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2.4 Nexes TEMU Workshop 2016


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Emynos Presentation

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2.4 Nexes TEMU Workshop 2016

  1. 1. NEXt generation Emergency Services TEMU 2016 - Workshop: Next Generation Emergency Services 27th July 2016 | Heraklion, Crete NEXES Consortium
  2. 2. Outline 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 2 • Context and NEXES Profile – Known Emergency Issues Today – The NEXES RIA – The NEXES Consortium • NEXES RIA – Key Innovations, Approach and Results – Regulation and Standardisation – Architecture • PEMEA and Advanced Location • NG PSAP and Testbed • Connect To NEXES • Contacts
  3. 3. Known Emergency Issues Today • Assistance to deaf/hard-of-hearing citizens • Multi-language support (e.g., tourist, early migrant) • For safety reasons, report an incident using means other than voice (e.g., text) • Person lost in a remote area (low cell location accuracy) • Medical condition unknown • [ Automated emergency call: NG eCall, Smart sensor ] 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 3
  4. 4. The NEXES RIA 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 4
  5. 5. The NEXES Consortium 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 5
  6. 6. 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 6 NEXES End-Users Advisory Board • Creation of the NEXES End-Users Advisory Board – About 50 members – EUAB members have been divided by area of expertise, with communication targeted to specific end-user types – Covers most of Europe and beyond (Turkey, USA, Australia and Chile) – NDAs and guidance have been written and distributed to all EUAB members • EUAB Coordination: WYP ERO 39% Disabled Communities 13%Education 11% Technology / App providers 5% Regulatory 11% PSAPs 21% EUAB Category
  7. 7. NEXES – An Introduction 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 7 PSAP Networkgency ices twork NEXES PSAP Total Conversation, Multimedia and data support PSAP Operator Voice TTY SMS/MMS Integrated: Traditional ngFuncons. ccessPolicy Today an emergency call is mostly voice … … based on technology and systems established in the past century Voice Call
  8. 8. NEXES – An Introduction 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 8 Exploit Internet-enabled technologies to assist emergency services Rich (multimedia) calls Real-time text Automated Alerts Total Conversation – fully digital Next Generation PSAP supporting total conversation, multimedia data and GIS
  9. 9. NEXES – An Introduction Public Comms Infrastructures PSAP NetworkEmergency Services IP Network Citizens IP-enabled Devices NEXES PSAP Emergency Response Organisation First Responders (deployed) Total Conversation, Multimedia and data support PSAP Operator Voice TTY eCall RTT SMS/MMS Image Ancillary Data Phone (landline/mobile) Soft Phone Automated Alerts (including device data) Smartphone eCall Device Smart Device TTY Sensor Alert Integrated: - Total Conversation - Data exchange with device: vcard, contact list, GNSS, medical history, … eCall (IP) Traditional (voice and reporting) - Reporting - Recording - Dispatching - Management - Coordination Emergency Mobile App (Smartphone, Tablets) Voice (Radio) Citizen – First Responder end-to-end communication Video Telecom Operator (PSTN) A ach operator data (call ID, loca on) Internet Service Provider (VSP and IP-based services) A ach operator data (call ID, loca on) and device data (vcard, contact list, GNSS, …) CommunicationsandEmergencyDataExchange IPMulmediaandDataServices. ControlandRoungFuncons. SecurityandAccessPolicy Social Media Tablets Emergency Apps 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 9
  10. 10. Combination of audio, real time text, images and video to serve citizens and emergency services Automated integration of operator data, device data and satellite-based data for accurate caller location End-to-end connectivity from citizens to PSAPs, emergency services and first responders 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 10 NEXES Key Innovations
  11. 11. 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 11 NEXES Approach Citizens choose from multiple communication channels with emergency services Many channels for all: Voice, text, image, video and data shared between citizens and Emergency Services Emergency services able to communicate with deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind and speech impaired citizens, as well as with elderly, early migrants and tourists
  12. 12. 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 12 NEXES Results End-to-end Total Conversation communications for citizens and emergency services, enhancing situation awareness and interoperability Testing Regime and Validation Framework for IP- compliant emergency services, contributing to European standardisation effort Roadmap and guidelines for the transition path towards adopting and implementing next generation emergency services
  13. 13. 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 13 Regulation and Standardisation • EC Workshop on Advanced Numbering Systems for Communications Services in the Digital Single Market (7th December 2015) • Access to Emergency Services and EENA PEMEA specification (further detailed in NEXES) • ETSI TS PEMEA (approved in June) • ETSI STF (Specialist Task Force) 489 Total Conversation for ES • DTR/EMTEL-00029 (TR 103 201) Guidelines on implementation and usage of Total Conversation for Emergency Communications • HELD Routing (RFC 7840) (published) • DTR/EMTEL-00034 “Emergency App Guidelines” (drafting stage) • IETF SLIM activity for specifying language preferences
  14. 14. 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 14 Workshop on Accessibility • May 19th, Den Haag (NL) • ~50 representatives • Highlights: – Universal accessible call: total conversation (video, RT text) (need front light for sign language) – Alerts and Live info via an App (with date info) • Map indications – Deaf-users friendly icons – Geolocation and privacy – Education and Training • Coordination: EUD
  15. 15. 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 15 Workshop on Accessibility Mark and Lisa are showing "NEXES" in sign language. Move the crossed index fingers in a horizontal circle motion once.
  16. 16. 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 16 NEXES Achievements • Recently started YEAR 2 • Accomplishments – User Requirements, Reference Scenarios and KPIs – PEMEA – NEXES Architecture – Workshop on Accessibility • Ongoing development: – Infrastructure (Telco, Gateways, IMS/WebRTC) – Apps (PEMEA, APIs, Clients) – Testbed Platform • Public deliverables to be shared after mo.18
  17. 17. PEMEA and Advanced Location 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 17
  18. 18. • There are many “emergency” Apps on the market! • Lack of accurate location information (and other reasons) has fueled the growth of Apps with device- provided location information being generated. • Apps are powerful tool for bi-directional communication (A2C) and (C2A) and use location techniques such as GNSS, Wi-Fi and Cell-ID. • Apps features also include video calling, supplementary health information, basic first aid tips • PROBLEM, they don’t work outside national or even regional PSAP areas! 18 Application Provider PSAP Service Provider App PSAP PEMEA: Today’s problem? 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016
  19. 19. The aim of the PEMEA is to allow • A user to: – Select an application with proper security and privacy setting and provide accurate location to emergency services anywhere across Europe. – Avoid confusion in a moment of panic by facilitating the user calling 112 from his well-known 112 App. • A PSAP to: – Be assured of receiving a call from a certified and trusted App – Get a better caller location and caller information – Broaden the range of App Suppliers enabling 112 call data for calls (foreigners visiting country) 19 PEMEA: Benefits 26/07/2016 TTRUST NEXES - TEMU 2016
  20. 20. Application Provider PSAP Service Provider Aggregating Service Provider Pa Ps Pp Pr App PSAP Application Provider PSAP Service Provider Pa Ps Pp App PSAP Pr 20 If want to roam then we need a way to interconnect • Apps, capable of making emergency call • Application provider authenticate users and format the data before sending information to PSAP service provider (PSP) • PSP takes caller data from trusted sources and provide it to PSAP • If user is roaming, then data is sent to ASP for routing purpose • ASP ensure delivery to correct PSP/PSAP, or send an error. • PSAPs get what they need, caller get the help they need! Only trusted and secure entities can join PEMEA PEMEA Architecture NEXES - TEMU 201626/07/2016
  21. 21. Application Provider PSAP Service Provider Aggregating Service Provider Pa Ps Pp Pr App PSAP Application Provider PSAP Service Provider Pa Ps Pp App PSAP Pr MNO Voice Home Region or Country 21 For the local PSAP PEMEA Calling From Home 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016
  22. 22. PSAP Service Provider Aggregating Service Provider Pp Pr PSAP Application Provider PSAP Service Provider Pa Ps Pp App PSAP Pr Visited Region or Country MNO Voice 22 Not for this PSAP. now an origination PSP YES for this PSAP. now a terminating PSP Cool! Now I can help you better 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 PEMEA Calling From Abroad
  23. 23. Access Network UE (Caller) OTT Voice Provider 1 IMS Network x Location Node GW-LIS 3 PSAP Internet 2 4 5 6 7 • Hybrid Model − Existing infrastructure-based location (e.g., civic, cellular) − UE existing capabilities (e.g., GNSS) − Novel techniques (e.g., WiFi based) • OTT Use Case (example in right image) 2326/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 Enhanced Location
  24. 24. NG PSAP and Testbed 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 24
  25. 25. 25 NG PSAP • Development of NG PSAP Systems and ERO Systems – NG ready (total conversation, data exchange, multimedia support and advanced location) – PSAP Selection based on multiple criteria (location, language, multimedia support) • Integration of early warning and public alerts 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016
  26. 26. 26/07/2016 26 NEXES Testbed • Create an open testbed, enabling the testing and validation of the NEXES System and Apps • Validation of compliant IP-based communication and information systems for Next Generation Emergency Services • Contributing to the pan-European regulation and standardisation effort towards Next Generation emergency products and services • Coordination: TEAMNET Testbed Internet NEXES or third party developers (using NEXES API) NEXES - TEMU 2016
  27. 27. 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 27 NEXES Pilots IMS Internet Internet Calls from Mobile Apps via an Wi-Fi Access Point operated by a VSP Internet Wi-Fi Access Teamnet PSAP IDS PSAP Internet UL PSAP DW GeoHub LIS CNVVF ERO Coordination AAHD ERO Coordination AAHD Responders AAHD PSAPEmergency Response Coordination Centre 3 Pilots Planned: - Slovenia - Romania - Turkey
  28. 28. Romanian visitor Romanian Application Provider PSAP ?PEMEA Network Call Info Location Routing P S P P S P ASPASP Secure information transfer from App to trusted destination • Pilots with PSAPs, APs and PSPs from different countries will take place during 2017 and 2018 • EENA/ETSI Plug Test (March 2017) NEXES Pilots and PEMEA 2826/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016
  29. 29. Connect To NEXES 29 315359 #NEXES MHG4Pcum97Q0shsWH1g26/07/2016
  30. 30. Contacts 26/07/2016 NEXES - TEMU 2016 30 Marco Manso (NEXES Coordinator) Cosmin Carjan (PSAP Systems and Testbed Expert) Bertrand Casse (NEXES Location and PEMEA Expert)