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for the complete presentation Go to http://www.nutrition424hourfitness.com/why-herbalife24.html for Personal & Fitness Trainers, Fitness & Aerobic Instructors, Sports Coaches as well as Athletes & Teams.

So if you are a Personal Trainer, Sports Coach or even Sports Organizers, you should take note that these products also comes with a very lucrative opportunity to expand your income. Becoming a Herbalife Independent Distributor is a low cost, no risk, high income potential Business Opportunity, and most rewording. No prior nutrition experience is needed: full training, company & sponsor support, easy systems and lots of tools is provided. We will be there helping you every step of the way to the top. The opportunity to earn, from all the 82+ countries Herbalife is operated at, five sources of income:
a. Retail Profit (25%-50%)
b. Wholesale Profit (up to 25%)
c. Royalty Override Income (up to 5%)
d. Production Bonuses (2-6% depending on organizational volume)
e. Annual Bonuses and rewards like cruises, holidays, and so much more

All you need to do is Contact Francois Swanepoel at Office: +27878077753 | Email: info@nutrition424hourfitness.com

Herbalife24 is the first 24-hr sports nutrition range. Based on the latest proven science, Herbalife24 is designed for everyone – whether you’re a gentle jogger, gym junkie or an elite athlete, Herbalife24 has all the products you need to help you prepare, train and recover. The 7-product line is fully customizable to suit your activity levels and training needs. Every product batch we produce is third-party tested by Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) for prohibited substances to ensure your confidence in our product. You can be sure that what is listed on the label is exactly what is in the product. All H24 products are free from artificial colours. Prolong, Hydrate, Rebuild Strength and Rebuild Endurance are all free from artificial flavours. Hydrate contains Sucralose to avoid high calories and added sugar. Herbalife24. Nutritional Support for the 24-Hour Athlete.™ More info on our Website: www.424hrfitness.com

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Herbalife24 Sports Nutrition & Business opportunity

  1. 1. GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF SPORTS NUTRITION www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  2. 2. FACTS ABOUT HERBALIFE24• Designed to be the leading brand of Sports Nutrition worldwide.• No cost has been spared in Research & Development and this has ensured that we have the most scientifically advanced product in the world.• We have more that 60 of the world’s top doctors and scientist working continuously on our product range to ensure that they are the best nutrition available.• Only the best raw materials used – sourced worldwide in line with Herbalife’s “Seed to Feed” approach.• Very stringent testing on all raw materials – up to 60 certification documents per ingredient and up to 1000 documents per product. www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  3. 3. • Herbalife have aligned the new range with the top end of the professional sport market which demands only the best in all respects.• Products can be used by sports or active people at any level. The approach is if it’s good enough for world leading Olympic gold medalists and the world’s Number 1 soccer player and team, then is good for all!• Top sports people want the best results from a top quality product with no negative side effects or possibility of testing positive in any way whatsoever. www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  4. 4. SPORT PERFORMANCE AND YOUR BODYA good quality nutrition program extends wellbeyond “pre, during and post” workout phases.Herbalife 24 is unique – it looks after the body’sneeds 24 hours a day with a very simple and easyto use program with no guess work required. www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  5. 5. WHAT WE NEED TO PERFORM Highly digestible and absorbable carbohydrates, high quality protein & essential fatty acids.• Carbohydrates – energy.• Protein – muscle repair and recovery.• Essential fatty acids – joints, nervous system & cardiovascular system. www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  6. 6. 4 PHASESFour essential phases of Sports Nutrition: FUELING … before REFUELING … during & after REPAIR … after RECOVERY … after www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  7. 7. FUELINGINSTANT FUEL:• Carbohydrates = Instant Fuel• Examples of food sources of carbohydrates: bread, pasta, rice, vegetables, fruit, honey and sugar.• Carbohydrates are converted in the body to muscle glycogen and stored in our muscles.• Muscles are you immediate use fuel tanks.RESERVE FUEL:• Fat = Reserve Fuel (fat cells – long distance fuel tanks).• Fat can only be burned as fuel “in the flame of carbohydrates”.• This generally only happens after 15 to 20 min. of aerobic exercise. www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  8. 8. FORMULA 1 SPORT Healthy Meal For Athletes: • 9g of milk dairy protein • Amino Acids – building blocks for muscles • Blend of carbohydrates • 1g lactose (vs 13g in 1 glass of milk) • 1000mg L-Glutamine (up to 50 % lost during exercise) • 20 vitamins and minerals • Antioxidants (Vitamins C, E and A) - support immune function www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  9. 9. HYDRATEAdvanced Hydration :• Includes bioavailable electrolytes• Low calorie (15 kcal)• Only 1g of sugar• Caffeine free• Vitamins B and C• Provides and replenishes salts and minerals: - Sodium citrate - Sea salt - Potassium gluconate - Potassium phosphate - Magnesium ascorbate - Calcium lactate www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  10. 10. REFUELINGDURING EVENT:• Medium to Long duration sporting events - refuel regularly during event.• Use carbohydrates in liquid form – these are quickly assimilated.AFTER EVENT:• Continue refueling with carbohydrate rich foods and liquids up to 2 hours after exercise.• Window of opportunity for max. potential glycogen replenishment < 30min. after exercise.• Muscles are most receptive to carbohydrate refueling during this period. www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  11. 11. PROLONGDual-Source Carbohydrates & Electrolytes :• 58g carbohydrate for energy - Maltodextrin (fast release) - Fructose (slow release)• Speeds recovery• Electrolytes for re-hydration• 5g Whey protein isolate• Antioxidant protection www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  12. 12. REPAIR• Protein supplies the Amino Acids which assist in Muscle Repair• More strenuous the physical activity – greater the muscle damage.• Lower demand sports = 1.0 – 1.5g protein / kg of body weight• Higher demand sports = 1.5 – 2.0g protein / kg of body weight• Need high quality protein to repair the muscles quickly and efficiently.How to assist the repair process:• Quickly digestible protein must be taken immediately after exercise together with carbohydrates.• Additional protein should be taken 1½ to 2 hours after exercise. www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  13. 13. REBUILD www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  14. 14. REBUILD ENDURANCE Glycogen Replacement and Muscle Recovery: • 14g Tri-core protein-amino blend (whey protein, casein protein & amino acids) • 27g carbs - energy • L-Glutamine - Rebuilds muscle & immune function • 1000mg L-Carnitine – aids recovery • BCAA’s – essential building blocks for muscles • 160 Calories • Electrolytes for re-hydration • Iron www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  15. 15. REBUILD STRENGTH Immediate and Sustained Muscle Recovery: • 24g dairy protein • 3000g L-Glutamine - Rebuilds muscle & immune function • 4000g BCAA’s – muscle building blocks • 190 Calories / per serving • Bioavailable Electrolytes for re-hydration • 20% DV Iron • 300mg Calcium www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  16. 16. RECOVERY• Recovery is an essential component of on-going performance.• Increase cardiovascular activity = increased oxygen intake = increase in free-radical intake.• Leads to increased damage to cells = slows down recovery time.• Use of antioxidants helps to combat free-radicals in the body = reduced recovery time.Use of antioxidants can also help with:• Speeding up of lactic-acid removal. Deposited in muscles - damages cells.• Reduce muscle-fibril degradation.• Increase glycogen resynthesis. www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  17. 17. RECOVERY www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  18. 18. ADDITIONAL FACTORS1. HYDRATION:• MUST be fully hydrated before training or competing.• Replenish liquids regularly during exercise .• Don’t wait until you’re thirsty.• Daily water intake – 1 litre for every 30kg of body weight.• With sports activity – increase by 50%• “Hydration test” – urine clear.2. REST:• Essential for repair and recovery. www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  19. 19. PRODUCT TESTING All products are 3rd Party tested by an independent worldclass facility and screened for substances prohibited in sport. www.colognelist.com www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753
  20. 20. GOOD FOR TOP ATHLETES… … GOOD FOR YOU www.424HrFitness.com Francois Swanepoel +27878077753