geneva, Switzerland“This Stuff Rocks!” ---Peter Dzik, Sales Engineer * The lecture portion of the Process training that we received from“Your work is allowing me to demo something I can be proud Freddy was excellent. His passion for Process is infectious.of.” ---Stephen Mateer, Sales Engineer * The training materials that Freddy created were superb! The clarity“This is simply the greatest thing I have seen us do since I have and precision of the workbook combined with the animated slidesjoined BV.” ---Bruce Gras, Chief Personalization Officer made the training for us an outstanding learning experience.“Having a cool app to show makes my life much easier.” * In addition to a well structured training, Freddy was also able to---Lisa Raymond, Sales Engineer quickly create a Process demonstration for one of our Sr. VP at EFG Bank. This went very well as Freddys presentation was instrumental in“Today, I had demo to partner. They think Showcase site is very helping me to secure approval for our next project using BV!” ---Meong-He Yu, BVGS Consultant, Tokyo ---Marc Clement, Vice-President, EFG Bank“THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job. THANK YOU."---Joanne McMath, Sales Engineer“He gave our IEP product a complete face lift. And itsconfigurable!” ---Randy Paulk, SE Manager"Hey we really enjoyed your presentation a couple of weeksago!!! We need more of that around here!!" ---Leslie Stonick
  2. 2. Student EvaluationsBroadVision Process, continued... "Great preparation. Very motivating session." ---Account Mgr "Instructor was energizing throughout a long day."January 25 - 27, 2005 ~ Redwood City California ---Alliance Marketing"Freddys knowledge, enthusiasm and patience made for a pro- "Very well prepared and delivered - excellent!"ductive and enjoyable experience. Well worth the time and ---Account Executiveinvestment." ---Director of Professional Services "Outstanding! Should move to sales!" ---Sales Manager"BV Process is an excellent product and a differentiator. Overall,the course was great and I would recommend the course and the "I learned a lot from the introduction to each lab. Enthusiastic,instructor." ---Technical Architect knowledgeable, helpful." ---Project Manager"Freddy is an energetic, patient instructor. I enjoyed his lectures "Nice job linking business benefits to product features."very well" ---Engineer ---Account ManagerJanuary 20, 2005 ~ Palo Alto California "An amazing experience!" ---Consultant"Very useful and informative. A really good insight into Process. "Great performance." ---Sales Account ExecutiveEverything is now much clearer. Freddy is very enthusiastic andmakes the day interesting and fast paced. There is no time to January 12 - 14, 2005 ~ Gwinnett County, Georgiafeel bored. A great day." ---Marketing Manager "Freddy is a very good instructor - relaxed and easy to follow. I"The step by step approach to learning the Process components enjoyed the class." ---Training Specialistwas very helpful. The building block approach works well.Good case study example. Good job squeezing a three-day ses- "BV Process works like a charm!! It kicks butt. Freddy Atton ission into one day! I feel very comfortable with the Process prod- a very good teacher with all the knowledge on Process."uct at this point. Great job covering topics in allotted time!" --- ---Web Apps Specialist, Gwinnett CountySales Engineer November 17 - 19, 2004 ~ Redwood City California"Coming from selling education services at Veritas, I can tellyou I would rate Freddy better than any of our top instructors - "Great material. Cant wait to see/do more."He kept us engaged thru technical material which is very tough ---Sr. Software Developerto do." ---Telemarketing, BroadVison "Excellent presentation skills and documentation.""The instructor was very enthusiastic and made the session very ---IT Managementenjoyable. The course more than met my expectations."---Sales Account Executive "Materials were great and Freddy has great skill in presenting." - --Sales Rep"Materials were great. Energy is infectious. We need to emu-late." ---Sales Account Executive August 24-26, 2004 ~ Redwood City California"Freddy is energy in human form. Positive, eager to help, very "Freddy kept the class participants focused and interested for allsupportive and patient." ---Business Architect 3 days." ---Program Manager"Great training from a practical perspective. The instructor "Freddy was excellent in his way to present the material."demonstrated positive energy and excellent knowledge of the ---Project Managersolution." ---Sales Executive "Great training materials and great instructor." ---Engineer"Good mix of show it, then do it. Very energetic presentation!!Good pace and format. Great job!" ---Sales Rep "Overall, I feel this training is great." ---Consultant"Freddy combined knowledge, energy and crowd control very "Excellent & relevant labs." ---Project Managerwell. He gets it and he went a long way in helping others get ittoday. Excellent job." ---Analyst & Editorial Relations "I especially liked how the labs detail what needs to be done AND WHY." ---Sr. Consultant"Freddy is a great trainer, one of the most entertaining Iveseen." ---Vice President "The course notes were thorough and well organized. The labs were easy to follow." ---Sales Engineer"The course and the labs were very helpful and instructional.The instructor did a great job - very energetic."---Sales Executive
  3. 3. Student EvaluationsBroadVision ~ Implementation Success Keys October 25, "Freddy was an outstanding instructor. He is very passionate about his responsibility." ---Joe Wang, Partner Services Manager"This is an outstanding presentation! Would you mind presentingthis to the team?" ---Roque Versace, CSM "The class was both educational and entertaining." ---Consultant"I would like to thank you for the time you spent with me last "Very dynamic and entertaining instructor. Made a long day veryweek going over the Consulting Material on "How to Implement effective and informative." ---Sean Gilmour, Consultanta Successful Web Site". I am constantly referring to the out-lines." ---Angelique Khan, Product Manager "Materials were very organized and easy to follow." --Consultant"Thanks for all your help last week and the awesome presenta- "The energy of the instructor was phenomenal. Kept my interesttion last Wednesday on implementation methodology..." in the class." ---Consultant---Vincent Morello, Client Services Manager "Very creative instructor. 5 Star class!!!" ---Consultant"By the way, I would like to thank you for a very informativeand enjoyable training session yesterday...You helped immensely October 18, 2000in the understanding on my part." ---R. Perkey, Practice Mngr "It is refreshing to see people in more soft areas who approach"Thanks for spending the time with us last Friday afternoon. I their job from a structured way." --John Cook, Senior Consultantthink I got more out of that 2 hrs than much of the week.”---Ken Parsons, Strategic Services Consultant "The war stories were very useful in driving home points.""Thanks for the extraordinary effort to get the iGuide up and "Most helpful course by far." ---R. Powers, Strategic Servicesrunning. We couldnt have done it without you. You were instru-mental in putting one of the most important tools our consultants "Very dynamic and knowledgeable. Hope to work with you inhave ever had at their finger tips. I appreciate your energy and the future. Everyone should take this class!"---Mary Russellflexibility." ---V. Reece, VP, Organization Effectiveness Team September 20, 2000"Freddy, I think it would be a very good idea if you could deliv-er your presentation to Challenger Systems. This will make them "Excellent active facilitation." ---Bruce Gras, Practice Managerbetter consultants.” ---Arvind Singhal, Regional Vice President "Many issues became clear after todays class." ---ConsultantHi Arvind, Freddy was here today for the presentation. We werebombarded with loads and loads of information in the 3 hour "Gave excellent examples. Kept us interested. Good use of visu-session. It was TRULY MAGNIFICENT. I am speaking for al aids. Very informative." ---Rajat Bhathagar, Consultanteveryone here at Challenger. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ITHAPPEN ! ---Reji Eappen, Project Mgr, Challenger Systems "Great use of visuals, labs, class participation & fun! Clone yourself!" ---Client Services Manager"Freddy is one of the most talented instructors I have seen, and Istrongly encourage you to attend..." ---C. Carey, Regional VP "Excellent Instructor. Full of life!! Fun Fun Fun!" ---Consultant" definitely held the participants in the palm of your hand "Kept us awake. Knew his stuff. Best class yet." ---Consultantthis afternoon..." ---Vicki Reece, VP Organization Effectiveness "Very entertaining instructor." ---Consultant"Vicki - Can you forward me a copy of Freddys bootcamp pre-sentation - Ive heard its very educational." ---T. Demshki, CSM August 23, 2000January 17, 2001 "The best class Ive had thus far!!!"---Consultant"Freddy is GREATTTTT. His style of explaining is awesome. "Glad you are teaching more than one day." ---CSMThe concepts of the course are crystal clear in my mind afterattending this session.” ---Praveen Thurau, Consultant "Well planned and organized. Very helpful! Great job!""Fantastic course! Should be mandatory for all employees!" "Kick-Ass real examples. Freddy is great. Dont change." ---Rob McClelland, Strategic Services Consultant"Design of this course provided me with very useful informa-tion. Right on target!!" ---Tommy Rush, Principal "Very good at involving class participants." ---Consultant"Taking the rather dull job of running through a methodology "Freddy was great! The information presented was the best soand making it interesting is quite a feat! The appendices are far in the bootcamp." ---Matt Grass, Consultantextremely helpful." ---Spence Wright, Sr. Principal Consultant
  4. 4. Student EvaluationsBroadVision ~ Implementation Success Keys "Excellent presentation. I liked the atmosphere that was created at the beginning." ---Dave Rushing, ConsultantJuly 19, 2000 "Your enthusiasm is contagious! You should teach a course for other instructors on how to teach!" ---Client Services Manager"Great learning experience!" -Lisa Speaker, Principal Consultant May 17, 2000"Freddy knows how to keep his audiences attention. One of thebest presentations I have seen." ---Consultant "I got some great tips for conducting workshops. Great class and great instructor." ---Consultant"Instructor had great ENERGY!! Made the class very enjoy-able." ---Client Services Manager "Freddy made it fun!" ---Consultant"Strongly recommend Freddy for future classes." ---Consultant April 24, 2000"Wow! Freddy does an amazing job keeping people involved in "Freddy rocks. Accept no substitutes!" ---J. Rogers, Consultantthe class." ---Practice Manager "Freddy took a very dull topic and made it interesting.""This was real meaty material and something to use in the field." ---Consultant---Practice Manager March 12, 2000"Clear and articulate on all matters." ---Consultant "Three words for Freddy Atton : Fab-u-lous!""Best class so far." ---David Miller, Client Services Manager ---Sandra Ausley, Resource Analyst"Instructor was very knowledgeable." ---Consultant BroadVision ~ ToolsJuly 12, 2000 July 24, 2000 ~ Portal Administration"Excellent course! It will be extremely valuable. The class bookwill be a constant companion." ---Consultant "Freddy was great at helping us when we reached an obstacle." ---Consultant"Very dynamic - Easy to stay focused on material." --Consultant "Freddy did a great job. He was very knowledgeable and made"Excellent presentation" ---Nathamuni Sriram, Consultant the subject fun." ---Practice Manager"Many good examples that I can use for the future." -Consultant "Well organized. Thoroughly explained purpose and use of the Portal Admin Tool." ---Consultant"Funny, helpful, informative. Able to keep class lively whilestaying on track of lesson." ---Consultant September 21, 2000 ~ Publishing Center"Very dynamic and fun instructor. Made class interesting." "Excellent instructor. Freddy is awesome!!" ---Consultant---Consultant July 20, 2000 ~ Publishing Center"I want to congratulate you. You were able to keep our attentionall the time." ---Noelly Bonilla, Senior Consultant "Freddy walked us thru the labs and made sure EVERYONE could finish it." ---Consultant"Freddys energy level was great. Kept class focused and inter-ested. Really learned about the details of each step in a BV July 17, 2000 ~ Portal Administrationimplementation." ---Consultant "Very good at setting objectives and making sure we understand"A day very well spent. The handout was awesome. I will carry them." ---Consultantit with me and refer to it. It is by far the most complete andcomprehensive piece of documentation that I have received. "Never felt bored and tired in the class." ---D. Feng, ConsultantInstructor was very interactive and involved the whole class."---Client Services Manager "Freddy is an excellent instructor because of his energy level and knowledge of the materials." ---Consultant"Very effective way to teach class. Enthusiastic, energetic, excel-lent. Keep the same format!" ---Client Services Manager March 22, 2000 ~ Intro to BroadVision"Extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter. Energy and "Freddys materials covered all the information that I was wait-approach were great. Drilled key points into our heads. Highly ing for. Great!" ---Jill Santerre, Resource Coordinatorreusable materials. Thank you!" ---Chris Wojtowicz, Consultant
  5. 5. Endorsements on Linked-inBroadVision ~ Clearvale Freddy is an energetic and enthusiastic leader. He managed a consulting team consisting of technical developers and website designers. He also provided consulting expertise as InformationFreddy, thank you for your tremendous effort in producing 19 Architect and User Experience Design for various cutting-edgeQuick Start videos in the last three months. Excellent work! customers/clients.---James Wu, CTO, BroadVision - April 1, 2011 ---Prasanna Deshmukh, Practice Director, BroadvisionFreddy created a large quantity of training videos for Freddy gave the best block of instruction during theBroadVision, all of which were quick, clean, fun and effective. I BroadVision orientation training. Excellent content coupled withenjoyed working with him and hope to do so again in the future. strong platform skills. The class was both informative and---Andrew Gori, Content Czar, BroadVision - July 27, 2011 enjoyable. Freddy also proved to be an excellent source of infor- mation and advice outside the classroom.Our Enterprise Social Networking solution called Clearvale ---Dave Miller, Director Professional Services, BroadVisionneeded some quality training videos, so we called in Freddy. Heassessed our needs and created from scratch a set of high quality Freddy did an outstanding job of pulling together a list of timelytraining videos to bring new users up to speed on how to use the training materials for one of my customers. He is first-rate and aproduct. He included team feedback to create a high quality ball of energy. Definitely someone that I would recommend onvideo. Freddy did a great job for us. any engagement going forward.---Ralph Lentz, GM Americas, BroadVision - July 26, 2011 ---Chris Ferina, Engagement Manager, BroadVisionFreddy did a great job of digging into Clearvale with no previ- I worked with Freddy at Interactive Network and have kept inous exposure to the product and generating a series of helpful, touch with him over the years. At Interactive Network, we hadinformative videos on a tight schedule. explosive growth and Freddy was able to take on additional---Randy Nasson, Product Manager, BroadVision - July 28, 2011 responsibilities each year as his role increased from Associate Producer to Production Manager. Freddy could always be count-Freddy did a top-notch job creating several Clearvale videos for ed on to provide what was needed. He also has great writingBroadVision. He is high energy, and has a very positive attitude. skills and has created terrific training programs not only at---Lisa Braz, Writer/Manager, BroadVision - July 28, 2011 Interactive Network, but at his later companies as well. ---Sandra Chroman, Director of HR, July 24, 2011Miscellaneous Freddy is extremely organized and an effective communicator.Freddy has an excellent habit of doing his work and benefitting Running an operation or a project takes the kind of energyothers. When we worked together, he assembled some terrific Freddy has in abundance.demos, and documented how to vary the sample application very ---Thomas Kanady, Director, Interactive Networkquickly in a "cheatsheet" that became widely used throughoutthe company. He was a real asset to the team. Freddy has a great sense of humor and is a conscientious worker---David Keldsen, Director, Broadvision no matter what tasks are assigned to him. Responsible for thou- sands of dollars worth of TV equipment, Freddy was alwaysFreddy introduced his new version of a "showcase" demonstra- trustworthy and very soon became a friend of mine. I wouldtion and really taught us what a demonstration should be. I recall gladly recommend Mr. Atton for any position he is qualified for.sending an email to the entire Engineering organization and ---Ronald Fish, Executive Director Public Access TelevisionManagement team congratulating Freddy and setting a new barfor myself..... "This Stuff Rocks!...I have set a personal goal to Freddy Atton worked for me as a teenager at Moonlite Lanes inreach Freddy Attons level of enthusiasm..." Once again Freddy, Santa Clara California. Freddy trained as a customer service repit was a pleasure to work with you and quite inspiring! learning the many responsibilities and tasks required to insure---Peter Dzik, Field Applications Engineer, August 4, 2011 that our bowling customers had a positive and rewarding experi- ence. Freddys performance excelled quickly allowing him toWe really enjoyed working with Freddy. He has a fun, person- become a valuable & dependable employee in a very short peri-able style and the group really appreciated his precision, firm- od of time.ness and open willingness to share ideas and processes. Freddy ---Ron Davenporthelped us tremendously. ---Nick Roberts, Toshiba AmericaFreddys book and customer job aid for BVs MarketMaker wasexcellent! And the presentation he gave was engaging, entertain-ing and informative; not the typical dry presentation at all.---Dan Epstein, Media Services, BroadVision
  6. 6. Miscellaneous eMailsBroadVision ~ MarketMaker Cookbook "...Id like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a great interviewer; someone who could instill such passion for a company, its product, and its philosophy to those whom come in contact with him...""I think that the Market Maker implementation booklet you pre- ---Michel Kohanim, Technical Architectpared and showed at the kick-off is one of the best BVlearning/implementation tools that I have seen since joiningBV." ---Andrew Steckley, Consultant "A million THANKS for everything [creating Bootcamp Training Materials]." ---Kostas Kalotihos, Director, Curriculum"Congratulations on a great presentation at the Kickoff. I think it Management, BroadVision Universitywas not only a fine presentation but was very effective in gettingpeople to understand and be motivated to introduce customers toMarketMaker." ---Paul Kerr, Client Services Manager Thank you for your outstanding assistance on the Unisys pro- ject! I appreciate all of the long hours and extra efforts you put"Your MarketMaker Book Rocks! Totally dug your presentation forth to deliver on a very difficult request in an extremely con-yesterday, and I think the book you put together is great." densed time frame. Youre the best!---Dan Epstein, Media Services Manager ---Lynn Stevens, Client Services Manager, BroadVision, Inc."Your MarketMaker book is incredibly impressive."---Claudia Gumbiner, Managing Principal, Strategic Services "I must say that this is a great list of items that you have provid- ed. I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into this,"It was great to hear your presentation yesterday...Youre such an as Im sure that this will help me tremendously.entertainer!" ---Sharon Wong, Media Services Producer Thanks for your diligence!" ---Chris Ferina, Client Services Manager"We did a very simple MM implementation with 1 person in 3.5weeks in Brazil ...Freddy Atton has delivered some excellentdocumentation on this process..." ---Arthur Lawida, CSM "Thanks for your enthusiasm and quick response to Chris email. Your participation is always greatly appreciated.""Thank you for your tremendous efforts in Q1 especially in ---Ron Matusof, VP Organizational Effectivenessregards to your efforts around the MarketMaker cookbook andpresenting at the Regional Kick-off meetings."---Pam Smith, Senior Practice Director, BVGS BroadVision ~ Cheat Sheet : How to use Adventech for a Rapid ImplementationBroadVision ~ Miscellaneous Thank YouNotes "Freddy, this is really valuable." ---David Keldsen, Director, Product Development"Freddy................YOU ROCK!!What a great start, this is fantastic [iGuide Storyboards]. "Thanks a TON! This is a real help for a developer whos just...Again, thanks. Youve been one of the few that have taken the trying to get a test bed working." ---Christine King, Engineerchallenge of volunteering for the IG...."---John Wood, Organization Effectiveness Team "This is great info for all us SEs out there...Thanks for taking the time to do this.""...I just wanted to thank you for participating in what seemed to ---Michael Brooks, Sales Engineerbe a very successful visit -- Our visitors [Chinese Chamber ofCommerce] seemed engaged and very pleased when they left!."---Samantha Hardaway, Director, Worldwide Customer Relations BroadVision ~ Best Practices : Section 508"Freddy, "This is a very helpful summary. Thanks!"Many thanks for spending 4 hours with me last night to give me ---Mike Melson, Senior Director, Product Managementan excellent overview of IEP...this will definitely help me sell itbetter! I definitely owe you one."---Sean Monahan, Business Development Manager "Team, Last week Freddy walked me through the Section 508 requirements. Hes been gracious enough to put together a docu-"Thanks for your great work at the Partner Summit last week in ment highlighting the standards...Having 508 compliance willMexico. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our give us an edge in the government sector...Thank you Freddy,"partners already, and I credit you with providing content that ---Roque Versace, VP, Product Managementwas extremely valuable and interesting. "---Robert Cruz, Account Manager, Latin America "Thanks, this 508 summary will really come in handy.""Freddy : Thanks for everything. Your refreshing approach to ---Maura OBrien, Proposal Managerproject meetings was an eye opener..."---Venkatesh Rao, Tech Lead, Karna
  7. 7. Manager Feedback Employee Feedback“...There was no doubt in our mind that you were going to make February 7, 2001a significant contribution to BV and you certainly have lived up Subject: Feedback for Freddyto our expectations. Ive enjoyed working with you as a PracticeLeader. You have been very enthusiastic and you really care Hi Arvind,about your people, clients and BV." Heres my feedback, per your request, for Freddys performanceJim Holsclaw evaluation:Regional Vice PresidentBroadVision, Inc. 1. His exuberant energy level and enthusiasm. ...He is truly an exuberant, energetic speaker... ...But he also is an excellent instructor... In his presentation of KWA, a topic KNOWN to be quite con-"Freddy, fusing, he patiently led the students through the discovery/learn-As you know, [our customer] is in heap of trouble....Basically ing process, assuring them along the way that this is a challeng-we would like to have somebody that can lead them, show them ing topic to grasp, but by the end of the presentation all of thehow this is done, and get sign-off on the storyboards. You are by pieces would come together - which is a quite accurate assess-far the best person for that. Can you advise on your availability? ment of learning the KWA site management paradigm.Thanks!" 2. His approachability and general support.Pete Ma ...Freddy was open to hearing the issues, was supportive andVP, Practice Management provided good questions and feedback for potential alterna-BroadVision Inc. tives... It was really helpful for me to know that I could contact Freddy, and be open and honest with him."His energetic speaking abilities combined with his conviction 3. His attention and appreciation for Best Practices andin a topic make him a very effective trainer. He is always willing Methodologies,to go the extra mile. Some have described him as the epitome of Its clear that Freddy is an advocate of Best Practices...a team player." - I have seen the MarketMaker "Implementation Guide" that he has prepared, and it will be an EXCELLENT tool for speedingArvind Singhal the definition, design and deployment of a Market Maker solu-Regional VP tion.BroadVision Global Services This demonstrates his appreciation for capturing and distributing information to enhance "organizational learning". In this area, Freddy brings value to the overall Global Services organization, and is instrumental in making BV more efficient in the delivery and deployment of BV solutions. 4. His communication skills, both verbal and written ...he is an excellent teacher/presenter, able to communicate com- plex topics in understandable terms. He also makes learning "fun". Ive enjoyed joining Freddys team and working with him over the past 7 months. Best regards, Lisa Speaker