Politics Newsletter, Spring 2009


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Department of Politics & International Affairs Spring 2009 Newsletter, Northern Arizona University

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Politics Newsletter, Spring 2009

  1. 1. Non-Profit Org U.S. POSTAGE PAID Northern Arizona University Box 15036 Flagstaff AZ 86011-15036 Return Service Requested Alumni Profile Keep In Touch Ernest Calderon (B.S. Political Science ‘79) Ernest Calderon is a man of many talents: Alumni, keep us posted! Perhaps we could lawyer, educator, citizen, and defender of profile you in an upcoming issue, or welcome Northern Arizona University. He currently you back to talk to current students. How are serves on the Arizona Board of Regents you using your degree? Are you working in the and recently was a member of Governor political realm – for a government agency or Jan Brewer’s transition team. non-profit group? Did that internship help you land a job after graduation? Tell us about your Ernie credits his professional and public law or graduate school experience. success to the education he received as a political science student at NAU in the Send us your information and be sure to include mid-1970’s. “I still remember the words of your current business card so we can post it on influential professors like Lenny Ritt and our wall of fame! Bob Poirier. They told me that anything is possible in politics. All To keep up on the latest from the Department of it takes is hard work.” Politics and International Affairs, check out our He champions the interests of NAU whenever he gets the chance. website at nau.edu/pos. You can also follow Reflecting on his work with the Arizona Board of Regents, Ernie us on Facebook and Twitter (NAU_Politics). And is most proud of helping NAU to receive financing for the largest please consider donating to the department or wave of building construction in the university’s history. He has scholarship funds to assist current students. also helped NAU achieve financial stability during a period of cuts in higher education. With friends like Ernie Calderon, NAU is better prepared to weather the storm of budget deficits. He continues to help NAU stay on track with growing enrollment and continued excellence of program delivery.
  2. 2. Politics and International Affairs Newsletter SPR 2009 Note from the Chair Inside This Edition Welcome to the latest edition of the Department Biopiracy of Biodiversity of Politics and International Affairs newsletter. Politics and As the new department chair, I’m happy to share International Affairs all the good news coming out of our department. Graduate Student News Although this has been a difficult year for Faculty Profile universities, especially in Arizona, I’m proud to say Student Profile that our department remains strong and continues to do excellent work. Our faculty and students Professor Spends Time at Princeton are receiving wide recognition for their many accomplishments. Join me in reading about and Alumni Quotes celebrating these achievements. Alumni Profile Do you enjoy staying in touch with the department on a regular basis? We have jumped into the digital age. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (NAU_Politics) where we regularly post department news and event announcements. Stay tuned for the launch of our e-mail newsletter, which will initially be published monthly. E-mail me at Fred.Solop@nau.edu if you’d like to receive this mailing. Finally, we’ll be posting a new website soon. In addition to being a primary source of information about department programs, the website will allow users to create profiles and interact with each other. The bottom line… we invite you to stay in touch with your Department of Politics and International Affairs. Fred Solop Professor and Chair Department of Politics and International Affairs Biopiracy of Biodiversity Dr. Carol Thompson and Zimbabwean agronomist Andrew Mushita recently published a book: Biopiracy of Biodiversity: Global Exchange as Enclosure. The book provides an analysis of Northern financial and trade institutions that impose ‘free’ trade agreements, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and Bill Gates’ ‘Green Revolution’ upon African farmers. According to Carol, biopiracy involves the failure to recognize or compensate indigenous sources of seeds and other genetic resources and stealing or destroying seeds and other genetic resources, either by patenting them or by polluting them through use of genetically modified organisms. The patenting of genetic material is a cultural affront to an indigenous perspective which rejects the ownership of life. Carol has spent 10 years living in Africa and learning how these issues affect Africans. She works as a policy analyst for the Community Technology Development Trust in Zimbabwe, directed by Mushita. The Trust supports indigenous seed banks and seed exchanges across southern Africa and promotes the sustainable use of natural resources among small farmers. Carol emphasizes that the purpose of her work is not to ‘enlighten,’ but to learn. She notes that Africans already have sustainable alternatives to U.S. industrial agriculture. At a time when localization is becoming increasingly popular as a solution to the problems of globalization, she says that Africans have a lot to teach us.
  3. 3. Politics and International Affairs Faculty Profile Graduate Student News Dr. Stephen Nuño began his first semester as an assistant professor in the department in a whirlwind of Defenses activity. During the 2008 election, Stephen put many Aleticia Tijerina successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on hours into designing and implementing an exit poll November 19, 2008. in Los Angeles, in addition to his teaching load. The Paul Vaughn successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on project was funded by Loyola Marymount University’s November 21, 2008. Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of The department congratulates our spring 2009 Ph.D. graduates: Brigette Bush, Los Angeles, and employed 200 students. Anna Nalwood, and Naomi Piñion. Jobs Sara Rinfret, Ph.D. candidate, recently accepted a full-time tenure track position at University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Publications Ervin, Justin [Ph.D. Student] and Smith, Zachary A. 2008. Globalization. ABC-CLIO. Smith, Zachary A. and Taylor, Katrina D. [Ph.D. Student] 2008. Renewable and Alternative Energy Resources. ABC-CLIO. Bengtsson, Elin, Björklund, Frida, Dahlström, Hanna [M.A. Student], Stephen and his associates found that while the major et. al. 2008. Alerta – Reportage från ett Ecuador i förändring. polls reported 68 percent of African Americans voting Stockholm, Nixon. for California’s Proposition 8, the Leavey Center Hanna Dahlström [M.A. Student] published a chapter in the book: data indicated the vote to be closer to 50 percent. Klint, Anna, ed. 2008. Ursprungsfolk i Världen. ”Oljan i Ecuador – Stephen attributes the difference to the number of företagens myter och huaoranifolkets verklighet” p. 56-61 and ”Huaorani – polling locations used in different exit polls. While till regnskogens försvar” p. 62-63. Stockholm, Föreningen Fjärde Världen. some exit polls collected information at about 15 locations, the Leavey Center poll canvassed 50 sites, thus increasing the potential for more accurate results. Presentations Ana Caballero-Mengibar, Ph.D. candidate, presented “Constructing Neo-racialized Discourses and the Imagining of a Spanish National With funding from the Pew Center, Stephen is working Identity” at the International Studies Association Conference, to increase online voter registration at the state level. February 2009. He will also be contributing to an edited volume on the 2008 primaries and authoring an article on Latinos in Sara Rinfret, Ph.D. candidate, presented “Changing the Rules: Interest the 2008 election for PS: Political Science and Politics. Groups and Federal Environmental Rulemaking” at the Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, March 2009. Benning Tieke, Ph.D. student, presented “Evaporated Sovereignty: The Legacy of British Colonialism and Indigenous Water Rights” at the Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, March 2009. NAU is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution/UM_1180_04.09 Katrina Taylor, Ph..D. student, presented “Climate Activism: An Indicator of U.S. Transformation Into a Risk Society?” at the Western Social Science Association Conference, April 2009. Heather Farley, Ph.D. student, presented “A Contemporary Analysis of the National Environmental Policy Act” at the Western Social Science Association Conference, April 2009. Kristi Ross, Ph.D. student, presented “Environmental Policy in Less Industrialized Countries: What’s Pluralism Got to Do With It?” at the Western Social Science Association Conference, April 2009. Departmental Graduate Research Awards Justin Ervin — Globalization and Environmental Degradation Naomi Piñon — Marriage Equality in Arizona and Massachusetts Sara Rinfret — Changing the Rules: Environmental Rulemaking Beth Brown — Hind Swaraj a Hundred Years Later: Gandhi, Globalization, and Resistance in India Hanna Dahlström -- Endangered Peoples and Engendered Representation: Huaorani and Oil “Development” Professor Carol Thompson presented her sabbatical talk, African Alternatives for 21st Century Sustainability, on March 11.
  4. 4. Student Profile Alumni Quotes Danielle Winder, an NAU undergraduate student, is spending the semester as an intern at the Bureau of Economic Analysis in Washington, D.C. As part of the Washington Semester Program, she is doing research on regional economic “In the Department of Political Science, I found dedicated developments and their effects, or lack thereof, on state Gross Domestic Product. faculty eager to offer intellectual stimulation and support. Danielle’s internship in Washington, DC was made possible by generous support This allowed me to grow as an individual and undertake with a scholarship from the Department of Politics and International Affairs Roy greater challenges. Furthermore, it facilitated active, and Delores Morey Award. The Morey Award is awarded once a year to an NAU sustained involvement on campus. For example, when student conducting an internship in Washington, DC. I arrived at NAU the Model United Nations group was small and unimpressive. By the time I graduated, we had Danielle is also learning a great deal by attending the lectures of government tripled membership, won numerous awards, and built a officials from agencies such as the Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit strong relationship with NAU faculty and administrators. Insurance Corporation, the Congressional Budget Office, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The experience of working with economists in Model UN continues to thrive today because of a this environment is invaluable for Danielle, who aspires to be an economist mutual commitment to excellence by students and the herself – and the timing is great. department. This experience has inspired me to stay connected and give back.” Danielle also enjoyed the great timing afforded by being in D.C. during the inauguration, saying the experience was “inspirational, memorable, and Corey Bennet essential.” Now that she has adjusted to commuting by public transportation in lieu of her own car, she is finding herself right at home. For students B.A. International Affairs, ’03 considering a future out-of-state internship, Danielle says, “research the Law Clerk, Rukin, Hyland, Doria, and Tindall company, have an idea of what you want to contribute to the company, and a clear understanding of the dynamics of the organization.” “As a graduate of the Political Science Department, I was Professor Spends Time at Princeton lucky to have professors and classmates that opened my mind to different ways of thinking about the world. Dr. David Schlosberg spent this spring What I learned in classes like Women, Power, and as the Currie C. and Thomas A. Barron Visiting Professor in Environment Politics; Campaign and Elections; and Modern Political and Humanities at Princeton Thought stays with me today. Being fortunate enough University. The position promotes the to parlay my degree into a career where politics plays interdisciplinary exchange of academic a central role, I’m truly grateful for all the experiences I ideas and teaching experiences had during my four years in the department.” involving environmental issues. It is a joint appointment between Princeton’s Tracy Keller Environmental Institute (PEI) and the University Center for Human Values. B.S. Political Science, ‘99 Capitol Reports Coordinator, This latest honor gave David the Arizona News Service /Arizona Capitol Times opportunity to teach an undergraduate course on environmental, ecological, and climate justice. David also traveled around the country promoting his latest “I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the book, with speaking engagements MPA program at NAU. My work with the professors at Hamilton and Swarthmore Colleges, Tufts University, Penn State, and and fellow students laid the foundation that opened Northeastern University, in addition to a public talk at Princeton. tremendous windows of opportunity. The academics David also used his time in Princeton’s academic environs to complete papers combined with my internship at Coconino County he has been working on in the areas of indigenous environmental justice, justice really put my career on the right track. I love what I to nature and natural systems, and on a theory of climate justice. He brings his do now, make a good living and really feel like I make experiences back to the NAU community early summer 2009. a difference in the community. My experiences with the Politics and International Affairs Department heavily “Many of NAU’s faculty in Politics and International Affairs share their contributed to my success and I encourage others to knowledge at various national and international conferences, invited talks, explore opportunities here.” faculty exchanges, and visiting positions like this one. This helps increase the presence of NAU, and especially our areas of expertise such as environmental Jeremy Legg politics, diversity politics, and global development,” David said. David recently served as Lecturer of Political Theory at the London School of M.P.A. Political Science, ‘02 Economics and as a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the Australian National University. Economic Development Program Manager, City of Phoenix