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The Effective Persuasion Formula 2.0 - How a small company made USD$21,804 in one presentation


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The Effective Persuasion Formula 2.0 was used to develop the sales presentation of a coaching company. Using the new slide deck, they closed USD$21,804 in their first presentation! This presentation is about the principles and the 4 Step formula used to create a powerful (and profitable) presentation.
This slide describes the 9 principles or rules of persuasion and the 4 Steps Formula to help averge folks perform will presentation rock stars!

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The Effective Persuasion Formula 2.0 - How a small company made USD$21,804 in one presentation

  1. 1. Here’s the secret formula that earned USD$21,804 in a single sales presentation. From Fred Then, author of the successful “The Art of Effective Persuasion. The Star Wars Way”
  2. 2. Caution! To be effective you need to understand two things: The 9 Rules Of Effective Persuasion & The 4 Steps Formula of Effective Persuasion.
  3. 3. Areyou preparedtojoin TheDarkSide? Ihavebeenmeaning toask.Ifwearethe DarkSide,whydo wewearwhite?
  4. 4. My name is Fred Then and I’ll share my “9 Secret Rules of Effective Persuasion” The good news is that you willmaster them with a little practice … andfaith in the Force
  5. 5. The 9 Rules Of Effective Persuasion SithorJedi,itworksforeveryone! DevelopedbyFredThen Troopers.Todaywe learntousethe Empire’sgreatest weapon.Ourbrains! Ohgood! Whenwill theybe issued?
  6. 6. 12,000views in24hours!
  7. 7. Chewie! Engage Hyperdrive!
  8. 8. Being persuasive allows you to influence Your colleagues, friends and even kids! YesTrooperTK367. Wehaveadeal!
  9. 9. Being Persuasive isn’t limited by your current abilities
  10. 10. To be Leader, persuasive you will be. Listen to me you must.
  11. 11. The real secret tobeing an effective persuader is knowing what (not who)you are talking toand in what language. IwishIknewhow totalktoher. Iwishhewould saywhatI wantedtohear.
  12. 12. A laptop processes 100,000,000 instructions per second. Our brain processes 10,000,000,000,000,000 instructions per second. Our Conscious Mind can receive : 2,000 Bits of data per second. Our Subconscious Mind can receive : 400,000,000Bits of data per second. So guess who’s really the boss? MygoodnessR2, itdoesseem impressivedoesn’tit? (That’s10Quadrillion!) TheWinner!
  13. 13. Fred’s 9 Rules can be divided into 3 Categories : Brain | Emotions | Stories Readytodoyour B.E.S.?
  14. 14. Fred’s Rules For : Brain | Emotions | Stories 1.ConvincetheBrain,notthePerson. 2.TheSubconscious rules,youfollow. 3.It’snotThink-Do-Feel,it’sFeel-Do-Think
  15. 15. Fred’s Rule #1 : Convince the brain, not the person. You talking to me?
  16. 16. Fred’s Rule #2 : The subconscious rules, the rest follows. IthinkI’mbeingmanipulated… Ihaveyounow…
  17. 17. Fred’s Rule #3 : How does your Brain decide? Feel – Do - Think Thatexplainsthe holeinmyhead.
  18. 18. Fred’s Rules For : Brain | Emotions | Stories 4.Emotionisthesecretlanguageofthebrain 5.Peoplechooseemotionally&justifylogically. 6.Focusonthe“What’sInItForMe?”.
  19. 19. Fred’s Rule #4 : Emotion isthe secret language ofthe brain. OhDarth,yousureknow howtopersuadeaSithLady Uh.BemydateorI’ll blowupasmallmoon!
  20. 20. Fred’s Rule #5 : People choose emotionally &justify logically. YesLordVader,itisabsolutely necessaryformetohave thesePom-Pomsforour assault.They…uh…boost troopermorale!
  21. 21. Fred’s Rule #6 : Always answer the “What’s In It For Me” Need. So,whatwillyoudo formeifIcanget youamedic? Groan.
  22. 22. Fred’s Rules For : Brain | Emotions | Stories 7. Whateveryouhavetosay,sayitinastory. 8. Factsalonedon’tconvince. 9. Thebeststoriesarepersonalones.
  23. 23. Fred’s Rule #7 : Topersuade effectively, tell a good story. …andthat’swhyservingthe Empireismycalling. I’msold! Itotallyagree! That’srighteous!
  24. 24. Fred’s Rule #8 : Facts alone donot convince. Luke,IamyourFather! Noooooo! Itcan’tbe!
  25. 25. Fred’s Rule #9 : Personal stories are effective stories. …andthat’showthe EmperorsavedmeandwhyI loveservingtheEmpire. Awwwww. That’s sosweet. You’re fogging upmyhelmet.
  26. 26. Fred’s Performance Tip: People remember only 3-4 new facts. Ohdamnit.Ishould havetakennotes. Sodon’tforce-feedyouraudiencewithalargeamountofdata.
  27. 27. Fred’s Performance Tip: Stopbeingaclonetoothers! LearntouseEmotionsandbepersuasive!
  28. 28. Ow. Fred’s Performance Tip:’llbeverypersuasive without havingtobemeanordominating!
  29. 29. Now that you know about the 9 Rules Of Effective Persuasion, we’ll go on to Part II.
  30. 30. This 4 Step Formula earned a company $18,400 in their first presentation! Obviously they were looking forward to doing more ….
  31. 31. Persuasive Presentation Planning 1. CreateLiking&Relevance 2. ElaborateTheCustomer’sHeartache 3. DefineTheBenefits 4. RevealTheSolution
  32. 32. Create Liking & Relevance • People will listen to those that they like and those who like them. • Give a genuine compliment • Explain why what you have to say will impact them personally or professionally.
  33. 33. Using compliments to create Liking • “Thank you for coming on time! You are very punctual Troopers! (Genuine) • It’s mypleasure tospeak toyou today” (You like them, they’ll like you)
  34. 34. Relevance establishes the “WIIFM” “Today’s Death Star presentation will help you understand how you can better control planets in your sector without any messy troop deployments or need to blow up farms.”
  35. 35. Speak of upto 3 problems & their specific consequences. “As Stormtroopers, we have 3 big problems yet noone cares! 1. We can’t see in these helmets and get injured when Rebels attack us! 2. White armour? Rebels see usfroma mile away and easily evade us. We spend extra hours looking for them! 3. Noshields inour Tie Fighters? We get blown up inone shot!
  36. 36. Elaborate the Customer’s Heartache • If there is no pain, people ARE NOT motivated to listen to your solutions. • Establish the problem that you want to solve by talking about it. • Always assume that your customers don’t fully understand what’s missing in their lives.
  37. 37. Define the Benefits • When people understand how solving the problems would directly benefit them. They would be more keen to accept a solution. • However. Most people are skeptical if a Hutt tells them how good his stuff is.
  38. 38. To use a 3rd party approach to explain. • “Whatiftherewasawhywecouldsee better? Itwouldmeanwecandefend ourselves andevendefeatthose pesky Rebels! • “Whatifwecouldcamouflageourarmor?It wouldmeanthattheRebelswouldn’tspot useasilyandwecangetthem! • “Imagineifwehad shields,therewillbemore pilotsatthepoker table forustofleece!”
  39. 39. After Step 3, your customers are already in love with you. And they are already convinced of what you have! Ihaveyounow!
  40. 40. Only after you established value, can you reveal what you have in Step 4. Otherwise it’s like telling the punch line of the joke at the beginning.
  41. 41. 15% of time to establish Liking & Relevance 35% of time to establish the Problem 30% of time to establish the Benefit 20% about the Solution
  42. 42. Now that you know about The 9 Rules and 4 Steps To Effective Persuasion. Go change your world! YesmyLord!
  43. 43. Get me on the list! Drop me a nice email The new Effective Persuasion e-book will be out in Q1 2014. Sign up if you want to be a reviewer and get a free early release. I’m glad you downloaded this great presentation. Would you return the favour by dropping me an email with your compliments or comments?