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Statgun presentation bosman


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ELIMINATE STATIC ELECTRICITY TO GET A PERFECT PAINT JOB ON ANY SURFACE. Sold seperatly or become distributor, importer, Interestet contact Mr. F Bosman.

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Statgun presentation bosman

  1. 1. THE STAT GUN FOR A SUCCESSFUL PAINT JOB Franklin Bosman for Bako International Belgium Contact: Franklin,bosman@bako,be - Mobile +32 486 715851
  2. 2.  Common complaints:  Dust and dirt inclusions  Halo’s Dark edges  Blending issues  Colour matching issues The “overall cause is static electricity” Static is the invisible enemy of the perfect paint finish! Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  3. 3. Rubbing two things together or bringing repetetly into contact is enough to create triboelelectricity, Stored energy Triboelelectricity What creates it: Bringing different materials into contact Named as: Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  4. 4. - 1. Plastic (black) and tackrack ( gray) normally have no electric charge. 2. Put them in contact and the plastic attracts electrons from the tackcrack. 3. Separate them and the electrons remain on the plastic, making it positively charged. 4. Rubbing the two substances together increases the contact between them and makes the that electrons will migrate from the tackrack to the plastic. Static build-up! How the triboelectric effect explains static electricity: Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  5. 5.  ++++++++ POSITIVE ++++++++ + Air + Skin + Leather + Asbestos + Glass + Mica + Quartz + Nylon + Wool + Fur + Lead + Silk + Aluminum 0 Paper 0 Cotton 0 Steel 0 Wood • − Amber − Latex − Hard rubber − Nickel − Copper − Brass − Silver − Gold − Platinum − Polyester − Polystyrene − Neoprene − Saran ("cling film") − Polyethylene − Polypropylene − Polyvinylchloride (PVC) − Selenium − Teflon − Silicone rubber − Ebonite (very hard vulcanized rubber) −−−−−−−−NEGATIVE−−−−−−−− − Ebonite = High Static build up+ Skin rubbing Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  6. 6.  Many everyday processes within a bodyshop can cause static build-up, sanding, panel wiping, tacking, blowing off, masking and even the application of materials.  The final preparation process of tacking is one of the highest generators of static electricity.  All these procedures incorporate some type of contact and separation with the panel, whether it is physical contact or air contact. Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  7. 7.  Cold areas  Dry areas What reduces static build-up  Humidity Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  8. 8. Differences in positive and negative static charge on a surface will prevent the paint film from applying evenly. A grill is a perfect example of where static will not allow perfect paint flow and will often prevent coverage in all the corners of the grill. Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  9. 9.  Metallic particles in paint react to static charge in the same way iron filings would behave when a magnet is placed underneath.The higher the charge the more upright the metallic will be forced to sit, in turn distorting the levels of light reflected from those particles, in fact any area which shows an inconsistency between light and dark can be caused by metallics being distorted by static. Result: dark edges, patchiness, halo’s all substrates on a vehicle should have zero static charge before painting to bring a uniformity Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  10. 10.  Static charched bumper  Bumper Ioniced with Stat gun Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  11. 11.  Panels that are statically charged form an electromagnetic field and, as the word magnetic indicates, attract any airborne particles from the surrounding area,. The smallest particles of dust and dirt within a job can incur costly rework, through additional labour and paint costs. Static build-up, neutralised, dust and dirt in the atmosphere is no longer attracted to the panel Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  12. 12.  The way to remove static effectively throughout the painting process is to use ionised air. As the static forms in positive and negative charge, the positive and negative ions produced from the Stat-Gun neutralise the charge (positive neutralises negative & vice versa). Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  13. 13. This is achieved by introducing the Stat-Gun as the final stage of the preparation process just prior to spraying. The Stat-Gun uses a microprocessor to generate high voltage transferred through tungsten emitters, which in turn generate positive and negative ions. Air flow is an important part of the process allowing the ions generated to travel quickly and distribute evenly over the charged area. Air movement also aids removal of contaminates previously bonded by static charge. Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  14. 14. Non-consistent laydown of metallic Blending / Colour matching problems Halo’s Dark edges / Un-even application of material Dark edges Patchiness. Dust and dirt inclusions Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  15. 15.  Specifically designed for use within a bodyshop, the new state- of-the-art Stat-Gun is:  Cordless  Battery Operated (Non-Radioactive)  Quick and easy to use  Fully ATEX approved for use in Class 1 Flammable environments  Laser guided Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851
  16. 16. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Contact for more information: Mobile +32 486 715851 Contact: - Mobile +32 486 715851