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SEMA 2015: How to Market to, Sell and Service Today's Connected Consumer


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Generation “C” is not a demographic. It's everyone. Your existing and potential customers are all connected, and in control. Today’s connected consumers require all businesses, including collision repairers to connect, communicate, market to, sell and service them in the same ways they connect and communicate! This session helped attendees understand the tools, technologies and techniques today’s automotive businesses need to utilize to connect with, communicate, market to, sell and service today’s “connected consumer.

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SEMA 2015: How to Market to, Sell and Service Today's Connected Consumer

  1. 1. We Guide Auto Body and Repair Shops to More Customers, Revenue and Profit Through the Use of Digital Marketing Tools, Technologies and Techniques
  2. 2. VISIT OUR BOOTH!! #11004
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda Today’s Connected Consumer New Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Strategies, Processes, Tools and Technologies 8 Tools and Technologies Needed to Market To, Sell and Service the Connected Consumer
  4. 4. How Important Are Your Previous and Potential Future Customers?
  5. 5. What Percentage of Your Customers are “Connected?”
  6. 6. What Percentage of Your Marketing Budget and Activities are Focused on the Connected Consumer?
  7. 7. Today’s Connected Consumer
  8. 8. What is a “Connected Consumer”? 93% of the 10,000 consumers surveyed by A.T. Kearney were “connected” to the Internet 2 or more times per day! More than 50% of the 10,000 consumers surveyed were “connected” EVERY HOUR!
  9. 9. Today’s Connected Consumer spends almost 6 hours per day with ‘digital media’
  10. 10. Today’s Consumer Online connectivity on the rise
  11. 11. The Connected Consumer Ecosystem
  12. 12. The Connected Consumer and their Impact on your shop’s short & long-term ROI • $500 • 4.2 • 5-10 years • 11.4 years
  13. 13. Today’s Consumer Low Loyalty to Insurers Switched Insurance Companies in 2015 – JD Powers
  14. 14. How Should a Business Market to, Sell and Service Today’s Connected Consumer
  15. 15. 1. Professional and Performing Web Presence • SEO, Mobile and Local 2. An email and text branding, marketing and retention system 3. Mobile marketing, branding and communication system • Mobile Apps 4. Online Reviews and Reputation Management 5. Social Media 6. Video 7. POS Marketing Technology 8. CRM Platform 8 MUST HAVE Tools and Technologies Needed to Market To, Sell and Service Today’s Connected Consumer
  16. 16. Levels the Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Playing Field!
  17. 17. Helps The Shop “Own” the Customer?
  18. 18. It’s What the Consumer Wants!!!!!
  19. 19. This Stuff Works!!!!!!!
  20. 20. Today’s Connected Consumer and Online Search
  21. 21. Today’s Connected Consumer
  22. 22. Today’s Connected Consumer
  23. 23. Today’s Consumer How The Connected Consumer Searches For Your Business
  24. 24. How The Connected Consumer Searches For Your Business
  25. 25. The Web, Social and Mobile World We Live and Work In
  26. 26. Your Web Presence
  27. 27. Do Digital Impressions Matter? Web presence [
  28. 28. Do Digital Impressions Matter? Web presence [
  29. 29. Do Digital Impressions Matter? Web presence [
  30. 30. Your Shop’s Website • Your shop’s website is your on-line/digital lobby • #1 Reason to have a website is drive business t o your door • SEO • Social Media • 5-15 Seconds • Call to Actions • Include videos • Include a Blog • Utilize QR Codes on any surface to draw consumers to your site
  31. 31. Your Shop’s Website • Include appointment options • Include repair status options • Integration with social media sites • Include reviews and ratings • Include digital ads, promotions and coupons • Incorporate Analytics • You MUST have a Mobile site strategy • Turn your website into a Social Media Marketing Tool, Sales Tool, Communications Tool, and Customer Service Tool
  32. 32. Call to Actions
  33. 33. Your Shop’s Website
  34. 34. The Connected Consumer and Online Appointments
  35. 35. Is Your Website Invisible? Search Engine Optimization
  36. 36. Search Engine Optimization
  37. 37. Changes to a website take 60- 90 days for search engines to fully recognize Search Engine Optimization
  38. 38. Why is Email Important to Your Busienss?
  39. 39. Why is Email Important to Your Business?
  40. 40. Why is Email Important to Your Business?
  41. 41. Why is Email Important to Your Business?
  42. 42. • Emails to Unsold Estimates or Repair Quotes • Thank You Emails with Integrated Customer Surveys or Request for Online Reviews • 30 Day After the Repair Follow Up • Special Offer Emails • Educational What Type of Emails Should You Send?
  43. 43. • Informational Emails • New Service Offering Emails • Shop or Employee Certifications • Co-Marketing Emails • Event Invitations • Holiday Emails • Seasonal Emails • Use Your Imagination What Type of Emails Should You Send?
  44. 44. Today’s Connected Mobile Consumer
  45. 45. • There are 300 MILLION mobile phones in North America that can send/receive a text message • 98% of consumers read their texts in 3 minutes or less!!! • New and Novel • Less intrusive than phone calls • More effective than email • Creates a “buzz” • SMS/Text marketing has a 7-10% response rate • Mobile number should be required during vehicle check in process • Ideally used for vehicle status , important communication, special promotions and pricing Mobile/Text Message Marketing and Communications
  46. 46. Smart Phones and Apps
  47. 47. Smart Phones and Apps
  48. 48. Smart Phones and Apps
  49. 49. Smart Phones and Apps
  50. 50. Smart Phones and Apps
  51. 51. Smart Phones and Apps • PRIORITY Press to Call Line • Offer PRIORITY Appointments • Offer PRIORITY Special Offers • Easy to Access Directions • Provide Instant Access to Your Latest Service Offerings • Share Your Latest Videos • Let Your Customers Take a Shop Tour • Make it Easy to Capture Reviews
  52. 52. Mobile Marketing Recommendations You MUST have a Mobile Website Text Messaging is required today •Unsold Estimate Follow Up •Vehicle Repair Status •7-10% Promotion Response Rate Smartphone Apps •Real estate on the consumer’s smart phone •Communications, Branding, & Retention •Makes is EASY to contact your business •Now more affordable than ever !!! • No excuse not to offer one!!!
  53. 53. Today’s Connected Consumers and Online Reviews…
  54. 54. Online Reviews are Key to Growing Your Business!
  55. 55. Online Reviews REALLY Matter!
  56. 56. Online Reviews REALLY Matter!
  57. 57. Online Reviews REALLY Matter!
  58. 58. Online Reviews REALLY Matter!
  59. 59. Online Reviews REALLY Matter!
  60. 60. Online Reviews REALLY Matter!
  61. 61. • Just Ask! • Provide Options • Use Signage • Use POS Information • Remember it’s a Numbers Game • Display Reviews in Lobby • Include as Part of Overall Process Ask for Feedback- Get More and Better Reviews
  62. 62. • Use email and text after delivery • Send up to 3 times • Include links and QR codes on customer documents • Include review page on website • Offer POS materials • Use signage in lobby • Big screen with scrolling reviews behind welcome desk Ask for Feedback- Get More and Better Reviews
  63. 63. Online Reviews Recommendations You Must Get Reviews – Not an Option ANYMORE! Focus •Google + •YELP •Maybe One or Two More Its as Simple as Asking •Make it Easy!!! •Use Email and Text to Request Reviews •Hand Out Review Request Cards •Use Point of Sale Technology
  64. 64. • Online reputation management entails establishing, maintaining, repairing and monitoring the publicly available online information about an individual or organization. Reputation Management Defined…
  65. 65. • Take ownership, have a plan • Respond to ALL reviews • Your responses should not be generic • Short, simple and sweet • Leave your personal emotion out of your reply • Don’t offer gifts or bribes • Take the conversation off-line • Don’t sell React & Respond
  66. 66. • Don’t ignore them • Don’t expect a lot of responses • Don’t pay or offer incentives • Do not use kiosks in the lobby (YELP) • Don’t create fake reviews • Don’t overreact • Don’t keep the conversation going online What NOT TO DO
  67. 67. • 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media • 89% of those between 18 and 29 years old are social media users • 72% of individuals aged 30 to 49 are engaged in social media • 60% of people between 50 to 60 years old are active on social media • 43% of those 65 years old and above are engaged in social media • 71% of users access social media from a mobile device Why is Social Media Marketing Important to Auto Body and Repair Shops?
  68. 68. Social Media Recommendations You Must Have a Presence Focus… •Whatever You Feel Works •Facebook •Google+ •LinkedIn •YouTube What… •Educational, Entertaining and Community •Customer Service •Advertising •Fun
  69. 69. • One minute of video equates to 1.8 Million Words. (Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester) • 59% of viewers will watch a video to completion that is less than one minute. (Wistia) • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. (Invodo) • 65% of executives have visited a vendor’s site after watching a video. (Forbes 39% have called a vendor after watching a video) • When marketers included a video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200 to 300% (Forrester) The Connected Consumer and Video • The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video. (Mist Media) • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it. (comScore) • Visitors who view videos stay on a shop’s web site an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos (comScore) • 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video: • 69% of smartphone users say videos are a perfect solution for viewing as it offers a quick way for consumers to grasp an overview of a product or service
  70. 70. Video Marketing Recommendations Keep it Simple Where •YouTube Channel •Website •Vimeo •Facebook •Instagram •Periscope What Types of Video •Welcome Video on Site •Shop Tour •Customer Referrals •Cool Cars •Repair Stories
  71. 71. Point of Sale Marketing Technology
  72. 72. What is Point of Sale Marketing Technology? 1Collision, WI: “The Digital Lobby Platform gives us the ability to upsell” Golden West Collision, CA: “We recently got our The Digital Lobby Platform up and running in our lobby and on the first day we received so many compliments”
  73. 73. What is Point of Sale Marketing Technology?
  74. 74. What is Point of Sale Marketing Technology?
  75. 75. Why Point of Sale Marketing Technology?
  76. 76. A CRM System……
  77. 77. The Benefits of a CRM System…
  78. 78. Where Does a CRM Platform “Fit” in a Automotive/Collision Repair Business? Estimating Systems Shop Management Accounting Software CRM Platform: Sales. Marketing, Communications, Customer Service
  79. 79. • Automates and Manages a Shop’s Web, Social, Mobile and POS Marketing Activities – Unsold Estimate/Quote Follow Up and Sales System – Website and Integration – On-Line Appointments – Email Marketing & Retention – Text Messaging & Retention – Social Media Integration and Management – Digital Ads and Promotions – Mobile Apps – Customer Reviews – Reputation Management – Point of Sale Marketing Technology What is a Automotive CRM System?
  80. 80. WIIFY
  81. 81. 1. New customer acquistion 2. More and better access to younger generations 3. Improve your company’s brand recognition 4. Increase upsells 5. Improve customer retention 6. Improve your competitiveness 7. Enhance your lobby and waiting room 8. Generate more ROI from your marketing $ investment 9. Better measurement 10. Better on-line presence and performance Your Return On Investment
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