Sec 2 CA2 History SBQ Guide


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Sec 2 CA2 History SBQ Guide

  1. 1. Name: _______________________________ ( )Class: ____________ Sec 2 CA2 History SBQ Guide Question type Answering format Example LORMSBasic inference This source tells me This source tells me that Farquhar was not L1 – Lifting/ describing the that…. (Inference). The responsible in anyway for the founding of sourceWhat does this evidence is “…” Singapore. This is evident from the phrase thatsource tell you (Evidence). This shows Farquhar “did not occupy any position in which he L2 – Making inferencesabout…? that ... (Explanation) could have planned and undertaken the without support foundation of Singapore.” This shows thatWhat can you infer Note: You need 2 Farquhar did not play a critical role in the founding L3 – Making inferencesfrom this source? paragraphs of inferences of Singapore with supportInference of The author made this The author also wrote this source to criticize the L1 – Lifting/ describing thepurpose comment to … (Inference unethical behaviour of the ‘pocket mother’. This source of purpose). The can be seen from the source that states thatWhy did the evidence is “…” “Pickering found two Teochew girls, who, after six L2 – Making inferencesauthor write this? (Evidence). This shows years, were still repaying their debts even though without support that the author made the sums had been paid over and over again.” ThisWhy did the this comment to… shows that the author is criticizing the pocket L3 – Making inferencesauthor make this (Explanation) mothers’ unscrupulous behaviour by highlighting with supportcomment? that they use underhanded means to cheat the Note: You need 2 girls into staying in the flesh trade for a long term. paragraphs of inferencesReliability This source proves/ does Source C proves that early Singapore was not L1 – Answers based on not prove that …. . This peaceful. This can be seen from the arrowhead source type/ provenance/Does this source can be seen from the which must have been used as a weapon to inflict uncritical acceptance ofprove that…? source which states that physical harm on another person. The existence of source “…” (Evidence) This such weapons indicates that early Singapore wasVictoria School Sec 2 History 1
  2. 2. Name: _______________________________ ( )Class: ____________Is this source shows that the source not peaceful and might have been threatened byreliable in showing proves that…because… external invaders. L2 – Answers based onthat…? (Explanation) content of the source This can be supported by Source A which statesIs this source fair This can be supported/ that there is a “defence structure” which was L3 – Answers based onin showing that…? contradicted by Source “boosted by the presence of a moat” that is used cross-referencing either to ____(The source that to protect a place from people attacking it. Given other source(s)/ contextual you’re cross-referencing the existence of such defence structures, we can knowledge to) which states that “…” safely say that Singapore might have been under (Evidence). attack from an external party, showing that early Singapore was indeed not peaceful, as proven by The source can also be Source C. supported / contradicted by my contextual This can be further supported by what I know knowledge which states about early Singapore. Towards the end of the 14th that … (Evidence from century, Singapore was either attacked by Siamese what you’ve learnt). troops or Majapahit troops. This further shows Thus, the source is/ is that Source C is reliable. not reliable. Note: You need 3 paragraphs (1 based on the source you are asked to study, 2 on cross- referencing)Victoria School Sec 2 History 2