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The Art Of Effective Persuasion (The Star Wars Way!)

Spend 5 minutes.
Learn 10 rules.
Experience 250% improvement as an effective presenter & persuader

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The Art Of Effective Persuasion (The Star Wars Way!)

  1. Ok. Here we go!The Art Of Effective PersuasionSith or Jedi, it works for everyone!Developed by Fred ThenCopyright 2012 | Version 1.3b
  2. Grrr. So this isthe young fool. If you have to present to a boss who looks like this ...
  3. Impress us or we will shoot.… or an audience that doesn’t give a hoot about you ….
  4. Sigh. I had no clue what he was saying. ... or when you can’t get peopleinterested in what you’re saying …
  5. … it’s enough to make anyone to look for a new career elsewhere.
  6. Seriously? You tell this to me now? But you can be very persuasive …without going over to the Dark Side.
  7. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can see improvements, by applying these principles. My name is Fred Then and I’ll share my“10 Secret Rules of Effective Persuasion”
  8. HALTBefore proceeding, we’ll have to establish some simple facts.
  9. I wish I knew how to talk to her. I wish he would say what I wanted to hear. The real secret to being an effective persuader is knowing what (not who)you are talking to and in what language.
  10. My goodness R2, it does seemimpressive doesn’t it? The Winner! A laptop processes 100,000,000 instructions per second. Our brain processes 10,000,000,000,000,000 (That’s 10 Quadrillion!) instructions per second. Our Conscious Mind can receive : 2,000 Bits of data per second. Our Subconscious Mind can receive : 400,000,000 Bits of data per second. So guess who’s really the boss?
  11. Isn’t that a little obvious?The common denominator is : Everyone has a brain!
  12. Whether you are talking to anaudience of 1 or 1,000, the way to reach everyone is by “speaking” the language of thebrain, specifically, the subconscious mind.Did you know, the Rebel Steve Jobs was an expert at the language of the brain?
  13. Ready to do your B.E.S.?Fred’s 10 Rules can be divided into 3 Categories : Brain | Emotions | Stories
  14. Fred’s Rules For : Brain | Emotions | Stories1. The subconscious rules, the rest follows.2. Convince the brain, not the person.3. Emotion is the secret language of the brain.4. People remember upto 4 new facts.
  15. Fred’s Rules For : Brain | Emotions | Stories5. People choose emotionally & justify logically.6. Facts alone don’t convince.7. Dis-arm before persuading.
  16. Fred’s Rules For : Brain | Emotions | Stories8. Whatever you have to say, say it in a story.9. The best stories are personal ones.10. Your audience always wants to know “What’s In It For Me?”.
  17. Uh. It’s looks complicated. Do I need a droid? Well, that was entertaining. But what does it all mean? And how do I apply it?
  18. I think I’m being manipulated … I have you now … Fred’s Rule #1 :The subconscious rules, the rest follows.
  19. Fred’s Rule #1 :The subconscious rules, the rest follows.Imperial research has shown that ourbrilliant, logical, conscious decisions actuallyoriginate from our unseen subconscious mind.Other research has shown that our subconsciousbrain activates microseconds before our consciousbrain, and not the other way around.The power of persuasion comes from how you caninfluence the subconsciousmind of your audience. True it is!
  20. Yes, My Master. Fred’s Rule #2 :Convince the brain, not the person.
  21. Fred’s Rule #2 :Convince the brain, not the person.The secret to a persuasive conversation to 1 or 1,000people, is that you appeal to your audience’ssubconscious rather than their conscious mind.Watch the iPhone 4 or the Tiffany & Co ads.Notice that there are no mentions of the productfeatures. (Gee, how do you sell without featuredropping?) Instead the ads tell the story in a languagethat your subconscious resonates with - inthe language of emotions. Mmm. Wise these words are.
  22. Uh. Be my date or I’ll pay Oh Darth, you sure know you a compliment! how to persuade a Sith Lady Fred’s Rule #3 :Emotion is the secret language of the brain.
  23. Fred’s Rule #3 : Emotion is the secret language of the brain.The conscious mind thinks in language, logic andsequence, whereas the subconscious mind thinks inemotions, music and colours.The power to influence comes from our ability to firstlyevoke an emotional connection and direct thesubsequent response from the subconscious mind.Beware! Both Jedi Masters & Sith Lords use the powerof emotions in their speech to subtly ignite theaudience’s motivation When persuading, speak into take action. emotional terms you must.
  24. Fred’s Rule #3 : Emotion is the secret language of the brain.In 1972, the Rebel Psychologist Dr. Paul Ekmandefined 6 basic emotions that all humans react to :Happiness, Surprise, Disgust, Sadness , Fear and AngerWhen persuading, couching your argument in theseterms ensures an instinctive response, bypassingthe critical logical portion of your brain. Never underestimate the Power of Emotions!
  25. Oh damn it. I should have taken notes. Fred’s Rule #4 :People remember only upto 4 new facts.
  26. Fred’s Rule #4 : People remember only upto 4 new factsImperial studies have shown that our short termmemory holds a maximum of 4 new facts per session.Unless they get transferred to our long term memory, wecan easily forget. That’s why if Lord Vader asks you to get6 items from the store, you may forget 1-2 items.What if you have 9 facts to present? Simple!Break them into 3 major themes and have 3 sub-pointsfor each theme. It’s an old Jedi mind trick.That’s also why it’s easier to rememberlong numbers if you break them up!
  27. Yes Lord Vader, it is absolutely necessary for me to have these Pom-Poms for our assault. They …uh … boost trooper morale! Fred’s Rule #5 :People choose emotionally & justify logically.
  28. Fred’s Rule #5 :People choose emotionally & justify logically.Doesn’t this adage perfectly describe human decisionmaking? You see a new Stormtrooper armour that youlike. You think it looks good on you. (You are alreadyemotionally sold at this point).Suddenly you noticed it’s on 30% discount and youcoincidently remembered that your only other armour islooking ratty. It is time to get a replacement. Yes! Itmakes logical sense. It’s easy for people toWhen you persuade, like us. We first scare the c**p out of them.FIRSTLY address youraudience’s emotional needs.
  29. Luke, I am your Father! Noooooo! It can’t be! Fred’s Rule #6 : Facts alone do not convince.
  30. Fred’s Rule #6 : Facts alone do not convinceWhen a fast talking Jawa starts selling you the fantasticspecifications of that speeder you were looking at.Guess what happens?Typically, start folding your arms and you’re activelyjudging him. Your default setting is distrust. And thatmakes persuasion very hard.Facts are the domain of the Conscious Brain, whichrationalizes, evaluates and judges things. Subsequentlywithout an emotional buy-in, Not moved isanyone will remain unmoved your audience byby impressive facts. a thousand facts
  31. Raaaaaooooow! I think you should have applied Rule #7. Fred’s Rule #7 : Dis-arm before persuading
  32. Fred’s Rule #7 : Dis-arm before persuadingDuring the conversation or presentation, people maychallenge you. If you rebutt too quickly, your audiencewill assume that you didn’t “hear” their point of view.This results in people yelling in order to be heard.A simple way to dis-arm this situation is byacknowledging (not necessarily agreeing with) thequestioner. Just say : “I understand how you feel …” or“I think you’re right to raise that point ….”.People can live without be right, You darethey can’t stand being ignored! ignore me?
  33. … and that’s how Darth Vader saved me and why I really love to serve the Empire. Awwwww. TK421, that’s so sweet it’s fogging up my helmet. Fred’s Rule #8 :Whatever you have to say, say it in a story.
  34. Fred’s Rule #8 : Whatever you have to say, say it in a story.Every human society tells stories.Every human child learns to trust stories.As adults, we carry the same belief system. That’s whywhen someone tells a story, we’re likely to suspend ourjudgment and instinctively trust them.Very persuasive people never rattle off facts andfeatures of a product/service. They tell you stories ofhow people (like you) struggled & triumphed over odds.And that you can too! I’m telling you kid. A blasterPersuasive isn’t it? and good story can get you out of any jam.
  35. … and that’s when Irealised that we can never trust those Rebel scum! I’m convinced! I totally agree! That’s righteous! Fred’s Rule #9 : The best stories are personal ones
  36. Fred’s Rule #9 : The best stories are personal ones.Already telling stories but it doesn’t seem to work aswell? This tip can change you from an averagepersuader to a superstar persuader.The secret is that people react to the authenticity of yourstory. If you relate a personal story, your story will be filledwith delicious details that gives it a sincere flavour. Theauthenticity (and persuasiveness) will also manifest inyour tone and body language,which accounts for 70% Maybe I’ll lose theof human communication. helmet & make eye contact.
  37. I’m here. Make it worth my time, Or I’ll Death Star your ass! Fred’s Rule #10 :Your Audience always wants to know “What’s In It For Me?”
  38. Fred’s Rule #10 : You audience always wants to know “What’s In It For Me?”2 things you must realise. Firstly, your audience is mostlyinterested in themselves and they are most attentiveduring the first 10 minutes.So keep them interested by answering the WIIFMquestion. Couch what you have to say in terms of aproblem that affects them.If the problem doesn’t directly affect them, ask them tostep into the shoes of the person facing the issue. Askthem to empathise. Use phases like “Imagine if …” or“Let’s step into the shoes of …”
  39. So, whether you’re in a tight jam ...
  40. … or perhaps it’s that one important conversationthat you want to have with someone ...
  41. … or maybe you just want to get yourmessage out, hoping for a big response! TK 422 receives fan mail for his “Save Alderaan” Campaign
  42. Maybe TK423 should have paid more attention. Just remember Fred’s10 Rules Of Effective Persuasion and you wouldn’t lose your head.
  43. Transmission Terminated We hope you enjoyed watching this Imperial-sanctioned transmission because it will be your last! Muhahahahahaha!
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