TDC 1 Class 3


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TDC 1 Class 3

  1. 1. TDC 1Pedagogical GrammarClass 3
  2. 2. ReviewLesson – Direct or Indirect?Personal Information Quiz both structure and names of basic tensesAim: To inductively reviewActivity:did you last see a film? follow up tense name and auxiliary. When Personal Questions withverb quizzes times have you been abroad?. How manyLevel: Intermediate do you like reading?. What type of books. When were you born?Outline:. How long have you been learning English? Divide students into groups of 2 to 4. What will the weather be like tomorrow? Have students take personal information quiz in groups Check answers as a class, ask students to quickly speak about whatWhat are the names of the tenses used in the above questions? they have learned about their fellow students Present Perfect Have groups identify tense names used in questions Past Simple Passiveexercise to students to be done individually Give auxiliary verb Future Predictionexercise in class Correct auxiliary Present Perfect Progressive Past Simple
  3. 3. Direct X Indirect Approach• Workbook pages 8 and 9
  4. 4. ReviewMatch the types of students to their mostprobable learning objectives.1. Students in K-12 Settings ___ Writing Essays in English2. Adult ELLs in a ___ Mastering Math,Conversation Class Geography, History3. ELLs in Test-Prep Courses ___ Taking a Masters in the USA4. University-bound ___ Making a Reservation in aStudents HotelHow would each of these scenarios affectthe learning and teaching of English?
  5. 5. ReviewHow can course logistics affect thelearning and teaching of English?What are the differences between thelearning and teaching of ESL, EFL andK- 12 ESL?
  6. 6. Teaching Settings• An ELL Grammar Teacher• The Composition Teacher• Judging the Readability of Texts• Teaching a K-12 and Other Non-ELL Content Classes• Observing the Growth of ELLs’ Language• Answerting ELLs’ Questions• An Inquisitive Teacher• An ELL Teacher
  7. 7. Direct X Indirect Approach• Workbook page 10
  8. 8. Common Grammar Errors Made byNative Speakers• Main Source of Input in EFL environments.• Ability to Identify and Correct Common Grammar Errors Made by Native Speakers.• Book pages 34 and 35
  9. 9. HomeworkWorkbook:- Pages 1-3: ELL Grammar- Pages 17-35: Common Grammar Erros Made by Native Speakers