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Ufos Religion


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Ufos Religion

  1. 1. Ufos And Religion
  2. 2. "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino", painted in the 15th century, artist unknown but to the Lippi school. The lower detail shows a section where a man and his dog can be seen looking up at a UFO type object .
  3. 3. The announcement to the shepherds as appears in the Nativity of Vincenzo Foppa (Detroit Institute of Arts):
  4. 4. These above are but a few examples, taken from dozens of paintings of the Nativity of Christ. In every one, we clearly recognize the Angel, and see that almost always there's one shepherd holding a hand to his forehead, shielding his eyes from the resplendent light of the Glory of the Lord, occasionally there's a dog <aware of> and also looking towards the apparition. In most cases there is an angel coming out of a cloud lined by light, or as is evident in significantly older pictures this is represented with golden rays. Either way they are very much explainable!!
  5. 5. Other paintings showing Jesus Christ and UFO are very presents in art until French revolution when the subject was began to be a threat for Vatican (people before this time were uneducated and does not interested in art and paintings, except in the Renaissance time were paintings and UFO are particularly presents) De Gelder as Rembrandt had access to Vatican's paintings and literature on Jesus Christ. Ha had surely see other paintings with UFOs and decided to do the same. Everyone knows that Vatican owns secret paintings and literature: all works that put the religion in dander were censured. Aert de Gelder (1645-1727)
  6. 6. The painting is &quot;The Annunciation&quot; by Carlo Crivelli, and hangs in the National Gallery, London. A disk shaped UFO-type object throwing down a beam of light down onto Mary's head, is shown in detail.
  7. 7. A 17th century fresco from the Svetishoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia. The two saucer shaped objects on either side of Christ contain faces, which can be seen in the detail images .
  8. 8. A fresco entitled &quot;The Crucifixion&quot; and was painted in 1350. The fresco is located above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. The two objects in the painting, which could be considered UFO's, are enlarged below.
  9. 9. This painting shows a huge dome-shaped craft hovering above the Tomb of Jesus where Mary Magdalene came to visit His Tomb where an Angel also appeared.
  10. 10. The picture shows Jesus and Mary on what appear to be disc-shaped lenticular clouds. It is titled &quot;The Miracle of the Snow&quot;, by Masolino Da Panicale (1383-1440). It hangs at the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Florence, Italy.
  11. 11. Saucer shaped &quot;clouds&quot; intrigue modern ufologists. Could so many have appeared in the sky at one time? Or, are the hat shaped UFOs depicted so numerous here to -punctuate- certain events as being particularly holy? Painted circa 1490 by an unknown artist.
  12. 12. I was initially disappointed to learn the whole story of the Virgin Mary at Fatima. It turns out that &quot;The Miracle of the Sun&quot; was actually a gigantic UFO sighting: Marian Apparitions Jacques Vallee states: &quot;The crowd that stood in a field in Fatima, a small village in the district of Leiria, some sixty-two miles north of Lisbon, on October 13, 1917, was waiting there for a miracle, because three children had been assured such an event would take place after a number of meetings with an 'entity' that came from the sky in a globe of light.   &quot;...According to the very words of the Reverend General Vicar of Leiria, who was one of the witnesses, the lady came in an 'aeroplane of light,' an 'immense globe, flying westwards, at moderate speed. It irradiated a very bright light.' Some other witnesses saw a white being coming out of the globe, which several minutes later took off, disappearing in the direction of the sun.   &quot;The last episode was the miracle itself. It was seen by seventy thousand persons, among whom were pious individuals and atheists, clergymen and reporters from a socialist newspaper. As promised, it happened on October 13 at noon. Among the crowd was Professor Almeida Garrett, of Coimbra University, a scientist, who described the phenomena in the following terms: 'It was raining hard, and the rain trickled down everyone's clothes. Suddenly, the sun shone through the dense cloud which covered it: everybody looked in its direction. IT LOOKED LIKE A DISC, OF A VERY DEFINITE CONTOUR. It was not dazzling. I don't think that it could be compared to a dull silver disk, as someone said later in Fatima. No. It rather possessed a clear, changing brightness, which one could compare to a pearl. It looked like a polished wheel. This is not poetry. My eyes have seen it. This clear-shaped disk suddenly began turning. It rotated with increasing speed. Suddenly, the crowd began crying with anguish. The sun (disk?), revolving all the time, began falling toward the earth, reddish and bloody, threatening to crush everyone under its fiery weight...'&quot;   &quot;...Fatima was a modern event, yet it is already clouded with the distortions of 'belief'. The Photographs of the object had 'disappeared.' The key prophecy has been suppressed. Lucia shut herself away from the world. As the years passed, the object was turned into a 'dancing sun,' the angel hair became 'rose petals,' and the entire phenomena was removed from the field of science and entrusted to the religionists...
  13. 14. 70.000 People saw this that day
  14. 15. What all this means? Religious events? UFO events? The Universe has thousands or perhaps millions of planets. Do you thing we are alone? Just thing properly, is up to you. By : Jorge Franca Music Close encounters of the third kind By John Willians