Death Is Not A Choice (49)


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Death Is Not A Choice (49)

  1. 1. Death Is Not A ChoiceBy David S. RobertsThis is a difficult subject along with emotions running very deep on both sides of the problem. Manyfear to strategy this subject with good reason, few want to take the stand that I will and do because ofmy own deep convictions about this topic. In preparation with this article, several sad truths came tolight. First, there is a deadly contradiction at work within American society. Second, it comes with anunderlying value being overlooked in American society. As well as third, there is a terrible apathyabout this subject in united states society. You will not agree with every thing I write, and thats alright,I would simply ask that you simply listen and open your mind and your heart to the message.I.There is a deadly Contradiction at Work.We all saw the headlines. I do not think that there was one of all of us that wasnt shocked wheneverwe heard that Susan cruz drove that car into the lake with her children within. She killed them simplybecause, now as a newly separated mom, they had become bothersome, disposable because herdating life was suffering. The outrage of the country was immediate, callers to radio stationseverywhere demanding that she be worked the same fate she gave her sons, trapped in a vehicle, atthe bottom of a lake.Or what about Andrea Yates or Kasey Anthony what person with a quarter of a mind didnt screamout, God whats happening? or what about the case of the guy charged with vehicular homicide morethan a few years ago because the pregnant woman he struck suffered a miscarriage The outcry isthere, an infant is dead and the mother suffers a loss, and the community cries out to cease this kindof misfortune, but give that same man a license and a clinic and also the baby he just wiped outbecomes just another fetus. And there is NO OUTCRY!What about the pregnant woman who was charged with, get this, reckless endangerment of LIFEwhenever she disregarded the judges orders to quit using drugs and used again?What about the teenager who was charged with felony child desertion, when she left her newbornchild in the garbage bin in an alley?We all think, how could a mother kill her own kid But given the right conditions, not one of thesecrimes could be prosecuted because in some cases, the fetus is a baby, and in others its just a massof cells.There is a deadly contradiction at work here. The debate for abortion used to middle around whetherthe fetus was really a living human. But the pro-abortion folk lost that debate in every round, so thediscussion has changed focus. Whether the fetus is human or otherwise is no longer the issue. ItsPRO-CHOICE!For the woman who wants the womans unborn child, the man who eliminates the child, accidentally,is charged with murder. For the woman who doesnt want the child, she is charged $425 by a manwho kills her child legally. For the Andrea Yates or Kasey Anthonys of the world, theyre consideredmonsters, for the lady emerging from the abortion center, she is a hero of generous causes. There isalso a deadly contradiction in the news media, (surprised?) all of us heard about the Florida abortion
  2. 2. doctor who was gunned down in his home, it was upon 24/7 until the killer was caught and jailed.How many of us heard about the Pro-Choice advocate who stormed right into a church service oneweekend and gunned down the actual Pro-Life Minister? Where was that on the news? Or what aboutthe woman who bled in order to death within hours of her abortion from the very clinic that the doctorwho had been gunned down worked in. What about the woman who was fired from her job from USWest for putting on a pro-life pin to work Was there any coverage of that? Outside of locally,absolutely no there was not. Did you hear any kind of news of the prayer team who were meetingoutside an abortion clinic who were beaten by police as they place on the ground? Or about the truckthat deliberately and gradually ran over the pro-life activists, trying to deliver a woman to obtain anabortion?What about the complaints from abortion clinics to the billboards being built near their placesassociated with business that show a picture of a murdered unborn child. Pro-Choice promoters callthem "tacky, in bad taste, and offensive". In other words, as long as what we are doing in here is notvisible towards the naked eye, then its legal, guarded and acceptable. But how dare you show otherpeople what we should do! Do any of these instances sound familiar to you, heard about all of them inthe media? No, and you wont because as anyone with half a brain knows now-a-days, the actualmedia has an agenda all their own.But think of it, when it is choice that determines whether a good action is murder or even acceptable,then we have removed any standard of right and wrong. Choice doesnt make the determination of lifevs. NOn-life, life is life regardless, the choice is in the taking of that life and that is not one that peoplehave the right to make. This brings us to our second truth.II.There is an Underlying Value being ignored.Life is important to lord. From the life of the unborn child to the life of the retired person, life isimportant to God.Psalm 139:13-15"For you created my personal inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb. I praise aperson because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that completewell. My frame wasnt hidden from you when I was made in the secret place."Jeremiah 1:4-5"The word of the head of the family came to me saying, "before I formed you in the womb I knew aperson, before you were born we set you apart; i appointed you as a prophet to the nations."In reading through these and other passages, we view that life is important to god, including the life ofthe unborn child, whom God knows, who God forms, whom god can set apart. But in this country,choice has become God. We are ignoring a typical God Himself set. Whenever we ignore the value oflife in favor of choice, the choice then needs to extend to the the children who are born, but who turnout to be hard to manage, to elderly parents who become not capable of fending for themselves, andto the actual handicapped who dont "contribute to our society".And if you feel that this sounds cruel, or even farfetched, listen a moment. Within the Netherlands,where abortion is and has been socially appropriate for more years than it has been here, they
  3. 3. passed the euthanasia law allowing individuals to kill themselves if they so wish. But today, in theholland, doctors in emergency rooms are given the option of whether to spend the time and effortstrying to save a life, as a matter of fact they have issued little cards much like our organ contributorcards that say basically, "please dont let me die, attempt to save me." If an accident victim does nothave that greeting card, the doctors make which persons final determination whether they will live ordie. And it was just ten years back that they introduced a regulation that would allow parents of anychild born sightless, deaf, retarded, or severely handicapped to decide if that child should be allowedto live, or left to starve in order to death alone in an isolation ward.CHOICE HAS BECOME lord ! Now its no longer an issue whether the life is human or not, now its amatter of the parents, a doctors, a stressed out adult childs word, and a life can be lawfullydiscarded as if it were trash.With respect for life is so scarce, no wonder weve got kids killing kids just to observe what it wouldfeel like.You might say, Dave, what about the arguments the pro-abortion people use? Is the unborn infanthuman? Well, the holy bible says so, and for me that is good enough. But for those of you who cantaccept the Bible, what about Science? science says so too. Life is understood to be that which hasability to reproduce itself, and from the moment of conception, when each cell divides andreproduces, that is life.Some use the "it is my body" argument against closing abortion, when in actuality, it isnt the womansbody. The child is in the womans body, but is distinct and separate in the woman, often having avarious blood type than the lady. This is not a procedure to remove a tumor, it is a violent act ofmurder upon a good innocent human infant. But lets just say this isnt the case that the baby really ispart of her body. We dont allow a woman to inject illegal drugs in to her body. We dont allow her tosell her body in prostitution, except within Vegas, so that shouldnt truly surprise anyone. So if we donot give a woman a right to complete these things, how can she need the right to murder her unbornbaby under the guise of "its her body".It is a false debate entirely.But Dave, you might say, what about the children who are born handicapped. Wouldnt their"standard of living " mean anything to you? allow me to answer you this way, when the right ofanother person to reside comes down to the judgment of their contribution to society, or theircomprehension as to the world around them, then we open the floodgates with regard to increasemoral disintegration. There are lots of healthy, sane people who only contribution to our society is inraising their children right, id say that is a great contribution to society. We wouldnt have theinspirational stories associated with Helen Keller, Ray Charles, or any other handicapped individualwho might not have contributed like Keller or Charles but perhaps theyve value because life is vitalthat you God. And He values all of them.But lets use this same logic. Shouldnt we then as was done in the movie, Logans Run, set an growolder limit up to which one might live? In the movie the age was 30, now, composing as a 40 year old,id object to this policy, but lets say set it at sixty five. After all, they are done operating then, so
  4. 4. therefore cannot lead any more to society. So all Senior Citizens upon reaching 65 years of age willbe humanely offer sleep, medical costs would plummet, Social Security could be saved, but what withregard to and nursing homes would no longer be a necessity.Sound heartless? life is life, whether it is the unborn baby, or the retiree. And a woman no more hasthe moral right to the choice to end her unborn childs life than i must end hers, yours, or anyoneelses. Is the unborn child a life? Consider these details :The unborn child has a heart beat by the 18th day.The unborn childs mind begins to function at forty days.The unborn child breathes, moves and sleeps.The unborn child grows, hiccups, and sucks his usb.The unborn child is run on to correct defects and this is how they learned that the actual unborn childfeels pain.The unborn child is completely formed before the mother actually knows she is pregnant.The unborn child can survive outside the womb at twenty weeks and with current technologiesimproving, that number will get pushed back to 19,eighteenAbortions can be performed on these unborn children up to the moment of their birth. Most people donot realize of what happens in an abortion, and though not pleasant, the fact is youve been lied toregarding the normalcy and ease of this process. Abortion is a violent, harmful procedure. I will notexplain the methods used, I choose to not.What I will describe for you are the saddest cases, the actual babies who are not wanted, but are toodeveloped to become murdered without risk to the mother. They induce labor, and the child is leftalone in a room separate from the viewing room at the medical center. They are allowed to starve inorder to death, some who are as well developed are taken component way out of the womb while thedoctor strangles the life out of the child, which upon passing away, is discarded in the trash.III.There is a horrible Apathy poisoning our Culture.There is a terrible apathy harming our culture. Weve got people going all out for all causes. Theres acar driving around Kissimmee with loads of bumper peel off stickers on the back, among them tend tobe, "Save the Whales", "save the Manatees", "Meat is Murder" and finally, "I election Pro-Choice". Inother words, save everything but the humans!We possess people devoting time and energy to causes like saving the whale stuck in the icecirculation, save the polar bears from global warming, bring back the red M&M, but very few are eventrying to stop the murder of kids !And the most tragic part of it all is that there is a horrible apathy among Christians when it comes tothis subject. We think that theres nothing that we can do because the problem is too big. But thatswrong, theres a lot we can do. If you choose to picket an abortion clinic, thats legitimate, otherwiselegal. If you choose to pray concerning the situation, that where our power comes from. Maybe yousupports a pro-life organization financially, thats another choice.But the single most important thing you can do only takes a few moments of your time. And that is,you are able to vote Pro-Life. Disagree with me if you wish, what issue is more important than the life
  5. 5. of an unborn child Security of our nation? just how long do you think we will stay secure if we keepoffending God by the murdering from the innocent? Romans 1:32 makes it clear that those who giveapproval to sinners for committing sin, are simply as guilty as those committing the sin. Therefore thenext time you go to vote for the lesser of two evils, or for your union work and the candidate is for theactual murder of human infants, just imagine yourself with your hands wrapped around the neck of anewborn, who came along along with just bad timing, since your vote for a pro-abortion prospect isexactly the same as approving, actually committing the act of abortion.When I saw my daughter born 9 weeks prematurely struggling to breathe, with wires coming out fromjust about all angles, I knew that no one would ever be able to tell me that abortion was a choice anylonger. Her arms were almost as heavy as a crayola marker, she was almost six lbs, and she was thebiggest baby in the neo-natal ICU. Others arms were thinner than the usual #2 pencil, tubes stuckdown their throats letting them breathe, I watched as the nurses pricked heels to attract blood and theexpression about the faces of the infants within pain.I do not believe which anyone after seeing the size of a premature baby or one of those new 3Dimaging sonograms, I do not believe that anyone having seen that can still be for abortion withoutsurrendering their humanity in the process. The question is now what are you going to do about it,because passing away Is Not a Choice.Jeremiah 29