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Ugochukwu Frank Nwobodo Resume_2015


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Ugochukwu Frank Nwobodo Resume_2015

  1. 1. [RESUME OF UGOCHUKWU  FRANK F. NWOBODO], MISOC, MIEEE, MYII, B.Eng Contact Address:   Flat 4, House 20, Shedrack Avenue, Apamini, Elelenwo, Port‐Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.  2015  HT    Engr. Frank U. Nwobodo   
  2. 2. Ugochukwu Frank Nwobodo Flat 4, House 20, Shedrack Avenue, Apamini, Elelenwo, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria +234 806 732 5982, EDUCATION 2002-2007 1999 1993-1999  Federal University of Technology, Owerri Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Bachelor of Engineering Degree Teknix Institute Software Engineering/Computer Programming University of Nigeria Secondary School, Enugu Campus Key Skills Project Management: Managed entire representative network model. Headed review of support operations, subsequently implementing report recommendations. Organizing: Implemented client satisfaction and response time measurement systems. High level of attention to detail. Business Development: Conceptualized a brain-friendly and interactive Computer-Based Training (CBT) system. Combated piracy via a controlled subscription model. Computer Programming: Proficient in Ms .Net platform (C++, C#, VB, ASP …), Database Management Systems (Oracle, SQL server ...), PHP, HTML, XML, Game programming, 3D modeling, and animation. Career History 2009-present 2008-2009 2008-2009 2007-2008 2002-2007 Himetrix Technologies Ltd – CEO Identified and negotiated agreement with new investors. Completed initial feasibility study, Board approval gained for fund-raising. Ensured product range was launched on time within the promotional budget. Designed a strategic business model for the small company to be competitive in its industry which enabled it play as a giant. Employed a software vending model that is greatly anti-piracy. Successfully negotiated fund-raising of over twenty million naira. MCL Consulting Ltd - Management Consultant Worked in a team to optimize the business process of a client financial institution. Responsible for process conceptualizing, simulation, and documentation. MCL Consulting Ltd - Technology Consultant Worked in a team to design an Enterprise Resource Planner/Customer Relationship Management (ERP/CRM) software solution. Netclick Infocom Technologies - ICT Consultant Established and implemented business process from scratch. Handled several roles including business development and product/service creation. Himetrix Technologies Ltd – CTO Led team in design of several interactive multimedia software solutions. Managed series of software Research and Development activities. Established end-user software product model from scratch in all locations.
  3. 3. Various temporary roles During the first 3 years at university, worked as an ICT freelance to support funding of higher education. Gained experience in software service provision, social networking, and office administration. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS AND AWARDS Recipient of the British Council’s Creative Award on a 3D game demo: 2011 Member of International Game Developers Association (MIGDA) Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (MIEEE) Member of Young Inventors International (MYII) Member of Internet Society (MISOC) OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION Surname: Other names: Date of birth: Sex: Nationality: State of origin: L.G.A.: Marital status: Phone: Contact address: Nwobodo Ugochukwu Frank 29th September 1982 Male Nigerian Enugu State Nkanu-West Married, 1 child +234 806 732 5982 Flat 4, House 20, Shedrack Avenue, Apamini, Elelenwo, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria Interests Reading (History, Science, and Technology), Sports, Music, research, cultural activities, travel, and networking with friends and colleagues. References and Supporting Documentation Furnished Upon Request