How To Remove And Protect Your Website From Malicious Code


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How To Remove And Protect Your Website From Malicious Code

  1. 1. How To Remove And Protect Your Website From Malicious CodeHello Reader, in my previous hub I explain what is maliciouscode and how its come to our websiteand fix it in out webpage content. Herenow I am show you how to remove and protect your site frommalicious code.First of all when you know that your site is affected by thevirus and message is display “ “ when youopen your webpage. You have to verify your website with verification methodby Google webmaster ( you already verify than no issue but if you not thanverify it and by clicking on your site link inwebmaster account you can seeyour safe browsing diagnostic page from Google advisory.Safe Browsing Diagnostic page look like thisSafe Browsing Diagnostic explain all details regarding virusattack to your site, it gives report in detailslike how many suspicious activity listed in past few days, how many Malicioussoftware includes,Malicious software is hosted on which domain(s), This sitewas hosted on which network(s) all thisdetails you can get.In your Google webmaster account go to thedashboard and click on your site than you can see the inyour website pageswhere threat are detected it shows the full path. So you can easily find it outandremove it.First of all download all your website backup inyour hard disk from server using the ftp software like (cute ftp, ws ftp, fireftp etc. ) and delete all files and folder from server in root diretory.There are lots of antivirus ( internet securitysoftware ) available in the market like Kaspersky,Symantec, Quick heal, pandaetc. You can use this software and scan you website back to removemaliciouscode. But make sure that this software delete affected pages from your harddisk, so it maybother you when your home page or other important page deleted.So before doing this try to find outmalicious code manually in your webpageand remove it.You can easily find out unwanted code in yourwebpage, I already show you that how malicious codelook like.After cleaning all your website pages ( byantivirus software or manually ) upload all new clean dataon your server.Protect your website from hacker follow belowsteps.Change your ftp username and password ( it maysolid not easy )Never save your ftp password in ftp software.Type your password in ftp when you use it andremove it when you stop using it.Pleases give me feedback ifyou think this information is helpful for you.• Best 50 Spiritual Wallpaper• Beautiful Space Photo by Sunita Williams• How to Choose Idealistic Paint Colours For Every Room of Your House• How to make seo friendly website
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