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Sustainable Urban Development Goals


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Lecture presented at the University of Antwerp on 26 February 2020, sharing my take on the SGDs in urban and territorial planning practice, as practitioner and Secretary General of ISOCARP

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Sustainable Urban Development Goals

  1. 1. Leaving No One/No Place Behind Urban and Territorial Planning for a Better World
  2. 2. MSc. Frank D’hondt Secretary General Urban and Territorial Planning Advisor Director Netherlands New York Nairobi Copenhagen Athens
  3. 3. Content &Cases • Humane Streets of Glyfada • Wuhan’s Memory Lane • Kabul Metrobus • Gaza & Westbank Rail • Curacao & Castries Urban Visions • Hargeisa & Banjul Vision • Sustainable Development Goals + • Planning Manifesto • Global Planning Aid
  4. 4. Planning Bites #BeTheChange #BorderLess #StreetWise #ProPoor #JustPlanning #8-88City #DecadeOfAction
  5. 5. Humane Streets of Glyfada
  6. 6. Wuhan’s Memory Lane workshop/
  7. 7. Zhongshan Avenue Transformation
  8. 8. Kabul Metrobus
  9. 9. Kabul Metrobus
  10. 10. Gaza Westbank Rail west-bank-7-14-june-2015/
  11. 11. Small Island States Curacao & Castries
  12. 12. Hargeisa and Banjul Urban Visions 2040
  13. 13. Sustainable Development Goals
  14. 14. Sustainable Development Goals
  15. 15. Sustainable Development Goals
  16. 16. Sustainable Development Goals
  17. 17. Sustainable Development Goals A Territorial Approach to the SDGs • While SDG11 on cities is central, most of the other goals are inter- connected and hold implications for cities and regions • 65% of 169 targets need local and regional governments’ engagement in order to be achieved • There are strong territorial disparities within countries: looking at national averages is not enough. The SDGs can foster policy coherence and place-based solutions to complex problems
  18. 18. New Urban Agenda
  19. 19. New Urban Agenda
  20. 20. New Urban Agenda
  21. 21. International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning
  22. 22. International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning
  23. 23. Territorial Planning Manifesto Making our cities and city-regions: more compact and mixed use socially more inclusive and healthier carbon-neutral mobile and connected climate resilient and biodiverse through integrated strategic and participatory urban and territorial planning and placemaking.
  24. 24. Territorial Planning Capacity ”Urban professionals are the key actors to support both decision-makers and civil society to build the essential. frameworks and make large cities affordable, inclusive, resilient, sustainable and safe.” “Planning skills need to be made more widely available, socially and spatially” Leading Change: delivering the New Urban Agenda through Urban and Territorial Planning, 2018 Jakarta Declaration, ISOCARP’s 55th World Planning Congress 2019
  25. 25. Barefoot Planning
  26. 26. Conclusions #DecadeOfAction #8-88City #JustPlanning #ProPoor #StreetWise #BorderLess #BeTheChange
  27. 27. For more
  28. 28. For more