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CanBiotech 2004 Venture Capital Directory Profiles


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CanBiotech 2004 Venture Capital Directory Profiles

  1. 1. Atlas Venture, Inc. Address: About Us 890 Winter Street Suite 320 Atlas Venture is the leading international early-stage venture Waltham, MA 02451 capital firm, investing in communications, information UNITED STATES technology and life sciences companies. Atlas Venture has Map It investing offices in Boston, London, Menlo Park, Munich, Paris and Seattle, and its investments are evenly divided between the United States and Europe. Contact Info: T: (781) 622-1700 Founded in 1980, Atlas Venture has organized six international F: (781) 622-1701 funds, and currently manages more than $2.4 billion in E: committed capital. Company Contacts: The Life Sciences investment team offers portfolio companies Peter Barrett expertise in biotechnology licensing and marketing, business Boston management, and medical practice. Jean-François Formela Preferred Stage Boston Many of Atlas Venture’s Life Sciences portfolio companies are developing new platform technologies to leverage the data Paul Pospisil generated from the human genome project and enhance the Boston drug discovery process. Others are developing new medical devices, or using the Internet to streamline drug development and healthcare delivery. Website URL: Geographic Focus With more than twenty years in international venture Other Locations investing, the Atlas Venture team has developed a vast 1201 Third Avenue international network of business contacts to help portfolio Suite 5450 companies make connections quickly. With offices and local Seattle, WA 98101, USA contacts in major American and European markets, can provide practical assistance to companies expanding t: +1 206 694 8600 operations to other countries. f: +1 206 254 9130 e: Capital More than $2.4 billion in committed capital Investment Portfolio Acambis Plc, Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Akceli, Inc, Allelix Biopharmaceuticals Inc, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Archemix Corp, ArQule, Inc, Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Aureon Biosciences, Axovan Ltd., Boston Medical Technologies, Inc CellZome GmbH, Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc, CropDesign NV, Crucell NV, deCODE genetics, Inc, DeveloGen AG, EntoMed SA, Exelixis, Inc, Hexagen Plc, Immuno-Designed Molecules SA, IsoTis NV, Kriton Medical, MediGene AG, Microcide, Inc, Micromet AG, Modex Therapeutiques SA, MorphoSys AG, Neurochem, Inc, Neurotech SA, Newron Pharmaceuticals, Novuspharma S.p.A., NxStage Medical, Oxford GlycoSciences Plc, Percardia Inc, Prolifix Ltd, Renovo, Ltd, Signature BioScience, Inc, Structural GenomiX, Inc, Transfusion Technologies, Inc, Variagenics, Inc, Vasca, Inc
  2. 2. Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund Inc. Address: About Us Talbot Centre Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund Inc. (CMDF) and Candian 148 Fullarton Street, Suite 2006 Medical Discoveries Fund II Inc. (CMDF II) are labour- London, ON N6A 5P3 sponsored investments funds (LSIFs) that focus exclusively on CANADA the burgeoning health science sector. Map It Preferred Stage The selection of early stage investments are influenced by the Contact Info: following criteria: T: (519) 858-1582 F: (519) 858-9121 The credibility of the principal investigators; E: the uniqueness of the discovery; the protectability of the intellectual property under Company Contacts: development; and Dr. Calvin R. Stiller the commercial potential of the discovery. Chairman & CEO Capital Michael Callaghan CMDF was established in 1994, and now has venture capital Managing Director & Senior Vice investments in over 40 companies in the life sciences sector President (mostly biotechnology, along with medical devices and health services companies). The Fund has $311.6 million under management as of September 30, 2002. Website URL: CMDF II is qualified for sale in Ontario and may be purchased only by residents of Ontario. CMDF II was established on August 31, 2002 with the amalgamation of two funds, CMDF Venture Fund and CMDF Early Stage Fund, into one larger fund, Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund II Inc. CMDF typically provides equity financing in the range of $250,000 to $5.0 million. No more than 10% of the capital raised can be invested outside of Canada. Investment Portfolio CMDF: Aegera Therapeutics, AnorMED, Biomarin Pharmaceuticals, Cellegy Pharmaceuticals, Centaur Pharmaceuticals, CryoCath Technologies, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Cytochroma, Ecopia BioSciences, Excel-Tech Ltd., Gemin X Biotechnologies, GenSci Regeneration Sciences, Genzyme Molecular Oncology, GlycoDesign, Hemosol, MedInnova Partners, MedTech Partners, MethylGene, Microbix Biosystems, Micrologix Biotech, Networc Health, Neurocrine Biosciences, NeuroMed Technologies, Neuroscience Development Partners, Nexia Biotechnologies, NPS Pharmaceuticals, OptiMol, PhageTech, Phytogen Life Sciences, Protiva Biotherapeutics, Star Biotech, StressGen Biotechnologies, Systems Xcellence, T2C2, Tm Bioscience, Twinstrand Therapeutics, UltraVision, University Medical Discoveries, Variagenics, Veracel, WV CMDF Queen’s Scientific Breakthrough Fund, Xillix Technologies
  3. 3. Cambridge Gateway Fund Address: About Us Richmond House The Cambridge Gateway Fund invests in emerging technology 16-20 Regent Street companies. Cambridge, CB2 1DB ENGLAND Preferred Stage Map It Most investments are made in the early stages of a company's existence. Will generally be the first or joint first venture capital investor in a company. Contact Info: T: +44 (0)1223 720 300 Geographic Focus F: +44 (0)1223 720 330 A UK based company- have investments in Manchester and in E: Dunfermline, Scotland as well as in and around Cambridge. While in general, prefers to be geographically close to Company Contacts: portfolio. Dr Catherine Beech Founder and Director Capital E: Currently have £35.3 million at cost under management. Cambridge Gateway Fund's investment in each company Website URL: ranges from £1 to £3 million over the life of the investment. Will lead an investment or support a lead investor as part of a syndicate. Investment Portfolio Cambridge BioTechnology Limited, De Novo Pharmaceuticals Limited, Intercytex Limited Investor Cross Search Click on the company name to see other investors in the company. Cambridge BioTechnology, De Novo Pharmaceuticals, Intercytex
  4. 4. BioMed Venture AG Address: About Us Breite Straße 6 - 8 Provides finance for promising, young life science companies Hannover, D-30159 at every stage of their development, encouraging the planned GERMANY growth of successful businesses. Map It Preferred Stage Pre-seed / seed capital Contact Info: Start-up financing T: +49 (0) 511/35 39 65-0 Finance for business expansion F: +49 (0) 511/35 39 65-44 Pre-IPO financing E: Bridge financing Company Contacts: Investment Portfolio Willi Weddrin MicroNet Medical Inc. , *Acri.Tec GmbH, AdnaGen AG, CEO BioVisioN GmbH & Co. KG, Cranium Telemetrics, Intelligent E: Ion, Inc., Mesotec GmbH, St. Croix Medical, Excorp Medical Uwe Hofmann Investor Cross Search CEO Click on the company name to see other investors in the E: company. Acri.Tec, AdnaGen, BioVisioN, Cranium Telemetrics, Excorp Dr. Angelika Vlachou Medical, Intelligent Ion, Mesotec, MicroNet Medical, St. Croix Investment Manager Medical E: Dr. Kristina Felner Investment Manager E: Website URL: