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  1. 1. Seed Funding January 2008 SEED FUNDING Alliance Group Contact: Number of Investments per Mike Pitino Year: Not listed. 502.253.6881 Target Industries: North 3006 Eastpoint Pkwy. American privately held Louisville, KY 40223 middle market manufacturing and service businesses. Background: Alliance Group Out of Bounds: None listed. is a private equity investment Revenue Requirement: Post- firm that makes financial revenue. investments into middle Investment Conditions: market companies Ownership of company. worldwide. Alliance Group also serves as a business Investment Size: $100,000 to brokerage, helping sellers $5 million identify private investors to Stage of Development: Early- purchase their companies. stage. Alliance’s team of trusted advisors has forged strong Target Return: Not listed. relationships with the largest and highest class investor groups in the world.
  2. 2. Seed Funding December 2007 Bluegrass Angels Contact: Dean Harvey Target Industries: Various; 859.257.1930 any scalable business. 330 East Main St., Ste. 210 Lexington, KY 40507 Out of Bounds: Real estate and retail. Background: Bluegrass Revenue Requirement: Not Angels is an organization of listed. local investors interested in Investment Conditions: fostering the growth of start- Typically convertible up businesses in Kentucky, preferred stock, and a board and accelerating the seat. commercialization of research at Kentucky Investment Size: $50,000 to universities, by providing $750,000. early-stage seed financing and mentoring support. Stage of Development: Early- stage. Number of Investments per Year: 4-6 Target Return: 2-5 years.
  3. 3. Seed Funding January 2008 Cardinal Venture Fund Contact: Out of Bounds: Not listed. Prof. Van Clous Revenue Requirement: 502.852.4782 Typically pre-revenue. Suzanne Bergmeister Investment Conditions: 502.396.3519 Candidate companies University of Louisville must be started by a College of Business student, alum or faculty Louisville, KY 40292 member of U of L; investment must be made content/view/450/625/ in a syndicate investment. Terms of the deal are set Background: The Cardinal by another member of Venture Fund is a $250,000 the syndicate. endowment created by Ann and Stewart Cobb as a part Investment Size: Up to of their Cobb Family $50,000. Professor of Entrepreneurship Stage of Development: gift. Typically seed-stage. Number of Investments per Target Return: Dependent Year: Varies. on the investment. Target Industries: Not listed.
  4. 4. Seed Funding January 2008 C-Cap / Queen City Angels Contact: Jim Cunningham Out of Bounds: Real estate 513.618.6440 development, most retail. 11427 Reed Hartman Hwy. Cincinnati, OH 45241 Revenue Requirement: Not listed. Background: The group was Investment Conditions: Many founded in 2001 by six retired of C-Cap’s angels members entrepreneurs & executives. It are interested in actively has since grown to more than mentoring the companies in 25 members with diverse which they invest. backgrounds in technology and senior management. Investment Size: $50,000 to Previous investments have $750,000. been made in fields such as information technology, Stage of Development: Seed- biotechnology, stage. nanotechnology, electronics Target Return: The typical and consumer products. member is seeking a return on investment comparable to Number of Investments per that obtained by venture Year: 4-12. capital firms. Target Industries: Various.
  5. 5. Seed Funding January 2008 Commonwealth Seed Capital Contact: Target Industries: Various; any Deborah Clayton, President business with a technology- 502.564.7670 oriented component. 300 West Broadway, Old Capitol Annex Out of Bounds: Not listed. Frankfort, KY 40601 Revenue Requirement: Not Tom McMahon, Fund listed. Manager Investment Conditions: c/o Growth Services, LLC Company must have the 502.561.1240 x101 majority of its assets in 207 West Market St., 3rd Floor Kentucky. Prefer observer seat Louisville, Kentucky 40202 on the board. Investment Size: Up to Background: CSC is $250,000 per round assuming dedicated to creating high- a pre-money valuation of less technology jobs by providing than $3 million. needed seed capital for high growth potential, high-tech Stage of Development: CSC companies that are based on primarily participates in seed innovation, have a meaningful stage investment rounds Kentucky presence, and are alongside other angels, seed expected to generate and venture capital investors. significant profits for investors. Target Return: CSC has similar ROI expectations as other Number of Investments per seed stage investors. Year: Varies.
  6. 6. Seed Funding January 2008 Draper Triangle Ventures Contact: Target Industries: Medical Mark Richey technologies, advanced 513.297.3420 software, advanced 30 W. Third St., 6th Floor materials, technology Cincinnati, OH 45202 integration, and communications. Out of Bounds: Not listed. Background: Draper Triangle Ventures is the Revenue Requirement: Midwestern-based fund of The company must have Draper Fisher Jurvetson the potential to achieve (DFJ), the leader in seed strong profitability and and early-stage venture sales of up to $50 million capital. Draper Triangle is within three to five years. a premier source of Investment Conditions: The funding for high- ideal company would technology start-up consist of a complete and companies in the experienced management Pennsylvania, Ohio and team, and a proprietary Midwest region. By product line in a growing pursuing a people- market. focused approach to Investment Size: $250,000 investing, Draper Triangle to $2 million. funds entrepreneurs with the energy, vision, Stage of Development: experience and desire to Seed to early-stage. build great companies. Target Return: Not listed. Number of Investments per Year: Varies.
  7. 7. Seed Funding January 2008 GLI’s Enterprise Angels Contact: Out of Bounds: None. Wes Cobb 502.625.0171 Revenue Requirement: 123 East Main St. Ste. 203 Generally pre-revenue. Louisville, KY 40202 Investment Conditions: Various. Background: New angel Investment Size: $50,000 - group launched in 2008 as $250,000. an initiative of the Enterprise Corp. Stage of Development: Seed-stage. Number of Investments per Year: Varies. Target Return: Not listed. Target Industries: Not listed.
  8. 8. Seed Funding January 2008 Evermore Investments, LLC Contact: Dean Holland Out of Bounds: Financial, 502.292.2393 restaurants, and franchises 11405 Park Rd., Ste. 180 Anchorage, KY 40223 Revenue Requirement: No minimum, but company must m be post-revenue and generating positive earnings. Background: Founded in 2000, Evermore has raised Investment Conditions: three funds and invested over Various. $5 million in companies, Investment Size: $250,000 to ranging from seed stage to $500,000 buyouts. Stage of Development: Number of Investments per Minimum 3 years operating Year: 2 or 3. history. Target Industries: Health care, Target Return: Minimum 30% information technology, and IRR. manufacturing.
  9. 9. Seed Funding January 2008 Futurity Investment Group Contact: Revenue Requirement: Firms Rod McNerney must be post-revenue, 502.583.3038 preferably at or near a break- 900 Baxter Ave. even point on cash flow. Louisville, KY 40204 Investment Conditions: Varies Background: Formed in 2002 by company with no specific and managed by Nolan Allen requirements; in some cases and Rod McNerney, Futurity Futurity requires control of the classifies itself as opportunistic company; in other cases, just and flexible, employing an a participatory role. "open-ended investment" philosophy. Investment Size: $250,000 to $3 million. Number of Investments per Year: 2 or 3. Stage of Development: Mostly buyouts, some earlier stage Target Industries: Various; little investment. specialization, very flexible. Target Return: 5-10 years. Out of Bounds: Information technology.
  10. 10. Seed Funding January 2008 Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation / Mountain Ventures Contact: Target Industries: Various; lean Elmer Parlier towards manufacturing and 606.864.5175 services. 362 Old Whitley Rd. London, KY 40743-1738 Out of Bounds: Little experience in technology but Background: Kentucky these deals will be considered. Highlands has been doing venture investing in rural Revenue Requirement: Post- Kentucky since 1968; revenue. Mountain Ventures since 1980. Both are geographically Investment Conditions: Seat focused on 22 counties on the board. surrounding Laurel County in southeastern Kentucky. Investment Size: $250,000, with KHIC/MV specialize in both a possible $250,000 follow-on. equity and debt investing. Stage of Development: Any Number of Investments per stage. Year: 2. Target Return: 25% IRR, five years.
  11. 11. Seed Funding January 2008 Kentucky Seed Capital Fund Contact: Out of Bounds: Everything else. George Emont & Steve Gailar 502.569.1590 Revenue Requirement: Pre- 201 E. Jefferson St. Ste. 315A revenue. Louisville, KY 40202 Investment Conditions: KSCF Background: Founded in 2005 looks for companies with by investors with investing and proprietary medical career experience in health technology and/or a unique care. product or service. Number of Investments per Investment Size: $50,000 to Year: 2-4 $250,000 initial investment. Target Industries: Medical Stage of Development: Seed- devices, biotechnology, stage. pharmaceuticals, health care information technology, and Target Return: Not listed. health care services.
  12. 12. Seed Funding January 2008 Lunsford Capital Contact: Revenue Requirement: Not Karen Sensenbrenner listed. 502.357.7012 4360 Brownsboro Rd. Ste. #305 Investment Conditions: No Louisville, KY 40207 universal requirements; varies by company. Background: Private equity investment firm founded by Bruce Lunsford in 2003. Investment Size: $100,000 to $1.5 million. Number of Investments per Year: Varies. Stage of Development: Early stage. Target Industries: Various. Target Return: Long term. Out of Bounds: Not listed.
  13. 13. Seed Funding January 2008 Meritus Ventures Contact: Number of Investments Ray Moncrief per Year: Not listed. 606.864.5175 Target Industries: The fund PO Box 1738 has a broad industry focus London KY, 40743 that includes, but is not limited to: manufacturing, Background: technology, and software. Meritus Ventures is a Rural Out of Bounds: Any Business Investment company not located in Company (RBIC), formed an area eligible for RBIP in response to the funding. creation of the Rural Business Investment Revenue Requirement: Program (RBIP) by the U.S. Not listed. Department of Agriculture Investment Conditions: in 2002. The RBIP was Must be in area approved created to promote the by RBIP. establishment of Investment Size: $250,000 professionally-managed to $2,500,000. venture capital funds in regions of the country that Stage of Development: are not traditionally Expansion-stage. targeted by venture Target Return: 3-5 years. capital funds.
  14. 14. Seed Funding January 2008 OPM Services, Inc. Contact: Chuck Woods Out of Bounds: Pre-revenue 502.499.1126 bio-tech and hard science- 10350 Bunsen Way based companies. Louisville, KY 40299 Revenue Requirement: Often pre-revenue or early revenue. Background: Founded in OPM does not pursue later 1992, OPM became the stage investments. largest leaser and manufacturer in its industry. Investment Conditions: OPM An Inc. 500 company with requires a scalable business strong financial and model, proven sales and a entrepreneurial capabilities, strong entrepreneurial leader. OPM has since has made OPM prefers to be actively numerous venture investments engaged with the company. in a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing Investment Size: $50,000 to $1 to rail to telecom. million. Number of Investments per Stage of Development: Seed Year: 1 or 2. stage. Target Industries: Various; current focus on packaging, Target Return: Typically eight financial services and times invested capital. marketing.
  15. 15. Seed Funding January 2008 Triathlon Medical Ventures Contact: Out of Bounds: Everything George Emont else. 502.569.1590 Revenue Requirement: 201 E. Jefferson St. Ste. 315A Generally pre-revenue. Louisville KY, 40202 Investment Conditions: Triathlon Medical Ventures Background: Founded in looks for companies with 2004 by investors with proprietary medical investing and career technology and/or a unique experience in the life product. sciences. Investment Size: $500,000 to Number of Investment per $3 million initial. Year: Not listed. Stage of Development: Early Target Industries: Life and expansion-stage. sciences and biomedical. Target Return: Not listed.
  16. 16. Seed Funding January 2008 The Vogt Awards Wes Cobb Phone: 502.625.0171 Fax: 502.625.0061 123 East Main St. Ste. 203 Louisville, KY 40202 The Vogt Invention and Innovation Award is a $5 million endowment left by Henry Vogt Heuser to help inventors and innovators develop their products and ideas. Up to $250,000 is awarded each year. The primary purpose of the program is to memorialize the Vogt tradition of innovation in Louisville and to give selected recipients the recognition and financial support they need to commercialize their product. The Vogt Development Awards, launched in 2006, provide a 2:1 matching grant up to $10,000 to local entrepreneurs and inventors to assist them in achieving a milestone early in the development stage. Selection Criteria: • Innovative content • Technical excellence • Strategic business planning • Potential for improving competitiveness • Potential market value • Capacity to generate employment by opening new markets or starting new enterprises • Anticipated social or environmental benefits • Willingness to locate all or part of operations in the Greater Louisville area • Demonstrated need or start-up status
  17. 17. Seed Funding January 2008 Who May Apply: Anyone with an innovative invention or a new and better way to do things, including engineers, students, scientists, technicians, creative people, entrepreneurs, individuals, fledgling companies, inventors, tinkerers, etc. Funding Details: Up to $250,000 per year is available from the $5 million endowment. A specially appointed Vogt Award Selection Committee may elect to award the full amount for the year to one applicant, divide it among several worthy projects, or choose to award a smaller amount each year. This does NOT mean that each awardee will receive $250,000. Funded projects must be commercialized within two years of the initiation of the Vogt Award, unless otherwise approved by The Vogt Award Selection Committee. Payments are contingent on successful attainment of specific milestones negotiated by the applicant and The Vogt Award Selection Committee prior to the initial distribution of award funds. -17-
  18. 18. Seed Funding January 2008 The Yearling Fund Contact: Out of Bounds: None. Dale Boden 502.587.1860 Revenue Requirement: Varies. Preston Pointe 333 E. Main St. Ste. 310 Louisville, KY 40202 Investment Conditions: Seat on the board or observation Background: Yearling Fund is rights. an early stage fund with a regional focus. Founded in Investment Size: $250,000 to 2004 by Dale Boden, Ty $500,000. Wilburn and Bill Lomicka, the Yearling Fund has invested in Stage of Development: Post- approximately 10 Kentucky- revenue. based early-stage companies. Target Return: Not listed. Number of Investments per Year: 3 or 4. Target Industries: Healthcare, biotech, internet media.
  19. 19. Venture Capital Funds January 2008 VENTURE CAPITAL FUNDS Blue Chip Ventures Contact: software, and technology John McIlwraith infrastructure. 513.723.2300 Out of Bounds: Not listed. 1100 Chiquita Center 250 E. Fifth St. Revenue Requirement: At Cincinnati, OH 45202 least $2 million in annual revenue with operating profitability attained or Background: Founded in projected within 12 to 18 1991 and based in months. Cincinnati, Blue Chip Investment Conditions: manages over $600 million Not listed. of capital and has Investment Size: $3 million invested in over 100 to $10 million. companies. Stage of Development: Number of Investments per Various; self-described Year: Not listed. "sweet spot" is early-stage. Target Industries: Various; Target Return: At least 5 Blue Chip concentrates on times the invested capital. healthcare, marketing and media services, enterprise -5-
  20. 20. Venture Capital Funds January 2008 Blue Equity, LLC Contact: Out of Bounds: Information Jonathan S. Blue technology. 502.589.8181 Revenue Requirement: Preston Pointe None, but there needs to be 333 E. Main St. Ste. #200 a clear, quick path to Louisville KY 40202 achievable revenue. Investment Conditions: Blue Equity requires no less than Background: Blue Equity, minimal operating control in LLC is an independent, all investment scenarios, private-equity firm while working actively with committed to actively existing senior management investing both growth to boost performance capital and business returns and superior results. expertise in enterprises with solid development potential. Investment Size: Not listed. Number of Investments per Stage of Development: Early Year: Not listed. to middle-stage. Target Industries: Media, Target Return: Depends on sports & entertainment, the investment. financial services, and real estate. Chrysalis Ventures -6-
  21. 21. Venture Capital Funds January 2008 Contact: Investment Conditions: Bob Saunders Chrysalis Ventures frequently 502.583.7644 acts as lead investor and 101 S. Fifth St. Ste. 1650 activist partner in their Louisville, KY 40202 portfolio companies. As lead investor, they perform not only Background: Founded in the traditional lead investor 1993 and based in Louisville, role of forming a syndicate, Kentucky, Chrysalis has but also actively help more than $300 million of management draft business funds under management plans, define strategy, plan and has made investments tactics, consummate mergers in over 50 companies. and strategic partnerships, and attract key talent. Even if Number of Investments per Chrysalis does not invest, they Year: 5-6. are happy to speak with Target Industries: Health entrepreneurs – please don't care, media and be shy! communications, and Investment Size: Up to $2 business services. million initially. Out of Bounds: Life Stage of Development: Early sciences. and expansion stage. Revenue Requirement: Target Return: Five years. Over $500,000 in annual revenue. CID Capital -7-
  22. 22. Venture Capital Funds January 2008 Contact: Target Industries: Life Debbie Morgan sciences, information 317.269.2350 technology, manufacturing 201 West 103rd St., Ste. 200 technology, and business Indianapolis, IN 46280 services. Out of Bounds: Not listed. Background: Founded in 1981, CID Capital has invested in Revenue Requirement: Near over 100 companies through profitability. both venture capital and Investment Conditions: private equity capital. Investment Size: $1 Million to Number of Investments per $3 million. Year: Not listed. Stage of Development: Expansion-stage. Target Return: Not listed. Clean Wave Ventures -- 8 --
  23. 23. Venture Capital Funds January 2008 Contact: Number of Investments per Rick Kieser Year: Not listed. 513.719.6010 Target Industries: Any clean 403 Vine Street, 3rd Floor technology industry, Cincinnati, OH 45202 including energy, transportation, water/environment, and Background: Clean Wave advanced materials. Ventures invests in and provides assistance to early Out of Bounds: Everything and expansion-stage Clean else. Technology companies with superior growth potential. Revenue Requirement: We target investments Anywhere under $20 million primarily within the Midwest in annual revenue. that combine experienced Investment Conditions: management with Active lead investor with innovative technology and board representation. Co- serve large, unmet market investments may be done needs. Our team represents with trusted venture partners. experienced investment professionals and successful Investment Size: $2 to $7 business operators who have million. an established record of identifying, financing, and Stage of Development: Early nurturing early and and expansion-stage. expansion-stage companies that have had significant Target Return: At least 5 times realizations. invested capital. Heron Capital -9-
  24. 24. Venture Capital Funds January 2008 Contact: Number of Investments per Shannon Rothschild Year: 3-4 317.686.1950 Target Industries: Medical 1 Indiana Square Ste. 2250 devices, diagnostics, tools, Indianapolis IN, 46204 etc. Out of Bounds: Industries Background: Heron Capital unrelated to life sciences. is a venture capital fund Revenue Requirement: Not dedicated to investing in listed. companies focused on the Investment Conditions: life sciences. Board representation. Investment Size: Up to $2.5 million. Pattco Ventures -- 10 --
  25. 25. Venture Capital Funds January 2008 Out of Bounds: None. Contact: Revenue Requirement: Tom Dieruf Post-revenue. 502.245.6623 10000 Shelbyville Road Investment Conditions: Louisville KY, 40223 Close involvement (weekly contact). Background: Founded in Investment Size: Under $10 1975, Pattco has made million. many investments across Stage of Development: the United States. Expansion-stage. Number of Investment per Target Return: Not listed. Year: 2. Target Industries: Various. River Cities Capital Funds -- 11 --
  26. 26. Venture Capital Funds January 2008 Contact: Out of Bounds: Seed-stage. Ted Robinson 513.621.9700 Revenue Requirement: 221 E. 4th St., Ste. 2400 Generally around $3 million Cincinnati OH, 45202-4151 in annual revenue. Investment Conditions: Seat on the board, preferred Background: River Cities stock in a “C” corporation, traces its roots back to the standard warranties, etc. corporate finance advisory Investment Size: Initially $3 firm of Mayfield & Robinson million, with a maximum of Inc., founded in Cincinnati in up to $10 million. 1978. In 1994, the firm shifted to venture management. Stage of Development: Expansion stage. Number of Investments per Year: 4-6. Target Return: Five years. Target Industries: Information technology and healthcare. -- 12 --
  27. 27. State and Federal Funds January 2008 STATE AND FEDERAL FUNDING Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development Department for Commercialization and Innovation (DCI) Contact: Deborah Clayton, Commissioner KCED DCI 502.564.7670 300 West Broadway, Old Capitol Annex Frankfort, KY 40601 Vik Chadha 502.625.0152 123 E. Main St. Ste. 203 Louisville, KY 40202 Background: Authorized by the Kentucky Innovation Act, the Cabinet for Economic Development’s Department of Commercialization and Innovation (DCI) has been charged with leading the state’s new economy efforts. By building and promoting technology-driven and research-intensive industries, the Cabinet works through DCI to create high-tech job opportunities and develop clusters of innovation throughout the state. -13-
  28. 28. State and Federal Funds January 2008 DCI’s Programs: • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) incentive program encourages small businesses to explore their technological potential and maximize profit from commercialization. DCI will match all Phase 1 Federal awards received by Kentucky businesses after January 1, 2006 and all Phase 2 federal awards received after January 1, 2007. This includes matching awards of up to $100,000 for Phase I grants and up to $750,000 for Phase II. • Business Plan Competition and Award encourages entrepreneurship and develop new high-growth ventures in the Commonwealth. The winner(s) receives a cash award of up to $100,000. • High-Tech Construction and Investment Pools: o The High-Tech Construction Pool is used for projects with special emphasis on the creation of high-tech jobs and knowledge-based companies. The commissioner recommends funding of companies to KEDFA for approval o The High-Tech Investment Pool is used to build and promote technology-driven industries and research- intensive industries with the goal of creating clusters of innovation-driven industries in Kentucky. The commissioner recommends funds to be used to support loans and grants, or secure an equity or related position to KEDFA for approval. Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation Contact: Matt McGarvey 859.255.3310 x240 200 W. Vine St. Ste. 420 Lexington, KY 40507 -14-
  29. 29. State and Federal Funds January 2008 Vik Chadha 502.625.0152 123 E. Main St. Ste. 203 Louisville, KY 40202 Background: The Kentucky Enterprise Fund encourages the enhancement of technology-based economic development by leveraging resources throughout the Commonwealth to create jobs and wealth for the citizens of Kentucky and enhance the state's image as an attractive and successful location in which to live, learn, and grow. We work with early stage business and technology development activities including business plan creation, early seed capital funding, team creation, technology planning, and proof of concept development. KSTC’s Programs: • ICC Concept Pool Fund – This grant provides up to $25,000 for early-stage companies to develop their proof of concept or prototype. To be eligible, companies must have less than 150 employees and be an ICC client; companies are required to match Concept Pool funding 1:1. • Rural Innovation Fund o Level 1 – This grant serves a similar purpose as the ICC Concept Pool fund, but is targeted to small (no more than 50 employees) Kentucky-based companies located outside of Jefferson and Fayette counties. Up to $25,000 is available, and all funds must be spent with an independent, third party contractor. o Level 2 – The Level 2 fund is an investment that expands upon the Level 1 grant, providing up to $100,000 (over 2 years) for the company to develop a proof of concept or prototype. Payback of Level 2 -15-
  30. 30. State and Federal Funds January 2008 funds is required via convertible note; or the investment made be made as part of a qualified round of financing. • $200,000 R&D Voucher Fund – This grant is available to all Kentucky-based companies with no more than 150 employees and provides up to $200,000 (over 2 years) for technology-based product development. Companies must contact with an accredited postsecondary institution in Kentucky for at least 51% of the funds, and must match the investment funding 1:1. Payback of R&D Voucher funds is required via convertible note; or the investment made be made as part of a qualified round of financing. • Gap Fund – The Gap Fund is available to any previous recipient of a Kentucky Enterprise Fund award and provides up to $400,000 (of a minimum $1 million round of qualified financing) for business development. Companies must raise at least $600,000 from private, accredited investors as part of the $1 million round. Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation Contact: Mahendra K. Jain, Executive Director 859.255.3613 x230 Vik Chadha 502.625.0152 123 E. Main St. Ste. 203 Louisville, KY 40202 Background: The Kentucky Science & Engineering Foundation (KSEF) was created to invest in research and development activity to promote innovation and build a pipeline of new ideas and technologies that could add value to the scientific -16-
  31. 31. State and Federal Funds January 2008 and economic growth in the Commonwealth. Created under the Kentucky Innovation Act of 2000, the mission of the Kentucky Science & Engineering Foundation is to build science and engineering capacity and excellence by investing in exploratory advanced research, purpose-driven research, research in emerging technologies and ideas, human resource development and technological innovations in Kentucky. KSTC’s Programs: • Kentucky SBIR/STTR Phase Zero and Double Zero Grant Program – These funds are earmarked for the development of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) proposals. The goal of these grants is to assist Kentucky's entrepreneurs with the preparation of high-quality, competitive Phase I and Phase II proposals (respectively) for submission to participating Federal SBIR and STTR programs -17-
  32. 32. State and Federal Funds January 2008 U.S. Small Business Administration Contact: SBA Answer Desk 800.827.5722 Kathleen Hoye, Center Director Kentucky Small Business Development Center 502.625/0123 123 E. Main St. Ste. 203 Louisville, KY 40202-1341 Background: The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 as an independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation. The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses through an extensive network of field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations. SBA’s Programs: The SBA offers a wide variety of services designed to help entrepreneur’s start and grow their businesses, including training and counseling, contracting assistance, and financial assistance, including the SBA loan program. For more information on these programs, visit the SBA website, or contact the Louisville Small Business Development Center. -18-