The git_time_extractor Gem


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Presentation given at the Atlanta Ruby Users Meetup Group (ATLRUG) on May 9, 2012.

git_time_extractor is a small command-line tool that produces a CSV time log for each developer/contributor to a project tracked in GIT. It uses the commit timestamps and three basic reasonable assumptions, approved by the developer's accountant.

It other words, computes the estimated time spent by developers working on code within a GIT repository. This is particularly useful for verifying developer timesheets and for tax purposes.

It's available as source code from

or as a RubyGem from

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  • This presentation was given to the Atlanta Ruby Users Meetup Group on May 9, 2012.
  • Command Line Demo
  • The git_time_extractor Gem

    1. 1. GIT Commit Log  CSV Time Log © 2012 Rietta Inc. Prepared by Frank Rietta.
    2. 2. Motivation Save money on taxes by producing documents required by accountant to properly apply for certain tax credits Track development time without timesheets Give transparency to business clients by encouraging more frequent commits
    3. 3. Benefits Developer  Realistic tracking of his or her work  Less opportunity to lose work due to the encouraged use of GIT Project Manager  Better time management, tracking, and auditing Business Owner  More transparency for their clients
    4. 4. Available Gem (BSDLicense) gem install git_time_extractor
    5. 5. Assumptions A series of commits within 3 hours are part of the same working session A first commit is considered to represent 30 minutes of working time Frequent commits increases the accuracy of the estimated time
    6. 6. Intentionally Left Blank
    7. 7. Making a Gem Followed along with instructions in Eloquent Ruby book by Russ Olsen Instructions also at own-gem/ Used Gemcutter to publish  gem build project.gemspec  gem push project-0.2.1.gem
    8. 8. (Twitter)
    9. 9. U.S. R&D Tax Credit As a tax credit it’s better than just a plain tax deduction Three Major Tests 1. New or Improved Business Components 2. Technological in Nature 3. Involves Uncertainty See,,id=156366 ,00.html
    10. 10. But not … (1 of 2) Research conducted after the beginning of commercial production. Research adapting an existing product or process to a particular customer’s need. Duplication of an existing product or process. Surveys or studies.
    11. 11. But not … (2 of 2) Research relating to certain internal-use computer software. Research conducted outside the United States, Puerto Rico, or a U.S. possession. Research in the social sciences, arts, or humanities. Research funded by another person (or governmental entity).