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TDC 1 Class 4


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TDC 1 Class 4

  1. 1. TDC 1Pedagogical GrammarClass 4
  2. 2. Descriptive or Prescriptive?Grammar Topic ? ?who / whom Always use 1. We always use who as a who as a subject. subject and 2. In everyday whom as an language, people also object. use who as an object. In very formal language, we always use whom in the object position. 3. When directly preceded by a preposition, people usually use whom.
  3. 3. Descriptive or Prescriptive?Grammar Topic ? ?splitting an People often split 1. Never split aninfinitive infinitives with infinitive. adverbs of manner (to quickly arrest) or adverbs of degree (to almost double)
  4. 4. Descriptive or Prescriptive?Grammar Topic ? ?possessive Indefinite People often use their toadjective pronouns such refer to indefiniteagreement as everyone and pronouns. When tryingwith somebody are to sound more correct –everyone always singular. especially in formal When referring writing, people often to indefinite use the phrase his or pronouns, use her, even though its his. repetitiveness can sound awkward.
  5. 5. Parts of Speech - ReviewIn pairs, list the eight parts of speechwe have talked about, define each andgive an example.Pre-Test 3 – Page 41
  6. 6. Parts of Speech - Nouns the name of a person, place,• Definition thing, quality, emotion... who? – Who took the money?• Questions what?see an _____. eat? - I – What did you - She is a _____.• Slots - There are four _____. - the _____ - _____ is important.1. Common X Proper2. Concrete X Abstract40/41 Workbook Pages ELLs’ Usual Questions?3. Count X Non-count
  7. 7. HomeworkParts of Speech Project