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  1. 1. Clean technology venture investment reaches record $8.4 billion in 2008 despite credit crisis and broadening recession Even with diminished 4Q08 results, clean technology investment fundamentals remain strong SAN FRANCISCO, January 6, 2009 – The Cleantech Group™, founders of the clean technology investment category and providers of leading global market research and other services for the clean technology ecosystem, today announced preliminary 2008 results for clean technology venture investments in North America, Europe, China and India totaling a record $8.4 billion, up 38% from $6.1 billion in 2007. The 2008 total represents the seventh consecutive year of growth in venture investing, widely recognized as a leading indicator of overall investment patterns: Historical Clean Technology VC Investment By Year North America, Europe & Israel, China, India 2001 $506,780,774 2002 $883,269,409 2003 $1,258,565,762 2004 $1,398,256,823 2005 $2,077,524,074 2006 $4,520,208,949 2007 $6,087,179,844 2008 (preliminary) $8,414,259,610 Source: Cleantech Group ( “As expected, clean technology venture investing slowed in 4Q08, but it’s important not to miss the forest for the trees,” said Nicholas Parker, Executive Chairman, Cleantech Group. “In 2008, there was a quantum leap in talent, resources and institutional appetite for clean technologies. Now, more than ever, clean technologies represent the biggest opportunities for job and wealth creation.” Preliminary results for 4Q08 indicate venture investment commitments worldwide of $1.7 billion across 99 disclosed investments, the smallest quarterly total in 6 quarters. 4Q08 was down 35% from 3Q08, yet down only 4% from 4Q07 despite a much more difficult economy. The top clean technology sectors in 2008 were solar, biofuels, transportation, and wind. Solar accounted for almost 40% of total clean technology investment dollars in 2008, followed by biofuels at 11%. “2008 saw solar take a 40% share of clean technology venture investment dollars, led by mega-investment rounds in thin- film solar, concentrated solar thermal and solar service provider companies,” said Brian Fan, Senior Director of Research, Cleantech Group. “Investors also continued to migrate from first-generation ethanol and biodiesel technologies to next- generation biofuels technologies, led by algae and synthetic biology companies. Other sectors with healthy investor interest included smart grid companies, small-scale wind turbines, plastics recycling, green buildings and agriculture technologies.”
  2. 2. Top Venture Capital Clean Technology Sectors in 2008 Amount Technology Sector % of total Invested Solar $3.3 billion 40% Biofuels (including ethanol, biodiesel, synthetic biology, algae) $904 million 11% Transportation (including electric vehicles, advanced batteries, fuel $795 million 9.5% cells) Wind $502 million 6.0% Smart Grid $345 million 4.1% Agriculture $166 million 2.0% Water $148 million 1.8% Top clean technology funding rounds in 2008 were dominated by US-based solar companies: Five Largest Clean Technology Rounds in 2008 Company Description Amount Raised NanoSolar (USA) Thin-film solar (CIGS) $300 million Solyndra (USA) Thin-film solar (CIGS) $219 million SoloPower (USA) Thin-film solar (CIGS) $200 million WinWinD Oy (Finland) Wind Turbines $177 million Solar Reserve (USA) Concentrated Solar Thermal $140 million
  3. 3. BY WORLD REGION: EUROPE AND ISRAEL European and Israeli companies raised $1.8 billion in 146 disclosed rounds, up 43% from 2007. Europe and Israel accounted for 21% of the global total. The traditionally strong energy generation sector increased its share of total investment to 71% ($1.279 billion) from 56% ($ 703 million) in 2007, with a strong increase in investments in wind ($322.6 million, an increase of 294% from 2007) and solar ($589.3 million, an increase of 64% from 2007) leading the way. Outside of the energy generation sectors, energy efficiency investing led the way, representing 8% ($137.6 million) of the total invested. The most significant country growth was seen in Germany ($383 million invested, an increase of 217% from 2007) and Israel ($247 million invested, an increase of 224% from 2007), both led by very large solar deals. Germany overtook the UK as the country receiving the most venture capital in 2008, helped significantly by the region’s largest solar deal of 2008, the $133.7 million investment in Berlin-based solar thin-film manufacturer Sulfurcell Solartechnik. The UK’s decline in total investment ($337.8 million, down 11% from 2007) left it second in the country league table, with Israel moving into third place from sixth in 2007. CHINA: In 2008, Chinese cleantech companies raised $430 million in 18 disclosed rounds, up 22% from 2007. China accounted for 5% of the global total. As expected, 2008 witnessed steady gains in clean technology investment in China. Solar accounted for 60% of the total, reflecting the continuing migration of solar module manufacturing from Europe and the US to China, as well as the opportunity of a large domestic market for solar water heating. Other active sectors include agriculture, lighting, and wind. The underlying fundamentals driving cleantech investment in China, including government efficiency targets in energy, water and resource utilization, emission reduction targets, government and corporate goals for cleaner supply chains and industrial operations, and corporate social responsibility goals, remain in place. INDIA: Indian companies raised $277 million in 14 disclosed rounds, down 20% from 2007. India accounted for 3% of the global total. Although 2008 was down from 2007, new investors including Kleiner Perkins and Garage Technology Ventures, as well as corporate investors such as Applied Materials, entered the India clean technology market. The clean technology sector in India remains nascent compared to more mature markets such as North America and Europe. Much of the interest has been in addressing the energy shortage challenges faced by the country, therefore, energy generation and infrastructure, with solar and wind deals leading the way, attracted the majority of investment dollars. However, new sectors received capital, such as electronic waste recycling, energy efficiency and water management. NORTH AMERICA: In 2008, U.S. companies raised $5.8 billion in 241 disclosed rounds, up 56% from 2007. US companies accounted for 68% of the global total. Canadian companies raised $159 million in 14 disclosed rounds, down 58 percent from 2007.
  4. 4. TOP INVESTORS: Leading clean technology investors in 2008, as measured by the number of disclosed financing rounds the fund participated in, were: Full-Year 2008 Top Five Most Active Clean Technology Venture Funds Venture Capital Firm # of rounds Khosla Ventures 21 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers 18 Quercus Trust 16 RockPort Capital Partners 13 Draper Fisher Jurvetson 13 Source: Cleantech Group ( M&As and IPOs: For full-year 2008, clean technology M&A totaled an estimated 163 disclosed transactions, totaling $40.4 billion. Top M&A transactions included: Top 5 Clean Technology M&A Transactions in 2008 Acquiring Company Target Company Amount Type Iberdrola SA Energy East Corp. $4.6 billion Acquisition LBO France Converteam Group SAS $3.1 billion Minority Stake Scottish & Southern Energy Plc. Airtricity Holdings, Ltd. $2.6 billion Acquisition International Power Plc. Trinergy Ltd. $2.5 billion Acquisition Arcapita Honiton Energy Ltd. $2.0 billion Joint Venture Source: Cleantech Group ( In 2008, clean technology public offerings totaled an estimated $5.1 billion in 16 IPOs. Top 5 Clean Technology IPOs in 2008 Company IPO Date Amount Raised Exchange EDP Renovaveis, S.A. 6/4/2008 $2.4 billion NYSE Euronext Lisbon American Water Works Company, Inc. 4/23/2008 $1.2 billion NYSE SMA Solar Technology 6/26/2008 $570 million Frankfurt GT Solar, Inc. 7/24/2008 $500 million NASDAQ Energy Recovery, Inc. 7/2/2008 $69 million NASDAQ
  5. 5. Source: Cleantech Group (