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Effective persuasion v2.0


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Learn how you can be an effective persuader and create a presentation that will impress 1 or 1,000 people. Effective Persuasion is a 4 Step Process that allows you to create a powerful presentation in 30 mins.

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Effective persuasion v2.0

  1. 1. The Secret To Effective Persuasion For 1 or 1,000 people
  2. 2. Effective PersuasionCan be mastered by anyone.(Yes. Even you!)
  3. 3. When did you have to persuadesomeone about your point of view? Speak. So that I may hear.
  4. 4. What do you expect to achievein speaking your point of view?
  5. 5. Who were you speaking to?What do you have in common?
  6. 6. nationality habitsvalues wantsjob sex race likes ethnicity agelanguage EQ IQ needs married
  7. 7. Brains What do Brains like?What is the language that Brains speak in?How is this mysterious item transmitted?
  8. 8. EMOTIONS• People choose emotionally & justify logically• Facts alone don’t convince• Disarm before persuading
  9. 9. STORIES• Why stories?• Which stories? Personal vs. 3rd Party Stories• WIIFM ►
  10. 10. The Two Brains TheoryWhat’s the size of your conscious & unconscious brain Conscious Brain Unconscious Brain ►
  11. 11. The Two Brains TheoryWhat’s the size of your conscious & unconscious brain By Volume 99.7% By Volume 0.3% Conscious Brain Unconscious Brain ►
  12. 12. Does the Dog wag the Tail ….or does the Tail wag the Dog? ►
  13. 13. % 400,000,00070Of the body’ssense receptorsare in our eyes Bits of data per second is handled by your subconscious mind Our conscious mind can only perceive 2,000 Bits Of Data Per Second A standard laptop does 100 million25% Of the brain is involved in visual processing instructions per second. The human brainThe brain occupies 2% of does 10 quadrillionyour body mass. And uses instructions per20% of the body’s energy second resources
  14. 14. Brain Sizes 7.8 KG 4.7 KG 1.6 KG 1.4KG 2 GRAMSSperm Whale Elephant Dolphin Human Rat
  15. 15. 100,000BC Modern Brain Homo Sapiens 8,000BC Formation Of Cities 2,700BC Today Founding Of Egypt
  16. 16. What is your Brain designed to do? SURIVIVAL. Look out for threats. Sweetie. They are not yet invented.But Mommy I want the iPhone
  17. 17. What else does the Brain look for?• Visual Data• Contrast• 5 Physical Senses• Loss & Threats
  18. 18. AudioTEXT 10% RecallPIXS OR 35% Visual Recall
  19. 19. VisualTEXTPIXS AND 65% Recall Audio
  20. 20. How many new factscan our brains remember? Short Term : 4 new facts per session Long Term : 12 Terrabytes - Unlimited
  21. 21. ConsistencyAuthorityReciprocityLikingSocial ProofScarcityDr. Robert Cialdini ►
  22. 22. Formula For Effective Persuasion1. Establish Liking & Relevance2. Define The Problem3. “What If …” Creating The Bridge4. Reveal The Solution
  23. 23. Identify & Is it a weak describe the vitaminpreferences & problem or habits of the painkiller type customer problem? Customer Problem Analysis & Synthesize The quality and effectiveness of solution is Solution determined by depth of the Customer-Problem Analysis.
  24. 24. Extras
  25. 25. Nancy Duarte’s Sparkline
  26. 26. ACT 1 ACT 2 ACT 3 Crossing The Beginning Middle End ThresholdPaint a picture of Present contrasting contents, The audience leavesthe reality of the Alternate between What is and What could be Committed to makingcurrent situation. a change, despite the difficulties Reward : What could be What could be What could be New Bliss The Gap What is. What is What is What is The situation Turning Point 1 Turning Point 2 Call To Adventure Call To Action