Noorderslag: Hessel van Oorschot


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15 januari 2011

Published in: Technology, Business
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Noorderslag: Hessel van Oorschot

  1. 1. connecting musicians and companies Hessel van Oorschot Chief of Noise
  2. 2. for musicians, composers, songwriters
  3. 3. Today we launch For the first time in The Netherlands (yes this is news worthy) (yes on the same day as the AD/Trijntje deal)
  4. 5. BEAM! (beam me up Scotty) (to beam or not to beam?) (beam it! By Michael Jackson)
  5. 6. BEAM = Digital Distribution with 100% safe Beam Unlock Codes Distribute your music album to a hundred or a million people in a few minutes
  6. 8. BEAM = Dialog 365 days of the year with your target audience Every Beam album comes with a realtime Beam browser enabling the artist (or brand) to engage with their fans
  7. 10. BEAM = DISCOVER New ways generating income... selling Beam unlock codes during gigs, series of unlock codes to brands , package deals in the Beam browser , barter deals with local businesses...
  8. 12. To Beam or not to Beam? Learn more.. Authorized Beam Agent NL Tribe of Noise +31 20 775 4411 [email_address]
  9. 13. Thank you ! hessel van oorschot +31 6 18083079 Twitter @tribeofnoise [email_address]