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Owee tool kit iii examples and first data set


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This document gives two illustrations of OWEEs in Barcelona and in Berlin.

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Owee tool kit iii examples and first data set

  1. 1. Part III: Examples and first data set Open Walked Event-based Experimentations (OWEE)
  2. 2. seven learning expeditions Berlin Barcelona Paris in Berlin Tokyo Rome and Milan London
  3. 3. Learning expedition Diversity of stakeholders Diversity of spaces visited Diversity of times Length of walk Level of co- production of the event First expedition in Berlin #visualizinghacking2016 + +++ + ++ + Opening event of RGCS Barcelona +++ +++ ++ ++ + Learning expedition of #RGCS2016 ++ +++ + + ++ Second learning expedition in Berlin #visualizinghacking2017 +++ +++ +++ +++ ++ Learning expedition in Tokyo #visualizinghacking2017 + ++ ++ +++ ++ Learning expedition in Rome and Milan #collday2017 + ++ ++ ++ + Learning expedition in London #RGCS2018 ++ + ++ ++ ++
  4. 4. A learning expedition for the opening of RGCS Barcelona, September 2016, three days.Thank you Montserrat! A research seminar at UB (their co-working space) Six visits of makerspaces, incubators & co-working spaces the next day. Fascinating walked conversations 38 people for the last visit, 62 people for the all event (academics, entrepreneurs, students, activists, artists…)
  5. 5. A learning expedition in Berlin, March 2017, three days
  6. 6. The starting-point: a seminar and panel at Betahaus
  7. 7. A visit of an incubator, also a co-working space (Rainmaking loft)
  8. 8. A great encounter… and other visits (C-Base, Das Bett, WeWork, Sant Oberhotz…) Visit of a makerpsace (Kaos)
  9. 9. Visit and workshop, FabLab Berlin
  10. 10. The street Liminal spaces Public transportations
  11. 11. Encounters and conviviality
  12. 12. Conversation about the sharing economy and the refugee crisis Co-produced event the third day (e.g. visit of a vertical farm)
  13. 13. Importance of assemblages by and through time and space by narration… #RGCS2016 #visualizinghacking2016, #collday2017, #visuaizinghacking2017, #sharingday2017, #OWEEUN… 95 RGCS events organized since 2014!
  14. 14. • Tweets can be collected through our hashtags • Videos and pictures of our events • Data based on Samsung health system and other geolocalization tools • Our documentations and ethnographical notes
  15. 15. « About the future, what is at stake is not prediction. It is to make it possible » Contributors to this creative common document: François-Xavier deVaujany, Aurore Dandoy and Albane Grandazzi (last update: 29/01/2018) Contributors to our past learning expeditions (RGCS organizers and RGCS community managers): Serge Bolidum, Ignasi Capdevilla, Audore Dandoy, François-Xavier deVaujany, Charles-Baptiste Gérard, Julie Fabbri, Stéphanie Faure, Anna Glaser, Albane Grandazzi, Luca Giustiniano,Adèle Gruen, Stefan Haefliger, Bastian Lange, Pierre Laniray, Rose-Marie Oger, Montserrat Pareja, Roser Pujadas, Paolo Spagnoletti,Cristina Rossi, Suntje Schmidt,Chiara Tagliaro, Paula Ungureanu, David Vallat