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Owee tool kit ii how to do an owee


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This tutorial detailes an open guideline about how to design and manage an OWEE

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Owee tool kit ii how to do an owee

  1. 1. Part II: OWEE open guideline Open Walked Event-based Experimentations (OWEE)
  2. 2. NEITHER NOR vision, a set of principles improvised, hacked, enriched, circumvented
  3. 3. LEARNING EXPEDITION the city and territory and the narrative they want to share opening loop conversational loop concluding loop
  4. 4. • Seminar • Workshop Opening loop • Visits • Walk • Topical conversations • Always co- created, improvised parts Indoor- outdoor conversational loop • Concluding discussions • Co-creation of projects and next events Boucle de fermeture Extension, communication of the learning expedition on social networks, assemblage of past and future events
  5. 5. A COUPLE OF EMERGENT PRACTICES: - An hashtag message of openess - Two local people and two or three people from the network - Reflexive times, written, seated times document
  6. 6. The OWEE « box » (A ressource for community managers) A walked, on the move, community management Digital narration and spoken narrations
  7. 7. - The OWEE box all practical elements put in a practical manner to foster the immediate and more distant conversation betweenOWEE stakeholders
  8. 8. • Empirical feedbacks based on past walks: - Putting breaks in the middle of the walk - Fighting against ‘clubs’ - Tweeting while walking Using live diffusion tools if possible - Using public transportations topical walked conversations as fun as possible
  9. 9. « About the future, what is at stake is not prediction. It is to make it possible » Contributors to this creative common document: Aurore Dandoy, François-Xavier deVaujany, Anna Glaser, Albane Grandazzi (last update: 29/01/2018) Contributors to our past learning expeditions (RGCS organizers and RGCS community managers): Serge Bolidum, Ignasi Capdevilla, Audore Dandoy, François-Xavier deVaujany, Charles-Baptiste Gérard, Julie Fabbri, Stéphanie Faure, Anna Glaser, Albane Grandazzi, Luca Giustiniano,Adèle Gruen, Stefan Haefliger, Bastian Lange, Pierre Laniray, Rose-Marie Oger, Montserrat Pareja, Roser Pujdas, Paolo Spagnoletti,Cristina Rossi, Suntje Schmidt,Chiara Tagliaro, Paula Ungureanu, David Vallat