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Invader pest management when it matters most


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When you want to make sure your Family, Pets and Property are protected from the potential damage and disease that Pests can deliver, Invader Pest Management is one of the 10 best companies in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler and all surrounding cities within the Metropolitan Phoenix area. For nearly 20 years, Invader Pest Management has been delivering Guaranteed Results for their long time customers, because they are the ones to count on, When It Matters Most.

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Invader pest management when it matters most

  2. 2. Is this your paradise?You gotWeeds?
  3. 3. These Weeds aretaller than me!
  4. 4. This guy isPulling hisweeds?OHHHH – HeShould havelet me do aPre-EmergentTreatment!
  5. 5. It Really is a JungleOut THERE!Call UsNowWe cantake care ofit!
  6. 6. ALL THE BUZZ NOWDon’t Get StungBy Bees
  7. 7. About the size of a football – 500 to 1000 beesSwarmof Bees ina Tree
  8. 8. Yes, they leave their stinger in you – Remember scrape, don’t squeezeOuch !
  9. 9. Scorpions Have Lots of Babies, Don’t wait to get pest control.STOP
  10. 10. Don’tLet the Bed BugsBite!This is not a paid Actor – picture of actual customer’s arm . . .
  11. 11. BED BUG HIDING INTUFTS (SEAMS) OFMATTRESSDon’t Let this happenon your bed!
  12. 12. Blood and Fecal spots from bed bugsMattress & Box Spring
  13. 13. They GotTERMITES?SubterraneanTermite ShelterTubes in ceilingrafters
  14. 14. Termites eating wood panel that equipment is hung on.Concretefloor andwalls,howeverTermitesstill findthe wood
  15. 15. Crawl Space under new addition to a homeTermitesEating floorjoists
  16. 16. What To Look ForTermite Tubes Look likemud on your wall
  17. 17. gGophersGophers Do Serious Damage To Landscaping
  18. 18. ROOF RATLarge ears, Tail longer than body, hairless tailHairless TailLarge EarsThat’s aROOF RAT
  19. 19. Every body gets ants at some point in time. They are the Number OnePest Problem across the country. 9 of our 22 local ant species get worsewith pesticides treatments. Go ahead, do it yourself!
  20. 20. When you see the damage caused bypigeons These birds are NOT so cute!Drains areplugged andexcessivemoisture cancause damage
  21. 21. Licensed inPest, Termite, Weed and Turf & OrnamentalIntegrated Pest Management
  22. 22. PestsTermitesWeedsBed BugsScorpionsBeesGophersAntsRoachesRats / MiceTick /FleasPigeons and moreCommercial & Residential • Licensed & InsuredPO Box 939Glendale, AZ 85311Phone 623-435-0228Fax 602-992-5900CustomerCare@invader.netWWW.INVADER.NETArizona License # 5262