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  1. 1. EPS GLOBAL July 2016 Carrier Solutions
  2. 2. EPS GLOBAL OVERVIEW Before you choose EPS, you will want to know a bit more about us. www.epsglobal.com Slide 2 01 03 EPSGlobal is a leading, privately owned, franchised distributor for specialized IT component and systems manufacturers whose products are used in high speed data and storage networks to accelerate, multiplex, store and manipulate the huge amounts of data generated by online and telecoms activity. Overview 03 EPS Global is one of the foremost programming houses in the world, working with OEMs & CEMs in the automotive, consumer, industrial, aerospace & defense industries worldwide. Programming & Logistics 02 We create demand for Semiconductor Component manufacturers. Our design-in activities are mainly based in UK/Germany & are fulfilled by our sales organizations in Asia. Semiconductors 01 EPSGlobal focuses its efforts on smart solutions to allow our clients evolve their Enterprises. IT Solutions • Founded in 1999 • Corporate HQ: Dublin, Ireland • 28 global locations with 250+ employees • 3 Distribution Hubs globally • Experienced management team • Focused, complementary linecard • Consistent record of profitability 02 Divisions
  3. 3. EPS GLOBAL OVERVIEW Before you choose EPS, you will want to know a bit more about us. www.epsglobal.com Slide 3 201520142013201220112010 27 33 33 38 47 42.5 2016 forecast 22 $M With more than 10 years experience, EPSGlobal focuses its efforts on smart solutions to allow our clients evolve their networks and cut costs, with no degradation to quality. EPSGlobal’s product portfolio can help you minimize unplanned downtime on your network, and increase the reliability, capacity and bandwidth, whilst reducing latency and power consumption at the server level. What does this mean for you? EPSGlobal can help you cut costs by increasing the utilization of current resources, and can help ensure your mission-critical systems are always available and secure, allowing you to offer a higher quality service to your customers. EPSGlobal for Carriers and MSPs
  4. 4. Why work with us? We understand what our customers need and can help them achieve success. EPS Global’s Programming & Logistics division manages our quality assurance systems ensuring all our facilities operate to the highest quality standards. Qualifications include: Quality Good customer service is in the cultural DNA of EPS Global – we are customer-focused, flexible & easy to do business with. We have local language and currency support in each region. All of our Account Managers have face-to-face contact with their customers. Service 28 offices in 16 countries on 4 continents. Products stocked in our Distribution Hubs in Dublin, Indiana and Suzhou. This allows us to minimize lead times & transit times for our customers. Global Footprint & Logistics We deliver a differentiated sales experience to our customers – our business model allows us to quickly respond to customer needs and focus our resources appropriately. Our supply base consists of only the highest quality manufacturers whose products are pioneering in their fields. Innovation www.epsglobal.com Slide 4
  5. 5. Eps global locations EPS Global has a unique footprint and business model – we are where you need us to be. www.epsglobal.com Slide 5 North America Arizona California Indianapolis Illinois Maryland Massachusetts Central & South America Brazil (2 offices) Mexico IE/UK Ireland United Kingdom EMEA ex.IE/UK Czech Germany Hungary Romania Poland Russia Asia China (4 offices) India (2 offices) Malaysia Thailand Sales & Programming Sales Office
  6. 6. solutions FOR CARRIERS With more than 10 years experience, EPS Global focuses its efforts on smart solutions for Carriers and Managed Service Operators. Slide 6 01 02 03 04 05 Active Energy Solutions Network Switches Network Adapters / NIC Cards Network Servers Optical Modules 06 www.epsglobal.com Cables & ROME
  7. 7. Active energy solutions PDUs to manage power consumption and monitor environmental factors Physical Attributes • Ultra-low Profile Design • 3 Phase IEC Locking Power Leads • Environmental monitoring (Temperature, Humidity) • Hot Swappable Network Management Card • High Temperature Rating – Lower Cost • Real Time power monitoring & network alarms • Tool-less Mounting Slide 7www.epsglobal.com Battery Management System • Leverages years of automotive research • Maintains battery cell power balance • Provides high efficiency power management • Integrated safety electronics OPTIONS available
  8. 8. Network Servers Slide 8www.epsglobal.com Altus Servers • AMD Opteron processors, up to 16 cores per processor and 64 cores per rack unit • 4 memory controllers per processor • Delivers an aggregate memory bandwidth of up to 51.2GB/s • HyperTransport3 connectivity between processors for fast access to non-local memory • Energy-efficient 1U, high-density 1U twin & versatile 2U rack-mount • Commercial or free Linux distribution options • Three-year warranty included with every server Relion Servers • Based on Intel Xeon family • Built on 14nm process and up to 22 cores per socket • Memory speeds up to 2400MHz • Increased resource monitoring and allocation • Provides optimum Data Center orchestration and virtualization • Available in 1U, 2U, 4U, and High Density EIA rackmount • Commercial or free Linux distribution options • Three-year warranty included with every server High-Performing rackmount servers powered by the latest processors
  9. 9. NETWORK SWITCHES Slide 9www.epsglobal.com Compatible SwitchOS Software Lower cost and more flexible switching alternative • TOR and Spine Switches • Available in 1G, 10G, 40G & 100G • Support for 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G & 100G • ONIE support • 3 year warranty • Interoperable with standards-complinat optics & cables ip infusion
  10. 10. 10Gb & 40Gb Network Acceleration, Monitoring & Security NETWORK ADAPTERS Slide 10www.epsglobal.com Solarflare’s Flareon Adapters* • Ultra-low latency (sub 1usec) • High packet rate (60Mpps for 2x40G) • Internal switch for single core/4 port operation (4x10GbE from a single 40GbE QSFP+ port) • 16 lanes PCIe Gen 3.1 – full 2x40Gb/s bidirectional performance • Revolutionary tamper resistant adapter security • VXLAN, NVGRE and GENEVE checksum offload • Management Control Transport Protocol Security through sideband management over PCI • Supports all Solarflare AppFlex software *Flareon Ultra SFN8542
  11. 11. Cables & Patch panels • Optical interconnect, patch and power cables • ISO/IEC and RoHS compliant • Halogen-free options available Innovative, high performance, high quality fiber and copper connectivity solutions. Slide 11www.epsglobal.com • Modular WDM transport box in a small footprint • Coloured wavelengths extends connectivity inside the fiber • Simplest cabling solution for a full rack • Single part number, custom-built, plug & play • Cost and time efficient • Fiber connectivity platform including 10G, 40G and 100G • 1U and 2U form factors with built-in wire manager EXO • Single patch panel platform • Connectivity: LC-LC, MTP, SC-SC, RJ45 & SFP+ • 1RU built-in wire manager
  12. 12. OPTICS FOR THE DATA CENTER Single and multimode transceivers providing greatly increased capacity, density and lower power consumption. Speed Up to 4.25 Gb/s Reach Up to 80km SFP Transceivers Speed Up to 100 Gb/s Reach Up to 30km CFP Transceivers Speed Up to 10 Gb/s Reach Up to 80km XFP Transceivers Speed Up to 4.25 Gb/s Reach Up to 80km SFF Transceivers Speed Up to 100 Gb/s Reach Up to 40km QSFP28 Transceivers Speed Up to 32 Gb/s Reach Up to 80km SFP+ Transceivers Slide 12www.epsglobal.com 2014/15
  13. 13. OPTICS FOR THE DATA CENTER The Modern Highly-Interconnected Data Center 2014/15 Slide 13www.epsglobal.com 100G Transceivers • Fastest transmission speed on the market • First in industry to offer ALL form factors • CFP / CFP2 / CFP4 / QSFP28 • MSA compliant • SR and LR for all form factors • QSFP28 can use 40G ports Active Optical Cables • 100G C.wire / 40G Quadwire / 10G SFPwire • Lowest weight for high port count architectures • Small bedn radius for easy installment • OPEX cost savings: • Lower power consumption • Lower weight
  14. 14. OPTICS FOR THE DATA CENTER 2014/15 Slide 14www.epsglobal.com
  15. 15. The PROBLEM Sourcing hardware from multiple vendors and locations takes time and staff resources. 04 Sales people spending time trouble shooting current orders rather than finding new ones. Resource Drain 03 Customer receiving multiple shipments in generic packaging over several weeks. Shipments 01Switches, servers, optics, and cables drop shipping from multiple vendors. Multiple Vendors 02Long lead times, no visibility to delivery dates. Lead Times Leads to Poor customer experience. www.epsglobal.com Slide 15
  16. 16. EPSGLOBAL’s solution Where we can add value. 01 Switches, servers, optics, and cables ship complete from one location. Where EPS do not source product it is sent to us on consignment for inclusion in single shipment. Single Shipments 02 Majority of orders now ship from stock rather than have lead time. If lead time, EPS update your Operations team so correct expectations can be set. Stock Available 03 Active management of inventory to meet your demands. Inventory held in Hubs for next day shipment in many cases. Inventory Management 04 We can produce packaging with your corporate branding. Branded Packaging www.epsglobal.com Slide 16
  17. 17. Get in touch If you have more questions, we’re here and we’d love to help optimize your business with our product portfolio. If there’s anything else you need that isn’t covered here, don’t hesitate to let us know and we can work on it! 03 Contact us now to arrange evaluation products to see the benefits for yourself! Evaluate 02 Send us your questions or request for quotes: fkraemer@epsglobal.com Email 01 Talk to our product experts: Mobile: +49 172 6909433 Office: +49 6151 5012454 Call Slide 17www.epsglobal.com