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Owee tool kit iv references


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What are the concepts and theories behind OWEE?

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Owee tool kit iv references

  1. 1. Part IV: References and conceptual blocs Open Walked Event-based Experimentations (OWEE)
  2. 2. three conceptual blocs
  3. 3. OWEE #common? BLOC I: Corporeal engagement in walk, gestures and movements BLOC III: Assemblage of narratives and temporalities BLOC II: Visuality of public space-time Marrou (engaged history) Arendt (political philosophy) Ricoeur (time, narrative, closure of the text) Merleau-Ponty (embodiment, expression visibility, time, institution) Butler (performativity, assemblage) de Certeau (walk, grammar) Lefebvre (space, city) Ingold (walk, movement)
  4. 4. phenomenology
  5. 5. � About the future, what is at stake is not prediction. It is to make it possible � Contributors to this creative common document: Fran�ois-Xavier deVaujany, Aurore Dandoy and Albane Grandazzi (last update: 29/01/2018)