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Owee tool kit v other approaches


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What are the other approaches close to OWEE?

Published in: Education
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Owee tool kit v other approaches

  1. 1. PartV: Other approaches Open Walked Event-based Experimentations (OWEE)
  2. 2. identify several approaches which seem to share some similarities with OWEE more conversations with these past or ongoing works 
  3. 3. Methods on the Move: experiencing and imagining borders, risk & belonging Maker walk and how to do a maker walk The walkshop approach Data Walkshops walking interview
  4. 4. Making Routes, Making Place and Making Images Walking Walking ethnography and interviews in the analysis of aesthetic experiences Place making as urban design methodology A participatory approach to public space design Places in the making
  5. 5. « About the future, what is at stake is not prediction. It is to make it possible » Contributors to this creative common document: Aurore Dandoy, Albane Grandazzi & François-Xavier deVaujany (last update: 29/01/2018)