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The USP's of the excellent business process management platform OMNITRACKER

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Omnitracker usps

  1. 1. http://www.omnitracker.bizOMNITRACKERThe Software Platform for all Business ProcessesUnique Concept of Templates Open and standardized Interfaces One platform for all business processes, gradual imple-  High-performing interface (API) to integrate and control mentation of process templates thus enabling 3rd party equipment or to control the OMNITRACKER a long-term customer relationship  Interface Bus for quick integration of standard Process Lifecycle Management by template interworking applications, e.g., Microsoft Exchange und Sharepoint, baramundi Management Suite, SAP Solution Manager Customer contribution to OMNITRACKER evolution using a web-based RFC Rating OMNITRACKER is the realization of a modularWorkflow Engine software architecture that evolves with the needs of its customers and is very easy to customize. Core OMNINET development since 1995, no 3rd party component Modification by simple configuration means, Future-proof Investment no programming knowledge needed  Transparent cost structure (licenses, installation, Free definition of automatic transactions within Workflow customizing, maintenance, upgrade, training) Engine, independent workflows for multiple clients  Cost control with well-priced packages to be gradually Processes are described by BPMNv2 expanded, flexible licensing using a concurrent user (Business Process Modelling Notation) model or rental options  Contractually guaranteed release compatibility, versions can be bypassed, all specific configurations will automati-High flexibility and easy adaptability cally be converted into the new version Easy and rapid implementation of standard templates  TCO reduction (Total Costs of Ownership) using OMNITRACKER application support offered by OMNINET Easy adaptation by customer’s administrator, scalable for small and big work groups  Fast ROI (Return On Investment) by gradually introducing processes and configuration by customer’s administrator Multi-client capability (multi-tenant) using a flexible user rights management 1
  2. 2. Specific Templates For Your Business Processes OMNITRACKER Contract ManagementAvailable OMNITRACKER Templates Center Provides a management-orientated planning, OMNITRACKER ITSM Center controlling and administration of contracts during their entire life cycle 14 ITILv3 processes for IT Service Management, focussing on Service Design, Service Transition and Service Operation, certified by OMNITRACKER Document Management Offers all necessary functions for creating, releasing, versioning and managing of documents of any type during the entire life cycle OMNITRACKER Project Management Center Project planning, initiating, management, moni- toring, incl. budget control, activity management OMNITRACKER Risk Management and resource planning, time recording, according Enables assessment of risks, management to the principles of PMI PMBoK of measures, measure plans, urgency plans and OGC PRINCE2 OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center Offers dispatching of external activities using Management of customer data, leads, route planning and optimization by integrated opportunities, offers, contracts, campaigns, Graphical Information System. newsletters, invoices OMNITRACKER Customer Care Center OMNITRACKER Booking Schedule Automation and optimization of all operations Intuitive tool for planning and management of all within customer service including the manage- kind of resources (staff, technical resources, ment and monitoring of external activities locations etc.) OMNITRACKER Requirements Management OMNITRACKER Templates « à la carte » Center Configuration of individual process templates Solution for managing and tracking by configuration and administration means, of features and derived requirements no programming knowledge needed! during the product creation process, certified by HOOD Corp. OMNITRACKER Systems Engineering Center Monitoring of development processes, requirements, changes, error management, bug tracking and test case management OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management Supports the requirement and approval process, tender and offer management, article and stock management, order management, return material process, invoicing. Can easily be integrated to ITSM Center OMNITRACKER Task Management Planning, organization, management and supervision of tasks within work groupsV2.4 2