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Sony game in the city


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Sony game in the city

  1. 1. Sony. Leading the way in 3D
  2. 2. Sony. Leading the way in 3D
  3. 3. Sony. Leading the way in 3D Sony is fully immersed in every part of the 3D process More production expertise (CREATE) More 3D products (VIEW) More 3D entertainment content (RECEIVE) From Lens to Living Room
  4. 4. Sony’s 3 key roles in the 3D process CREATE We make most of the equipment for shooting, producing and screening 3D films and broadcasts. This equipment also drives growth of 3D production worldwide RECEIVE We’re building 3D compatibility into many of our devices to provide multiple ways in which 3D content can be enjoyed in the home (from 3D movies and programmes to stereoscopic games). VIEW As well as enabling and providing much of the content, we’re creating 3DTV technology that will revolutionise the viewing experience and re-establish the Living Room as the centre of home entertainment.
  5. 5. How is Sony re-defining the Living Room as the centre of Home Entertainment? MONOLITHIC DESIGN No buttons, bevels or controls on the TV ensures 100% focus on the picture. Six degree upward tilt for more natural, comfortable viewing. Internet, PC, PlayStation and DVD can now all be streamed through TV – without wires! The 3D, HD, Blu-ray DVD, PC and online universe is all coming to TV.
  6. 6. Whatever’s in 3D, the viewer gets to see. The 3DTV Living Room TV Channels 3D Blu-Ray PlayStation Set Top BoxBravia Internet Video
  7. 7. Sony – leading from the front in 2010 3D related products launching this year HDTV Blu-Ray Disc Player PS3 VAIO 40 Blu-Ray movies Games
  8. 8. What content is Sony delivering on film? Movies that make you feel part of the action • Delivering state of the art Blu-Ray 3D through Sony’s new 3D hardware for home entertainment • Creating new Sony 3D Technology Centre at Sony Pictures Studio (California) to train and nurture expertise in the rapidly growing 3D entertainment market. • Creating and delivering an exciting new catalogue of 3D movies for 2010 • Releasing previous classic movies in 3D Blu-Ray from 2010+
  9. 9. What content is Sony delivering on film? …and many more hitting home and cinema screens in 2010 The first ever 3D Blu-Ray movie…
  10. 10. What content is Sony delivering online? The new 4th button on your TV • Streams new sources of online programming direct to the TV • A new alternative to Blu-Ray, PlayStation and TV channel content • No PC or advanced set up required • Huge range of programme and movie content available The ultimate choice and convenience for TV viewing
  11. 11. What content is Sony delivering online? • Enables users to access Catch Up TV • Access to increasing range of user generated content • Ready for any 3D content reception • Unlimited choice from massive new viewing stream
  12. 12. What content is Sony delivering in gaming? Bringing games to life • From the people who bought the world PlayStation • 11 million+ PlayStation3 sales since 2006 launch • 52 million PlayStation2 systems + 17 million PSPs • 15.4 million registered to PlayStation Network interactive environment Already breaking new ground in 2D games for 2010… ...and now about to add a third dimension
  13. 13. 7th July 2010
  14. 14. What content is Sony delivering in gaming? All new PlayStation3s to be 3D game and movie compatible from 2010 • Current PS3s to be upgradeable • 6-8 3D games to be launched Department
  15. 15. 3D Title Status – July 2010 Released •WipEoutHD •SuperStardustHD •PAIN •MotorStorm : Pacific Rift demo •3D Collection (all above titles sold as bundle on PSN) Announced •Gran Turismo 5 •Tumble •EyePet Move •The Fight : Lights out •Killzone 3 •MotorStorm : Apocolypse •Sly Cooper 3 •Major League Baseball ‘10 (demo) Imminent announcement •MotorStorm : 3D Rift
  16. 16. 3D Title Status – July 2010 3D gamers are more accurate Enhanced speed and depth Process information more quickly Judgement of Speed and Depth Faster shooting (even in 3D Simulated games) Faster and better driving
  17. 17. 3D Title Status – July 2010 S Technical background on viewing 3D at home
  18. 18. Compression systems Similar compression – AVC/H264. – MPEG-4. – Windows Media Player 12. Bandwidth requirements – About 15Mbps optimal. – Maybe less! Compression systems
  19. 19. Transmission methods
  20. 20. HDMI connector for consumer equipment The new SCART connector Standard connector for Set-top box to TV or HD recorder Founders: – Hitachi, Ltd. – Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic) – Philips Consumer Electronics International B.V. – Silicon Image, Inc. – Sony Corporation – Thomson, Inc. – Toshiba Corporation
  21. 21. HDMI Version 1.2 – 8 channel one-bit audio (SACD). Version 1.3 (June 2006) – Higher bandwidth required by HD-DVD and BluRay. – 30, 36 and 48 bit colour (R,G,B or Y,Pr,Pb). – New mini connector for camcorders. – Automatic lip-syncing. – Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master lossless audio. Version 1.4 (May 2009) – Digital cinema 4K resolutions. – HDMI Ethernet Channel. – 3D HDMI. – Micro connector.
  22. 22. HDMI version 1.4 3D support; 3D discs have left and right pictures. The player must send two pictures in 1/50 sec. HDMI clock speed needs to be twice vs. current 2D Blu-ray players. 3D effect can only be realized by HDMI not analogue output. HDMI v1.4 3D support – 3D signal flag – 3D signal pass though
  23. 23. SONY PROFESSIONAL Displaying 3D television Active Display technology SONY PROFESSIONAL
  24. 24. Active LCD display and glasses No special screen or projector required. – However infra-red decoder and transmitter required. Glasses contain LCD shutters in each eye. – Left shutter open during field 1 (or first frame). – Right shutter open during field 2 (or second frame). – Infra-red receiver in the glasses. Left eye Richt eye Infrared com.
  25. 25. Advantages and disadvantages Advantages. – Good 3D separation. – Wide viewing angle. – No special display technology required, but ... Disadvantages. – Television screens need fast reaction times. – Requires additional infra-red decoder and transmitter. – Glasses are powered and expensive. Conclusions. –Standard for home use using HDMI version 1.4.
  26. 26. SONY PROFESSIONAL A glimpse into the future • New directions for 3D video. • Personal 3D players. • Glasses-less 3D. • Novel uses for 3D technology. SONY PROFESSIONAL
  27. 27. Parallax barrier Screens Specifically for flat screen technology. Slit screen placed in front of the screen. Odd pixels to one eye, even to the other. Each eye sees a different complete image. Viewer must be accurately placed.
  28. 28. Other uses for 3D technology Dual view displays. – Method for showing different material for two different viewers. – Sharp veil-view displays. • Different image from different angles. – 2010 Range Rover dual-view touch screen display. • GPS for the driver. • DVD or Blu-ray for the passenger. 3D studies and modelling. 3D vision for security.
  29. 29. 2010 Range Rover dual view touch screen
  30. 30. Autostereoscopic 3D A few early attempts. – Semi mechanical. Difficult to accomplish. Many years into the future.
  31. 31. 3D Title Status – July 2010 Thank you for your attention... Questions?
  32. 32. “Sony” or “make.believe” is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. Names of Sony products and services are the registered trademarks and/or trademarks of Sony Corporation or its Group companies. Other company names and product names are the registered trademarks and/or trademarks of the respective companies.