Introducing Articulate Storyline - A Fredrickson Commnicatinos Special Interest Group (SIG)


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  • This presentation demonstrates the new capabilities of PowerPoint and it is best viewed in Slide Show. These slides are designed to give you great ideas for the presentations you’ll create in PowerPoint 2010!For more sample templates, click the File tab, and then on the New tab, click Sample Templates.
  • From Articulate CEO Adam Schwartz: “The most engaging e-learning tells a great story. Engagement is about storytelling.”
  • Introducing Articulate Storyline - A Fredrickson Commnicatinos Special Interest Group (SIG)

    1. 1. an overview for leaders and developers introducing Articulate StorylineGerry Wasiluk, Affiliate, Fredrickson Communications, and Articulate MVP/Super Hero © Fredrickson Communications 2012 All rights reserved.
    2. 2. 1. Introduction In This Section 1. This Presentation 2. Some Ground Rules 3. About You 4. About Me 5. About Articulate 6. Exciting Time For Developers
    3. 3. This Presentation mLearning, Introduction Storyline HTML5, Flash Basics and iOS Strategic Key Features Demos Implications
    4. 4. This Presentation≥ Tailored more to leaders and to folks who have not yet used Articulate Storyline≥ Some things will be included for developers≥ Background then demos≥ Another presentation next month at the ASTD e-Learning SIG will be more in-depth for developers ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    5. 5. THIS PRESENTATION WILL BE AVAILABLE ELECTRONICALLY AFTER THIS TALK.Will be on Fredrickson Communications website ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    6. 6. Some Ground Rules≥ Feel free to ask a question or make a comment at any time, though if you can wait, that’s cool—there’ll be time for Q&A at the end.≥ To ask a question or make a comment, raise your hand and, when acknowledged, identify yourself, your organization and your job.≥ Please remember, I don’t know it all. If you’re a Storyline user, feel free to “rescue me” if I go off the deep end.≥ If we’re stumped, please give me your business card or contact info after—I’ll try and get you an answer. ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    7. 7. About YouWe don’t have time for everyone tointroduce themselves but:≥ How many of you were beta testers for Storyline?≥ How many of you are now using Storyline?≥ How many of you are supervisors or managers responsible for learning?≥ How many of you are supervisors or managers in non-learning functions?≥ How many of you develop e-learning?≥ How many of you have folks that use Articulate products?≥ Others? ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    8. 8. About Me≥ 27+ years involved with corporate learning, learning systems, and e- delivery of learning (business TV, satellite, videoconferencing, virtual classroom, e-learning, etc.)≥ Retired this year as Learning Solutions Manager in 3M HR Talent Solutions — Managed our internal Saba LMS and our e-learning-related services; also was 3M’s pre-eminent e-learning specialist — Sponsored/supported Articulate and Lectora at 3M — Provided/managed corporate content servers — Set governance, processes, and e-learning standards for internal LMS — Developed/directed/consulted on creating e-learning courses — LMS specialist, especially configuring and on e-learning≥ One of 5 Articulate MVP’s/Super Heroes (since June 2006)≥ Currently an Affiliate with Frederickson Communications≥ Been using Storyline since late June of last year (when beta testing began)≥ Have produced 9 “real” courses in Storyline since the beta ended ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    9. 9. About ArticulateFrom their press releases . . .Articulate develops stunningly simple, remarkably powerful e-learningsoftware. More than 28,000 customers in 120 countries rely on oureasy-to-use tools to create professional-looking, interactive coursesthat fully engage learners. Packed with powerful e-learningfunctionality, Articulate’s intuitive tools make it easy for anyone todeliver polished interactive content—every time.Articulate’s e-learning community—the largest and most active in theindustry—offers hundreds of helpful tutorials, free course downloads,and expert advice on building amazing e-learning content. Visit us at ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    10. 10. About Articulate ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    11. 11. About Articulate ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    12. 12. Articulate and Some CompetitorsCompany: Type: Some Products: Employees: Net Sales: Headquarters:Adobe Systems, Public Adobe Presenter, Captivate 9,117 $3,800,000,000 345 Park Ave.Inc. ** San Jose, California 95110-2704Articulate* ** Private Articulate Presenter, 50 $10,500,000 244 5th Ave Ste 2960 Quizmaker, Engage,; New York, NY 10001-7604 Articulate OnlineAtlantic LinkiSpring ? iSpring Presenter, ? ? Russia QuizmakerQarbon ** Private 12 NA 4 N. 2nd St., Ste. 1240 San Jose, CA 95113ReadyGo * Private ReadyGo Web Course 10 NA 918 N Rengstorff Ave Builder Mountain View, CA 94043-1714Techsmith SnagIt, Camtasia, Jing 100 $13,000,000 2405 Woodlake Dr. Okemos, Michigan 48864-5910Trivantis ** Private Lectora, Snap, Course Mill 50 $6,650,000 311 Elm St., Ste. 200 Cincinnati, OH 45202Wondershare ** NA PPT2Flash Professional; NA NA Shenzhen, China QuizCreatorKey: * = e-learning tool(s)-only companies Source: Lexis-Nexis – October 2011 ** = Offers PowerPoint to Flash tool ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    13. 13. Articulate’s Effect on E-learningIf Articulate didn’t invent the“PowerPoint-to-Flash e-learning”industry back in the early 2000’s, then,at the very least, for better or worse,they may be the ones most responsiblefor making the industry what it istoday—and helping move thingsforward and stretching the boundariesof what is possible.Like having a product (Quizmaker 09) Storyline is to e-learning what the Beatlesthat is both form-driven and free-form. where to music—they changed things for the better.And they’re doing it again withArticulate Storyline . . . ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    14. 14. Some Articulate Products Build The “Microsoft Office” of e-learning? explorable interactions Create quizzes &assessments Convert Quickly convert many PowerPoint ©Fredrickson Communications 2012 kinds of
    15. 15. Some Articulate Products Articulate Online ( online.php) – hosted service (a “baby” LMS) that tracks how learners interact with your Articulate e-learning courses, assessments and presentations. ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    16. 16. Some Articulate ProductsScreenr – free, online screencasting Screenr Business – for fee version ofservice published to Flash or HTML5 Screenr – private and longer screencastsfor iOS playback – maximum 5minutes ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    17. 17. How Articulate Shines≥ Products developed by people who “get” learning and instructional design≥ Aim for “sweet spot” in terms of power and functionality – “less is more”≥ Tools designed to be simple and easy to use – from SMEs to expert developers≥ Software will be released when it’s “right” and will be of high value≥ Users have input into new features and product directions≥ Helps you to succeed “after the sale” – Excellent, top-notch global support and service – One of best (if not the best) learning communities – Lots of free resources – Huge social media presence – No “BS” attitude – instead very friendly and responsive≥ As a result, a “good cult-like” following ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    18. 18. Exciting Time for Developers≥ mLearning is the buzz (and the challenge)≥ Lots of new authoring tools coming out — ZebraZapps from Allen Interactions — New totally revamped version of Lectora out this summer — Lot of other companies, some new, producing new tools — But one of the most anticipated new tools in the industry has been . . . ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    19. 19. Which Brings Us To . . . ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    20. 20. Quote From Adam Schwartz, Articulate CEO The most engaging e-learning tells a great story. Engagement is about storytelling. ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    21. 21. In This Section 1. What Is Articulate Storyline2. Storyline Basics 2. Important: First Version of Storyline 3. Early Reviews—Almost All Very Positive 4. Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement 5. Is Storyline for Everyone? 6. Where Does Storyline Fit? 7. Does Storyline replace the Articulate Suite?
    22. 22. What Is Articulate Storyline≥ A desktop tool that produces highly-interactive and media- rich e-learning courses for a variety of needs: — Web — LMS (AICC and SCORM 1.2/SCORM 2004) — CD — Articulate Online — Microsoft Word≥ Published content can be Flash-based, HTML5, or iOS (Apple devices) or all three at once!≥ Windows-only software — But runs with Parallels on the Mac ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    23. 23. What Is Articulate Storyline≥ Storyline bears the typical Articulate promise of being able to do advanced things without being a programmer. — Imagine taking a lot of what a programmer can do in native Flash and giving some of that power to non-programmers through an easy-to-use interface — Started with Presenter—now extending that even further with Storyline — Some sense of programming concepts will help — Some really advanced things may require more (more the exception than the rule) ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    24. 24. What Articulate Storyline IsMy personal equation . . . — A lot (but not all) of Articulate Presenter + All of Articulate Quizmaker + A lot of Articulate Engage + Some of Microsoft PowerPoint + Some of the best features of Captivate/Camtasia/Screenr + Some of the programmability of Flash + Plus some other goodness = Articulate Storyline ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    25. 25. Important: First Version of Storyline≥ Was just released the first week of May 2012≥ Remember: Still version 1 of the tool and while not “perfect” is already very mature≥ Storyline, IMVHO, has a very bright future≥ Articulate to push improving Storyline hard? ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    26. 26. Early Reviews – Almost All Very Positive≥ Kineo≥ This Week in mLearning Podcast≥ Is Articulate Storyline Any Good?≥ Game Changer for the E-Learning Industry≥ Why Articulate Storyline Is My Go-To Authoring Tool≥ Learning Solutions Magazine≥ Articulate Storyline First Impressions≥ E-Learning 24/7 Blog≥ Articulate Storyline vs. Adobe Captivate≥ Our Thoughts On Articulate Storyline (with link to podcast)≥ Technically Speaking – Articulate Storyline≥ Clever, Cool and Creative….Nice to Meet You Articulate Storyline!≥ 3 Defining Features of Articulate Storyline ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    27. 27. Strengths and Opportunities For ImprovementsSome Strengths: Some Opportunities≥≥ Ease of authoring Intuitive user interface for Improvement:≥ Templates ≥ Limited animations and shapes≥ Importing content from other projects ≥ Text editing/features could be better (yet what e- learning tool is good at this?)≥ Characters ≥ Few more programming additions would be nice≥ Easy interactivity via triggers, variables, ≥ Translation ease timeline, layers, and object states≥ Flexible quizzing ≥ Even better Section 508≥ Easy (and reusable) screen recording ≥ Some features could be deeper and even easier≥ Mobile publishing ≥ Multiple monitor support/movable panes≥ Improved Section 508 ≥ Access to system variables≥ Right-to-left language support ≥ Parity in functionality between outputs≥ Sharing of templates and interactions ≥ Some more of Presenter’s features used≥ Lightbox slides≥ Easy drag and drop interactions≥ Many features work and feel like PowerPoint≥ Three publishing options ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    28. 28. Is Articulate Storyline for Everyone?IMVHO, no, not really . . .≥ If you have basic computer skills . . .≥ If you cannot grasp some simple programming constructs . . .≥ If you struggle with PowerPoint, Articulate Presenter, Articulate Quizmaker and Articulate Engage . . .≥ If your e-learning needs are very simple . . .≥ If you only develop e-learning courses “now and then” . . .Then perhaps Articulate Storyline isnot for you. ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    29. 29. Where Does Storyline Fit? For SME’sFor Programmers FlashVery Powerfuland Versatile Articulate Storyline Articulate Suite 09Some Powerand Versatility Early Articulate Presenter ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    30. 30. Does Storyline Replace The Articulate Suite?≥ No—Presenter, Quizmaker and Engage are NOT going away.≥ In fact, Studio ’12 is coming soon. See a preview ( ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    31. 31. Articulate Storyline or the Articulate Suite?From the Articulate site: ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    32. 32. ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    33. 33. In This Section3. mLearning, HTML5, 1. If You Get Nothing Else From Today . . . 2. What is Adobe Flash? 3. What is HTML5? 4. What is iOS? 5. So What’s the Fuss? 6. HTML5 Support Varies Among BrowsersFlash & iOS 7. Storyline Support for Flash, HTML5 and iOS 8. For Viewing iOS Storyline Content 9. How Storyline Courses Work for Desktop and Mobile 10. Articulate Storyline—Best for mLearning? 11. The Bottom Line
    34. 34. If You Get Nothing Else From Today . . .We’re in crazy time . . . “Old” “New” Technology: Technology: Flash, HTML HTML5, iOS ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    35. 35. What Is Flash? ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    36. 36. What Is HTML5? ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    37. 37. What Is iOS? ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    38. 38. So What’s The Fuss?≥ HTML5 is a standard still under development and not ratified≥ Not all browsers support HTML5 equally—politics?≥ HTML5 abilities ≠ Flash’s abilities≥ iOS abilities ≠ Flash’s abilities≥ iOS communication with a LMS can be a challenge≥ iOS supports different interface elements and navigation≥ All this makes designing e-learning authoring tools difficult in the short-term and difficult for e-learning developers to keep track of all the exceptions ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    39. 39. HTML5 Support Varies Among Browsers ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    40. 40. Storyline Support for Flash, HTML5, and iOS ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    41. 41. For Viewing iOS Storyline Content≥ Articulate supplies a free player: The Articulate Mobile Player≥ Install from the Apple AppStore≥ For iPad only≥ Helps with media-rich Storyline courses ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    42. 42. ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    43. 43. How Storyline Courses Work for Desktop and MobileWhen publishingyourStorylinecourse, you caninclude HTML5and iOS supportwith Flash. ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    44. 44. When the learner launches a course . .. ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    45. 45. Articulate Storyline – Best for mLearning?≥ Articulate Storyline, and its approach of publishing to multiple platforms, may right now be the best application out there for developing mLearning.≥ One caution: We’re still at the bleeding edge of things with mLearning. — Note: Not discussing designing for mobile or different devices.≥ Still bugs and other issues to work through≥ As good as Articulate is, they’re still sifting through things and technologies are still evolving.≥ But they have the “trifecta for developer success.” — Leading software that is easy to use, produced by people that get learning — Leading support after the sale — Leading resources after the sale to make you successful ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    46. 46. The Bottom Line≥ It may be darn-near impossible to create a highly interactive, media-rich e-learning course that works the same as a Flash version, as a HTML5 version and as an iOS version. — Bound to be compromises, differences, and some features that work on one platform but not on another≥ If you commission a developer to produce a single e-learning course that plays in Flash, HTML5 and iOS, don’t be surprised if it’s a challenge. — You may, in some circumstances, need three separate versions developed or a very simple course — Don’t beat up the Communications 2012 ©Fredrickson developers or vendors!
    47. 47. 4. Strategic Implications In This Section 1. What Storyline Gives An Organization 2. The Articulate – PowerPoint “Eco-System” 3. Articulate Storyline Resources For Your Success
    48. 48. What Storyline Gives An Organization≥ No longer need fancy, custom Flash programming for many things≥ Vendors should be able to do some interactive things easier (and cheaper)≥ If you’re already use Articulate, you now have an advanced tool (Storyline) to go with your beginning-to-intermediate tools (Articulate 09 Suite)≥ Experienced Articulate developers now have a growth path and can do more≥ Even more so than before, an organization can insist that custom development be done in an Articulate tool—Storyline≥ Reusable content - the “Articulate eco-system”≥ Worldwide, world-class support and community and many free resources “after-the-sale” ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    49. 49. The Articulate-PowerPoint “Eco-System”≥ An organization’s investment in the current Articulate Suite can be repurposed≥ Integrated tools≥ PowerPoint can continue to be leveraged as a source of content≥ Projects start out in PowerPoint or the Articulate Suite and then moved to Storyline or can be done totally in Storyline≥ All or parts of other Storyline projects can be re-purposed in new Storyline projects ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    50. 50. More advanced projects and intermediat e-to- Optional sources of for advanced projec advancedMore developers:advancedprojectsandintermediate-to- with Presenteradvanceddevelopers: ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    51. 51. Articulate Storyline Resources For Your Success≥ The Articulate Community Forum for Storyline≥ Tutorials to learn Storyline≥ Free resources≥ Storyline Knowledgebase≥ Free support (though Platinum support may be recommended)≥ Submit requests for new features≥ Third-book books and web sites≥ SDK coming for advanced developers≥ Blogs and social media — Rapid E-learning Blog — Articulate Word-of-Mouth Blog — Articulate on Twitter — Articulate Community Blogs ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    52. 52. 5. Key Storyline Features In This Section 1. Let’s Look At Storyline Articulate Storyline Is Both A . . . and a
    53. 53. Let’s Look At StorylineDemo of the tool:≥ The UI≥ Scenes≥ Slides≥ Ribbons≥ Timeline≥ Triggers and Actions≥ Variables≥ Object States≥ Ribbon≥ Player≥ Lightbox Slide≥ Characters≥ Screencasting≥ Flexible quizzing ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    54. 54. 6. Storyline Demos In This Section 1. Hands-On Demos 2. Demo Content
    55. 55. Hands-On Demos≥ Drag and drop≥ Hover tip≥ View all content before moving on ©Fredrickson Communications 2012
    56. 56. Demo ContentArticulate Showcase:• Sales Orientation • HP Envy Laptop• SMS Treasure • Pandemic Flu Clinic• Broken Co-Worker • Creating Effective Meetings• Avoiding Meeting Missteps • The New $5 Bill• The Right Time, The Right Style • Optical Illusion• DC Fundamentals • Hangman Game• Enders Collection • Bananas• Social Media Guidelines at Hitachi Data Systems My Work:• U.S. State Capitals • Escape From the Learning Lab• Recycling (beta)• Are You Busy? • I’m From Minnesota (beta)• State Facts • Christmas Card (beta)• Periodic Table • 3M Environmental Health and ©Fredrickson Communications 2012• Green Monster Safety
    57. 57. 7. Conclusion
    58. 58. This Presentation mLearning, Introduction Introducing HTML5, Flash Storyline and iOS Strategic Key Features Demos Implications
    59. 59. Tools That Help Us Reach Our Purpose . . .≥ Are important≥ One reminder why we do this and why tools like Storyline help us get there
    60. 60. Thank You≥ Questions or comments?≥ Thanks for the opportunity to speak—hope you found it of value≥ Shameless plug: Frederickson Communications has Storyline capability≥ Gerry Wasiluk –