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How financial advisors build their business by frank larosa


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As the president of ELITE Recruiting & Consulting, Frank LaRosa offers placement and advisory services to professionals transitioning to new financial advisor or manager positions. Frank LaRosa has first-hand experience as a financial advisor and senior manager at top companies in the financial services industry. He offers expert advice on how financial advisors can successfully build their business.

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How financial advisors build their business by frank larosa

  2. 2. HOW FINANCIAL ADVISORS BUILD THEIRBUSINESSAs the president of ELITE Recruiting &Consulting, Frank LaRosa offers placementand advisory services to professionalstransitioning to new financial advisor ormanager positions. Frank LaRosa has first-hand experience as a financial advisor andsenior manager at top companies in thefinancial services industry. He offers expertadvice on how financial advisors cansuccessfully build their business.
  3. 3. HOW FINANCIAL ADVISORS BUILD THEIRBUSINESSOne of the initial tasks of new financialadvisors is designing a personal messageabout the financial products and servicesthey offer. Professionals prepare themselvesto engage with a wide range of people and tostay upbeat despite rejection. The jobrequires persistence but not pushiness.
  4. 4. HOW FINANCIAL ADVISORS BUILD THEIRBUSINESSIn growing the client base for theirbusinesses, financial advisors continually extend theirnetworks. Professionals thrive when they areproactive in reaching out to people they know andconvincing them of their expertise. This start-up timeis challenging, but it takes time to build trust. Withintheir business networks, financial advisors connectwith professionals in closely related fields, such asaccountants and business consultants, who makegood referral sources. Contact management systemsassist financial advisors in tracking, managing, andbuilding their referrals.
  5. 5. HOW FINANCIAL ADVISORS BUILD THEIRBUSINESSNew financial advisors target the number ofinvestors they require to attain their first-yeargoals. Once financial advisors developprospects, they segment prospects intotarget groups to which they can marketparticular products. Next, advisors develop astrategy for contacting these prospects.
  6. 6. HOW FINANCIAL ADVISORS BUILD THEIRBUSINESSSuccessful financial advisors remain open tounderstanding the needs of their clients. Asidefrom communicating what the company offerscustomers, they also inquire about clientexpectations. Furthermore, a good advisor willassume the role of an educator who helpsclients through the complex investment process.