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A&ig summit may 2012 crowdsourcing


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These are the sheets used during my lecture about crowsourcing at the Highland Automotive and High Tech summit.

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A&ig summit may 2012 crowdsourcing

  1. 1. Best practices in the value chains of Automotive & High-tech products, systems & servicesSmart Usage of a Company’s crowd (Social Sourcing)May 24th, 2012
  2. 2. Who is Frank Willems?Partner Twynstra Gudde and Professor HanzeUniversity of Applied Sciences Groningen, Innovatorin directing demand/supply and (crowd)sourcing,Founding father of ISO standard for Sourcing and Social Villageboard, Developing Leadership Master, Regattasailor 680 2
  3. 3. The sourcing solutions plotted on Kraljic What is the extent to which the product / service addsLarge added value 2nd generation sourcing 4th generation sourcing Crowd sourcing Social Sourcing LeverageBusiness Proces Strategic Outsourcing Business development Backoffice outsourcing 3th generation sourcing Shared Service Centers value for the business DataCenter Facilities outsourcing Routine BottleneckLess added value outsourcing Outsourcing workplace mgt Workinnovation Operations 1st generation sourcing outsourcing 2nd generation sourcing Purchasing Risk Standard Is it a standard or a specialized product? Specialized 3
  4. 4. You have to deal with all sourcing solutions What is the extent to which the product / serviceLarge added value Directing with focus on standardisation Collaboration adds value for the business Shared ServicesLess added value Outsourcing Directing with focus on collaboration and specialism Purchasing Risk Is it a standard or a specialized product? Standard Specialized Operational Excellence Product Leadership Customer intimacy 4
  5. 5. Crowdsourcing, Tribes and Co-creation• Crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community (a crowd), through an open call.• A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea• Co-creation is a form of market or business strategy that emphasizes the development and ongoing realization of mutual firm-customer value 5
  6. 6. Fishermen community for collecting, 7000 professional fishermenprovide the Ministry of Agriculture valuable informationon waterquality and share their knowledge with 350.000other fishers 6
  7. 7. your community radio online radio station for community members andlegally (3euro/mnd) based on your music preferences.Scrobble your iPod with iTunes and and find newmusic and get connected with members of the sameflavor 7
  8. 8. And our Datema Wikipilot projectAt this moment we are working on nautical information project with forty students from threeHanze University schools, Datema development teams, and managers and researchers fromthe university, with support from Syntens and a community of seafarers as our sounding board.Both the technology and the community are being created in parallel, using an open sourceapproach and the very latest development methodologies, all in a short space of time. At thebeginning of 2010 the first prototype applications will be ready, and we will be able to begin 8introducing them and build up the community to use the prototypes and share nautical data.
  9. 9. The crowdsourcing and retired experts• Pilot at Civil Service for vehicle registration and inspection• Aging causes 30% decrease of experts next five years• Time to do car inspection for retiring expert 2-6 hours, younger staff 2-6 days• Crowdsourcing to connect retiring experts to younger staff in coaching, handover of expertise and quality checks• People, passion, community and technology as principles of organizing knowledge sharing• Problem with fiscal claim on pension solved with smart heritage fund solution 9
  10. 10. Basic principles for CrowdsourcingPeople, Passion, Objectives and technology and thelevel of contact with the community• Listening: Listen to your community for research and better understanding of your customers. This goal suits for marketing development• Talking: Use your community to spread messages about your idea, brand or company. This goal suits to extend digital marketing initiatives and interactive channels• Energizing: Connect with you most enthusiastic customers and use the community to supercharge the power of their word of mouth. Suits for energizing your brand• Supporting: Setup a community where customers help and support you and each other. Suits for lowering supports costs or to share limited knowledge or experience• Embracing: Integrate the ideas of the community into your business and let them help to improve your services and products. Most challenging goal and experience with other goals is needed 10
  11. 11. Groundswell levels of participation 11
  12. 12. Social networks to connect peergroups– Nicholas Christakis: Our experience with the world depents on the factual structure of our networks and al what flows in these networks– Ronald Burt: People focus on activities within their own group and that causes ‘structural holes’ in informationflow between these groups 12
  13. 13. Something about birth generations Generation Baby boomers Generation X Generation EinsteinCharacteristicsBorn 1945-1955 1960-1985 1988-presentOutlook Protesters Critical and cynical PositiveBackground circumstances Post-war reconstruction Economic depression and Growth, advancement and rise of consumer society prosperityIdeals Many ideals Ideological vacuum Traditional idealsSpirit Enthusiastic Put things into perspective SeriousPersonality development Search for personality Personality is construct Personality is realIdentity Separate from parents and Need to belong True to themselves authorityComputer use Later in life. Searches, e- Involved in its launch. Grown up with it. Computer mails, surfing Surfing, e-mailing, is a social tool applications, searchesSocial media use Beginning to develop Beginning to share Chatting, blogging, gaming, communities with peer group. knowledge and the sharing and continuously Becoming important trendsetters are adopting online and using social crowdsourcing target group social media media re: lack of knowledge 13 Source: Boschma and Groen generational research findings
  14. 14. Do you have direct success?No, understand the law of diffusion of innovation 14 Prof. Everett Rogers 1962
  15. 15. And the law of inequal participationIn Community culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a messageboard, newsgroup, chatroom, file sharing, listening to people in conference calls orother interactive system, but rarely or never participates actively (Ridings, Gefen & Arinze, Psychological Barriers: Lurker and Poster Motivation and Behavior in Online Communities 2006 ) 15
  16. 16. Combine the law of innovation andparticipation levels Lurkers 90% 16
  17. 17. How do you direct crowdsourcing? In crowdsourcing you can not manage all and get full grip: the community is leadingUse social network principles, passion and innovation laws and connect people 17
  18. 18. Your contact for this subject• Twynstra Gudde• Frank Willems•• +31(0)6-53148980Highland Worldwide is a strategic alliance between consultancy firms in Europe, USA,China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil and United Arab Emirates (52 offices in total).The expertise of over 2,500 consultants and managers gives us a solid basis to assistyou with local support.