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My house Bruno D. P.


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Published in: Travel, Business
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My house Bruno D. P.

  1. 1. My house By Bruno D. P.
  2. 2. Living room garden hall My house Kitchen Bedroom 2 bathroom
  3. 3. Bedroom
  4. 4. Bedroom  In my bedroom there is a bunkbed, a computer, a wardrobe and a desk.
  5. 5. Bathroom
  6. 6. Bathroom In my bathroom there is a sink, a toilet and bath.
  7. 7. Living room
  8. 8. Living room  In my living room there is a sofa, an armchair, a tv and coffee table.
  9. 9. Kitchen
  10. 10. kitchen  In my kitchen there is a cooker and a sink.
  11. 11. Garden
  12. 12. Garden In my garden there are plants
  13. 13. I love my house