Social Product Development at Twittwoch Aachen


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Presentation by Frank Piller, RWTH Aachen

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Social Product Development at Twittwoch Aachen

  1. 1. 11. Aachener TwittwochSocial Product Development @masscustom* * Frank Piller, RWTH
  2. 2. www.kaffee-netz.de6.123 registered users192.841 postsDiscussions on:-Coffee and Espresso machines and grinders-Beans and roasting-Reparing and maintanance of equioment 33.890 registered users 359.024 posts Discussions on: -Preparing coffee and espresso -Coffee machines and grinders -Beans and roasting
  3. 3. … give insight into their home consumption … talk about coffee preferences & creations Hey, about flavors, Being a coffee enthusiast, the only way to flavor coffee is after it has brewed and then adding syrups. When coffee roasters sell flavored beans they are actually placing chemicals in your coffee … coffeenerd Several egullet threads have mentioned jellied coffee and coffee bavarian. I made this coffee jelly, and took part of it to fold with whipped cream to make the bavarian cream Mary Elizabeth … talk very elaborated on coffee machines … even modify & upgrade coffee machines I finally got time over the last weekend to gather some temperature data on the GS3. From my perspective, the GS3 is unbelievably consistent and easy to use. The data shows why. In addition, I have a 2-group PID La Marzocco Linea with which I am intimately familiar. The comparison shown here demonstrates how the GS3 elevates the standard for espresso machine performance.
  4. 4. 9Netnography – online communities as source of innovation PID’ing & Temperature Control (Proportional Integral Derivative Controllers) One of the most advanced innovations developed by coffee enthusiasts in online communities is called “PID’ing” of espresso machines. For this innovation a digital screen is added as a control panel to the espresso machine, enabling to control machine temperature to the exact degree by the digital device.
  5. 5. 10Netnography – online communities as source of innovation Another Innovation created in online coffee communities is the use of popcorn poppers for home roasting. For this innovation, consumers use green coffee, a hot air popcorn popper, and a metal colander.
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  11. 11. 24Different forms of (active) customer co-creation
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  15. 15. 31 Quirky in Numbers$200,000: Minimum upfront cost of building a conventional startuparound single product >200/week "ideators" submit concept ideas online. Ideas must retail for less than $150 and should not require integrated software.Community of 65,000 members (growing 20%/month), "influencers"votes on ideas and develop them further30% payoff for ideators 2011 revenue: $6-10 million. Quirky has raised $12.6 million in funding. Staff: Today 40, planned are 80
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  17. 17. 34 Five reasons why I consider Quirky best in open innovation 5. Demonstrating how fast innovation can be -- despite the involvement of so many participants and parties. 4. Lifting the crowdsourcing model to another level -- and developing the idea further than "just" ideas! 3. Providing a platform for products originating from deep user insights and offering anyone the platform of turning their necessity into real products. 2. Demonstrating a great model of "hybrid" value creation between openness and closeness. 1. Being one of the first companies that really(!) takes external contributors serious.© 34
  18. 18. 35And there is so muchmore capacity for this 35
  19. 19. 38The BIG question for innovation management today: How to capture the "cognitivesurplus" existing for innovation in the world (but not in your companys offices)? 38
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