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The warehouse is not only a hub within a
manufacturer’s business operations, but it can
also be a source...
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  1. 1. D A T A S H E E T The warehouse is not only a hub within a manufacturer’s business operations, but it can also be a source of productivity, efficiency and cost savings. Wireless Warehouse from Junction Solutions provides communication between handheld devices and the warehouse functionality in Microsoft Dynamics™ AX. Manufacturers can now access real-time inventory and order management data. Inventory data collection processes are streamlined resulting in increased accuracy and timeliness. Several transaction types are available for wireless processing, including: • Adjustments • Cycle Count • Sales Order Picking • Purchase Receiving • Put Away • Replenishment • Production Reporting • Transfer Wireless Warehouse Features: • Inventory Dimensions – Wireless Warehouse is built for flexibility and will work for any combination of basic inventory dimensions (color, size, configuration, batch numbers, serial numbers). • Transfers – Transfers from the Wireless Warehouse generate Inventory Transfer journals within Microsoft Dynamics AX and can be used to move inventory to and from any existing warehouse and location. • Standard Picking – The Wireless Warehouse picking module uses inventory registration to allow users to only pick inventory that has been marked for the specific sales order. • Counting – Existing Inventory Count journals in Dynamics can be accessed via Wireless Warehouse to be counted remotely while in the warehouse. • Inventory Adjustments – Inventory adjustments through Wireless Warehouse can be done on an ad-hoc basis. • Purchase Order Receipts – This module gives users the ability to post receipts against a specific purchase order real time while in the field. Wireless Warehouse Modules • Advanced Picking – Similar to the standard picking module, Advanced Picking allows for picking when fast paced order processing does not allow for pre-allocation of inventory. The users are directed by the system by the optional Customer Quality Restriction and inventory FEFO/FIFO enforcement built into JunctionF/B. • Advanced Counting – Additional changes to the counting module allow for multiple users to collaborate using the same counting journal. This feature also significantly improves count audit controls by adding visibility of what has been counted by whom. • Report as Finished – This module enables the user to report finished good receipts against production orders or put away inventory through stock adjustments if the production functionality is not used. • Limited Transfers – This module is similar to the transfer module, but streamlines processes by adding the ability to limit what an end user can do. Effectively reduce data entry errors by creating the ability to configure warehouse specific processes. Streamline communication between handheld devices in the warehouse and Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and eliminate manual order management processes Key Benefits • Increase inventory visibility and accuracy in real-time • Eliminate manual tracking and data collection through paper based documents • Eliminate dual data capture by eliminating manual data entry into the WMS • Automatic integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX Wireless Warehouse About Junction Solutions Junction Solutions provides vertical-specific software applications and services that help organizations enhance operational performance, reduce costs, expand deliv- ery channels and strengthen relationships. Built in Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and designed specifically for Food & Beverage and Retail companies, Junction Solutions’ innovative offerings focus on enterprise resource planning, (ERP), supply chain management (SCM – demand, order, warehouse, yard and distribution management), human capital management, merchandising and promotions, order entry management, inventory management, point-of-sale management, and eCommerce/Web Store. For more information, please visit Inspirational software and services for Food & Beverage and Retail companies Junction Solutions I Atlanta I Chicago I Denver I Saint Louis I San Francisco Bay I United Kingdom © Copyright 2010 Junction Solutions. All rights reserved. XS ALL DS WW 20104