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  1. 1. I have a symbolic symbol a microphone which is a The use of a website, is again a signifier this help symbolise typical convention of the magazines genre. magazine, so I have again decided to include, it. The use of a web address also helps I have decided not to promote the magazine. challenge nstead I have decided to the typical I have decided to include a pull conventions of a music Quote, this entices the magazine, istick with the audience into wanting to read typical conventions of a on, it can be seen as a clever music magazines main lure. image, I have done this by ensuring the main image is maintaining direct eye contact with the audience. This helps theI have include again a The inclusion of a barcode is a reader feel comfortabletypical convention. A normal convention of a with the magazine and itcompetition, the magazine, so I have decided to helps express theinclusion of this helps include this on my front cover emotions and feelings oflure the reader in. along with the price and date the model. Friendly mode above. of address is used.
  2. 2. The mastheads is deliberately eye catching, due to the bright colours used. The model is seen smiling, which is seen to be radiant to the audience feelings, which would attract them to the magazine. The smile is also a signifier of happiness, it creates a comforting and pleasant atmosphere. The model is dressed smart and so wouldn’tThe round typography, again appears to be friendly, just appeal to thethe colours used are also seen to be signifiers , pink everyday audience.and red suggest happiness and are also stereotypicalcolours of the desired target audience which arefemales.
  3. 3. The splats used again are used as a symbol to help show the audience, from this style it makes the reader aware the age group this magazine us aimed towards. Teenage like/Childlike style This lure used helps entice the audience and encourages them to read on. I have used the same technique as the “we love pop” magazine, the word “exclusive” again entices the audience and lets the audience know that this interview can only be read in this magazine nowhere else & so again entices the reader.The text above the masthead, helps separatethe difference between other musicmagazines in the market. It helps plug awhole in the music industry, it makes themagazine unique.
  4. 4. This magazines has the same sort of style as my own. This magazine has used stereotypical colours to help relate and attract their audience, where in this case is females. The same audience as my own magazine. The same colour pink is used constantly throughout the front cover. The masthead is bold to attract the audiences attention, this technique has been used on my own magazine front cover. It also makes clear the music genre this is based on (pop) The magazine has used a symbolic signifier,A smile is a signifier for happiness and so a heart, that symbolises love. This symbol ingives the magazine a warm happy feeling. my opinion represents and suggests theThe fonts used are round, which have the particular market this magazine is aimedconnotations of happiness and friendliness. towards and the age range.
  5. 5. Lures the reader in, “exclusive” tells the reader they can’tget the interview anywhere else. A barcode including the date issue number and price is also a typical convention of a magazine. This magazine has not challenged typical music magazine conventions and has instead stuck to the usual conventions of a magazines main image and this is done by, direct eye contact being made with the audience. This helps the reader feel comfortable with the magazine and help express the models emotions and feelings. The model on the front is a well known celebrity and so many of it’s readers will aspire to be like her. A so fulfils Maslows theory.
  6. 6. The use of the personal pronoun “us” makes the audience and the magazine feel as one, together as a family.This magazine has also useda typical convention whichare pull quotes, these helplure in the reader and grabtheir attention. Enticesthem, to read on.The typography above themasthead “GOSSIP,FASHION, BOYSUncensored” arestereotypical favourites areit’s so clear target audience.So again entices theaudience and gets them pickup the magazine and to readon.
  7. 7. Social Groups I am representing two different social groups of society within my magazine. Both black and white. The main image is clearly of a different race, the main model is representation of his social group in a positive way, the connotations of a shirt and a waistcoats, is that it suggest elegance and sophistication I have chosen to move away from the negative stereotypical images of particular social groups within society, which can be seen to be offensive and upsetting to the reader. In the bottom, lower left of the magazine main page Is that of a Caucasian male, who is seen, facing the reader wearing sunglasses, this presents him as being , cool, calm and collective. I have decided to challenge stereotypes on my front cover, the main image is representing teenagers positively and invites a wider audience as I have avoided sticking to the typical white middle class icons on front covers of magazines. Both images used challenges stereotypes as it represents both social groups and ethnicities positively. The main model is someone who people can aspire to be and can feel proud of. And fulfils Maslows theory of the reader having a sense of belonging.
  8. 8. Bauer Media Bauer Media owns more than 80 influential media brands spanning a wide range of interests, including heat, GRAZIA, Closer, MCN, FHM, Parkers, MATCH, Magic 105.4, Kiss 100, Kerrang and Q. It is seen to be one of the UK’s most leading companies The company advertises its’ artists on television, radio and in magazines. The following media institutions will help distribute my music, because they have the same style of music and have a huge fan base and audienceBauer Media Website MTV My artists songs will be played on shows such as: 4 Music MTV, 4 music Bliss
  9. 9. AudienceThe audience for my magazine, will be teenagers.A mainstream audience as they are into that of pop music.According to Psycho – Graphic research (Young and Rubican Advertising Agency, 1974) mymagazine will audience will appear to that of Aspirers, those who strive for a better life,such as cars, gadgets etc. I think my magazines audience will also be to, that ofmainstreamers, those that prefer to be like other people, they will like to be like themodels in the magazine including the magazines main image. My magazine will also appeal to the “E” category of the “Socio-economic categorisation”. This category appeals to that of students and avoids appealing to those higher up in the categories. Such as Land owners, the Royal Family, Doctors and Lawyers. As I believe the magazine is for a much younger audience and not targeted towards professionals. The conventions on the magazine are designed to specifically target a younger audience and not an adult professional audience.
  10. 10. Images of the Typical Reader
  11. 11. The magazine market is highly competitive market, as there are over7000 magazines available on the market.70% of those magazines are bought on impulseThe magazines front cover is one of the most important techniquesfor promoting the magazine.The cover must aim to hook the audience through the use of manytechniques, such as, free gifts, giveaways, exclusive content such asinterviews with famous celebrities, posters etc and bright vibrantcolours and interesting exciting cover lines.These techniques and more have been applied to my magazine tohelp the magazine achieve success.I have chosen to address my audience in an informal manner, thiswas done to make the reader feel at level with what they are readingand want to read on. As more of a formal tone could make thereader feel inferior and not appeal to them.
  12. 12. The use of the indexical sign, (smile) gives the page a positive uplifting feel and creates happiness for the reader.I have both attracted and addressed myaudience by using many different techniques.Throughout the magazine.My magazine front covers main image is seento be attractive and so therefore encouragesthe reader to pick up the magazine.It also attracts aspires and people will aspireto be like the what appears to be a cool,model. Lure used with the price, this is a brilliant price compared to other music magazines on the market, Im offering the same if better content
  13. 13. Exclusive interview, lets the reader know that thisinterview can’t be viewed in any other magazineand so again encourages the reader to pick up themagazine . The use of the bright colour used helpsattract the readers attention. “exclusive” and“inside” are in the same colour as these mainpoints need to be emphasised to the reader thatthe interview is both exclusive and it can be foundinside the magazine.
  14. 14. The use of pull quotes, helps entice thereader, and encourages them to“needing” to read on. The colour usedalso gives an uplifting and pleasantfeeling. The round font is round andhas a warm feeling to it and has theconnotations of friendliness.I have also used bright, vibrant coloursthroughout the magazine, theconnotations of this, is that it gives themagazine a warm, inviting, pleasantfeeling and sets the mood from thestart. Free gifts up for grabs, helps hook the reader and again helps encourage them to read on. Free posters also helps hook the reader.
  15. 15. I have used a simple yeteffective name to help engagethe reader. The use of the iconic signifier, tells the reader the type of magazine this is. Direct eye contact with the reader, makes it appear that the model is addressing the reader. The use of direct address in the typography, “you” makes the reader feel part of the magazine and again that they are addressing them directly.
  16. 16. The use of powerful lexis used on the contents page,again lures the reader in to read on, and helps enticethem.
  17. 17. The contents page is,colourful and eyecatching, due to both thecolours, attractivemodels and the variousconventions andtechniques.What the magazine has to offer to it’sreader is in my opinion paramount.The reader must be interested andwant to buy the magazine if thethings it’s offering are interesting.Such as free gifts, exclusive contentsuch as posters, interviews withfamous celebrities etc.The use of stereotypicalgender colour schemesthroughout makes it clearthe audience type and sex.
  18. 18. To construct my music magazine I usedmany different softwares andtechnologies. A high quality digital camerawas used to take good quality andprofessional looking sharp images.These were then upload onto mycomputer, and them imported into AdobePhotoshop, where I then edited andenhanced the images and then began toproduce the front cover, contents anddouble-page spread for the main imageand front cover and other pages to appearmore realistic and professional.A blog was used to plan my work and keeptrack of what has been done/needs to bedone. I think the use of technology hasplayed an important part for theconstruction of my magazine.Slide share was used to help show myPowerPoint on my blog to make it appearanaesthetically pleasing .
  19. 19. Looking back at my preliminary task, I personally feel that I have learnt a lot in theprogression from this to the full project. The main thing I learnt was conventional layout.For my school magazine front cover,I researched into existing magazines and found they all had similar if the same layout.They all had a masthead that was positioned in the top left hand corner.A barcode was a consistent convention on all the magazines I looked at.A skyline was always included and so was , a lure‘.Both a main story, and a main image was used to attract the audience and at times a fewsmaller images were used related to the features listed down the sides and across thebottom.They also had particular colour schemes and a house style running throughout, whichwould attract the type of audience they were trying to attract.
  20. 20. Elle magazine has a glamorousreputation and has a huge female fanbase. The magazines main focus isfashion and womens lifestyle. This canbe clearly seen through the front cover,“beyonces” glamorous dress. Theconventions of the colours purple andgold give the magazine an expensivelook. The image of the A-list celebrity onthe cover is not a grabbed shot, it isposed, set in a studio and she is made tolook her best though she is not smiling.The house style is quite minimal, with aplain white background and asophisticated, feminine font styleespecially featured in the mastheadwhich is large and takes up a quarter ofthe page. The cover is not full ofinformation like a weekly gossip-stylemagazine would be, which I thinkincreases the age range of the readersand what they are looking for whenbuying a magazine.
  21. 21. This is Heat magazine. Heat magazine is anexample of gossip weekly magazine. It usesconventions like other gossip magazines suchas bold headings and lots of gossip storieswhich are mainly based on that of celebrities.The magazine doesn’t just always show “A” listcelebrities sometimes the magazine showsboth “B and C” list celebrities. All thesedifferent techniques and conventions helpshow the type of audience the magazine isaimed towards; which are people who areinterested in reading about celebrities andgossiping. It is aimed towards a young, teenageadult audience. The colour scheme is not asElegant and sophisticated compared to that ofElle‘ magazine – the colours used are red,white, pink and orange which are vibrantcolours but they do clash. The red stands outagainst the white background.
  22. 22. Glamour magazine sells thousands of copieseach month, to mainly females.The people who purchase Glamour magazinesare interested in both celebrities and womenslifestyle. This magazine has a similar layout toElle magazine; this magazine has used a whitebackground, feminine like pink and an orangecolour scheme.The cover is not full with information whichcan be seen to put the reader of. There is one main image on the cover of ayoung female celebrity this helps attract ayoung teenage audience.She is seen holding kittens which portrays heras being innocent and cute.The audience warm to the main image as sheis smiling an indexical sign of happiness.