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Star Wars And 10 Tips To Painless Networking


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The wisdom of Lego Star Wars reveals the top 10 tips to painless networking! The fact is that networking is a skill and not a talent. That means YOU can learn it too!
Discover the 10 things that will help you be a consistent and better networker, in this or any other galaxy :)

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Star Wars And 10 Tips To Painless Networking

  1. 1. 10 TIPS T0 PAINLESS NETWORKING If you had read this book, this wouldn’t have happened. / <: :vM wr. :ls: m:, v/ Hum <si>; m~g1£‘» u><: m:m; £ Hm H§mul<, : 1::
  2. 2. Networking Regardless whether you are working in a company or on your own company, this is one of the core skills that helps make or break your business or career! Often it is who we know, and not what we know, that will move us forward. So your ability to network is one activity that increases your intrinsic value and you should never outsource it! Do enjoy our take on what makes powerful and effective networking and may the Force be with you! Fred & Ezen Original networl<ing tips by Ezen l-lo‘ Design & photography by Fred Them
  3. 3. You couldn’t decide on which droid So you brought all of them?
  4. 4. /, Setting a networking goal is telling your GPS where you want to go. Your brain works in the same way. i/ Ii, ’ With a specific goal, you will be focused and more likely to seek out and meet yourtype of audience. RQKR §“>—r— l/7 Q‘ a It s perfectly alri ht to excuse yourself “E, from a conversation so atyou can circulate. ? ' ‘fix’ % 9
  5. 5. Are you sure you have enough Iightsabers? RULE 2: PREPARE AND BE PREPARED.
  6. 6. Be prepared young one. At events, tools ofthe trade i’/ ’i’ you must have. Charge your Lightsaberyou will & illéi" enough name cards you must bring. Most important, ready in the mind must you be. g. . / “T, j ; 4 p _,4_ {f A i l l ax l Fearyou may feel before an event. Rememberfear of looking bad has , - crippled more Jedis than battles. ': w Breathe deep. Release. Go. / {F45// ti
  7. 7. I create law and order in the Empire with the Dark Side, so that the Emperor may rule completely. RULE 3 I bring anything, anywhere for respectable “business men”. No Imperial entanglements. Train beings in the Force, I do. Powerful beings will I work with. Accomplished do these beings feel, when Jedi they become. HAVE A CLEAR BRAND & WIIFM FACTOR
  8. 8. Impress me orface the consequences! Use the following formula to articulate your USP: I DO 5 FOR X PEOPLE, WHO GET THE BENEFIT OF Z At Sith Lord gatherings, we TELL each other who we are, what we do and who benefits from it. hose who wantto know more wil ‘ ‘ us. s on those who gravitate to your ' 'on.
  10. 10. Every Rebel knows how to make a great impression. Hold your posture and smile confidently. Gaze at the T Zone (My eyes are not on my chest). Dress 10% better than your audience. Match the firmness ofthe handshake. Watch your body language Need instant courage? 1 Stand orsit in a Superman orWonderWoman ' “Power Rose” for 3-5 minutes. Neurofeed back from @ your posture causes you to feel confident and powerful.
  11. 11. Didn’t I tell you to be nicer to the Wookie? I N‘, / . -»In I, ¥. j --"£7 RULE 5: ACT LIKE A GOOD HOST
  12. 12. Don’t act like a passive guest at any event. Act like the Host and be pro—active. Ii"/ fl. Ask people who they want to meet and when possible match ‘fix people to each other. People will remember yoursmall it i kindnesses and seek to reciprocate in the future. Time will pass by. f‘ 1;. So decide ifyou want it to slip by or not. ,i 3? Sometimes one good contact is all you need! i , 9 i 'lfiI7iIli . l . .
  13. 13. And the Chancellor said he wouldn’t send troops even if the Senate Anakin? Anakin? Are you listening to me? SOW 70!‘ b0Vin9 YOU- RULE 6: TAKE A GENUINE INTEREST
  14. 14. A Jedi seeks to bring peace and understanding. A Jedi seeks to know and empathise with others. A Jedi seeks not to be the focus of attention but will share it. A Jedi listens. What he hears he repeats so that the speaker feels that he is being heard. All beings like to be heard. Closed questions a Jedi asks not. Open questions will a Jedi ask. For example: “What are your 5 favourite movies? " More opportunities to talk will open questions create. . /A
  15. 15. Rancor, meet R2D2. R2D2, meet Rancor. I do love making introductions. Bleep! RLE 7: ALWAYS GIVE FIRST
  16. 16. Everyone likes a Giver. So give freely and often. Offer referrals or ideas to whomeveryou speak. People appreciate a genuine effort to help. But don’t be a know—it—all, always ask before offering a solution. Tips? Sure! “Alwa s let the Wookie win. ” “Never gamble wit anyone called Solo. ” “ifyou are being shot at by stormtroopers, the safest place is in front of us. ‘coz we ca n’t hit anything we aim for. ”
  17. 17. Why didn’t you write down the plans to fix the Death Star? rt , _,,4. Oh darn it. I thought lcould remember RULE 8: ALWAYS TAKE NOTES
  18. 18. Write relevant or interesting facts on the back ofthe namecards you must! Habit this should be. i‘/ fl. Most impressed will be your contact, when reference and recall details you can. When remembered, most happy will people be. .‘ KN‘ Z_¢. _ L3 z__ ; __’, __; .g- . ,;’f: ?‘i T i if i A i K‘ i] Do ordo not. A There is no try.
  19. 19. Dear Lord Vader, Words cannot describe the feelings we have when you visited our Death Star station. Productivity has doubled and motivation to find the Rebel scum is at an all time high. Do drop by with the Emperor soon! Trooper 168 RULE 9 ALWAYS FOLLOW-UP
  20. 20. Following up is anotherway of building the relationship. Email, SMS, Skype or smoke signals. Anything will work, as long as you DO it. Ignore it and you will soon be on the Dark Side. "‘ “*: x”*xT‘2’x*‘: ‘fl*""Z Ly’? l i i A i it 1’ an j “Do or do not. There is no try. ” Didn’t Yoda say this?
  21. 21. ya *1‘ _/ (T ' Jan» These aren’t the roicls you’re looking iior. ') These aren’t the _c! roids we are lookng for '3 9-: .. 1,. V : ‘vw / ,7 ‘I; -IH. HIJ‘| -I '/73:! :2 "7 ' X i . 1 / ,?< .1‘ , : ’ ‘N. “:9 is r—’ --we 4:‘. -‘f* ~22- : ,i' QT sjfrj, 7 A "iI“"A —% f A V. W-’. ?"rI, ?“f”, '_7‘imm l l¥. l.ll. lE TC r1 l gel Y J llTllll. lE TC! lll. Fl_l, lEllll. Fl :
  22. 22. Getting a contact is only the first step towards building a relationship. To influence your audience, you’ll need to build trust and credibility. So, use social media as a loudhailerto broadcast yourthoughts and opinions. Work to be seen as a thought leader& authority in your niche. Remember to call and chat. Actual contact beats digital messaging! ‘L . m——— 77*/ _ 7_ __ ‘"7 1 rrr é _. __ win L‘ ‘‘r. -‘__ ’_ l I‘ l . I i 1 , Be consistent andtpersistent when buildingyourvoiceo authority! 3‘ ti " “ 9 i; AA, Q
  23. 23. NETWORKING is A SKILL NOT A TALEN1’. ANYONE cAN LEARN A SKILL! a akili can learn how 0 me a Rancor, you can eam how to be a great networker!
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