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Worldline brochure of the connected vehicles offering

Published in: Automotive, Business, Technology
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Offre connected-vehicles-4p-en-ld

  1. 1. engageyour customer thanks to a leadingconnected vehicle solutions provider Worldline Connected Vehicles
  2. 2. The time of Telematics features is over; it is now time for the profitable Connected Vehicles business. Connecting your vehicles is not about a physical Link to your vehicles, but about creating a business Link with your customers. It is not only a technical challenge: a successful connected vehicle program is a digital transformation required by the fact that car manufacturers need to become user-centric. This means that they have to provide the best user experience considering the best practices from consumer electronics, take into account the fact that the life cycles of connected products are 4 times shorter than those of cars, deeply understand the importance of the acquired Data, and finally distinguish Value-added services from features. There is no reason why automotive companies should not quickly seize connected car opportunities as long as the right ICT and process partnerships are in place. With our Connected Vehicle solutions, we combine flexible business models with expertise, software and production assets to: • create a large audience by enhancing the driver and passenger experience through a safely connected extension of their environment. • establish sustained revenue streams both for manufacturers and their eco-system partners powered by value-added B2B services. It is unquestionably a revolution. All vehicles will be connected; this is all about how vehicles manufacturers can leverage it as a business opportunity. Worldline is fully committed to supporting the digital transformation of your business, leveraging your customer experience and loyalty, and opening your new and sustainable revenue thanks to our worldwide ecosystem partners. Change the game in your industry Worldline is your partner of choice on the connected vehicle market whether you are vehicle manufacturer or tier-1 supplier. To assist you with this transformation, we provide a unique product range based on the combination of our professional and technological expertise: in-depth knowledge and experience in the automotive market, expertise in the field of service platforms, contextual mobility, machine-to-machine communication, electronic shopping and payment, and the capacity for global implementation using «cloud» and «pay-per-use» models. Thanks to these capabilities, we enable you to deliver new contextual digital products (Apps, Contents, Service subscriptions) and improve your core activities both for vehicle selling & after- market activities, thus giving you the ability to change the game in your industry by: • switching to service provisioning, upgrading your business model and generating more profitable business. • developing customer intimacy during and after the sales process, providing additional opportunities to sell more to the current customers who are loyal to your product. Initiate the digital transformation of your business with Worldline to deliver distinct value and improve your brand equity! IVI Connected Navigation & Telematics solutions used by top global vehicle manufacturers & tier-1 suppliers One-Stop Shop integrating MNO Management, Service Delivery Platform, Automotive e-Store & billing Flexible integration, modular approach, 5 configurations and IT provider to integrate with car manufacturers’ existing IT & Telematics resources Multiple Devices & Connectivity: Android & Genivi head units, TCU & user connectivity Context broker platform enabling Context-aware services & Big Data management for new B2C & B2B business models Innovative “Business partner” model, with risk and success sharing #1st to introduce mass-market Automotive Store & In-car payment How far can you go?
  3. 3. Unlock the potential of Connected Vehicles End-to-end Provider Agile Sourcing • Leveraging the particularities of all partners • Horizontal: for all levels of the value chain • Vertical: for the diversity of services and countries • Flexible: maintaining independence White Label Solution Provider As a neutral partner, Worldline proposes a business model in which the car manufacturer fully retains the customer relationship and data control, while Worldline orchestrates the complex eco landscape of the Connected Vehicle partner. With a leading European provider of end-to-end connected living solutions. Managing Complexity • Integration of multiple partners • Ad-hoc development (legacy, specific aspects) • Ability to process high volumes of data from heterogeneous sources • Dynamic approach over time Deployment & Operations • Across multiple territories • For high volumes • With local adjustments • With the flexibility required for global and local management Global footprint Our Service Delivery & e-Store Platform Thanks to its unique, proven experience and assets, Worldline releases a Unique White Label Services & e-Store Delivery platform (S2DP), with 5 configurations that meet the incremental needs of car manufacturers, minimise the time-to-market and optimise operational efficiency: “In-car Tablet” > Safe & integrated use of Tablets in the car. “IVI SDP” > Service Delivery Platform including updates of a defined list of apps. “IVI SDP & AppShop” > In addition to Configuration 2, the car manufacturer has its own AppShop with billing process management. “NAV, IVI SDP & e-Store” > In addition to Configuration 3, the car manufacturer can manage sets of services and the associated subscriptions. “Full S2DP” > In addition to Configuration 4, Telematics services are managed (MNO & TCU management, Car Data acquire/Store/process, integration with Telematics Assistance Call Centers). The advent of connected vehicles will inspire ever more enduring relationships between car drivers and manufacturers. Atos is ready to push the imagination to the limits with its clients. So contact us now for more information and get your journey started. Countries deployed by 2013 Countries deployed in 2014 CustomerRelationship ITServices Integrates thebestpartners at the right time Manages Communication andpublication data & service Helps to secure and manage data Brand Intimacy Client- centric Your clients You Service Orchestration
  4. 4. Worldline is a registered trademark of Atos Worldline SAS. April 2014 © 2014 Worldline, an Atos subsidiary, is the European leader and a global player in the payments and transactional services industry. Worldline delivers new generation services, enabling its customers to offer smooth and innovative solutions to the end consumer. Key actor for B2B2C industries, with 40 years of experience, Worldline is ideally positioned to support and contribute to the success of all businesses and administrative services in a perpetually evolving market. Worldline offers a unique and flexible business model built around a global and growing portfolio, thus enabling end-to-end support. Worldline activities are organized around three axes: Merchant Services & Terminals, Mobility & e-Transactional Services, Financial Processing & Software Licensing. In 2012, Worldline’s activities within the Atos Group generated (pro forma) revenues of 1.1 billion euros. The company employs more than 7,200 people worldwide. Mobility & eTransactional Services The digital revolution is reinventing current B2C processes offering unprecedented opportunities to do more and better with less – however the associated innovation and technological challenges are huge. Our customers expect an end-to-end partner to support them in the creation of innovative digital products, leveraging similar experiences cross sectors, committing on joint business cases while managing smoothly the associated change management. We provide fully end-to-end processing services to digitalize business processes including new, contextual digital products for business innovation and operational efficiency, such as seamless journey management, connected living or digitization services while leveraging if needed our strong payments capabilities. For further information aggressive roadmap with 28 ones already covered. Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. China and Latin America coming soon. 45 countries 4 regions covered managed Growing Ecosystem of app providers Renault R-Link, powered by Worldline, rated as «best system» over 6 other leading European OE infotainment & navigation systems. (Automotive research consultancy SBD, sept 2013) 100 Apps #1st at User testability 4 projects already operational and delivered in time 1 million vehicles will be connected to our platform by 2015. About Worldline They trust us