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Valentine's Day

Valentines Day,Beautiful poem, Beautiful song, Beautiful pictures.

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Valentine's Day

  1. 1. Valentine’s Day
  2. 2. Just Beyond The Sunset
  3. 3. Just beyond the sunset Someone waits for me
  4. 4. Just beyond the sunset Lies my destiny
  5. 5. Where the purple mountains Lie in deep tranquillity
  6. 6. There I’ll find the treasure Of love eternally
  7. 7. Just beyond the sunset Waits someone so fair
  8. 8. Just beyond the sunset All alone they wait there
  9. 9. Their hair is golden The colour of the sand
  10. 10. Their eyes sparkle in the night Like diamonds in your hand
  11. 11. Just beyond the sunset Lies a home for me
  12. 12. Where the world is peaceful Like a paradise should be
  13. 13. Just beyond the sunset Someday is where you’ll find me
  14. 14. Happy Valentine's Day
  15. 15. By : Jorge Franca Written - July or Aug 1966 By David Harris Just Beyond The Sunset Poem Song Sunset By Air Supply