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Toyota Presentation Skills Theory - Francois Nieman


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Toyota Presentation Skills Theory - Francois Nieman

  1. 1. Toyota Presentation Skills – Theory by Francois Nieman 1 INTRODUCTION Quote “tis better to be that which we destroy, than by destruction, dwell in doubtful joy” Enquote Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, my name is Francois Nieman. I am a senior Toyota vehicles sales executive. I want to sincerely thank you for attending this presentation. That quote from Shakespeare’s piece from Mcbeth, forms part of my vision to be that successful, committed professional that every customer envisions, instead of being a poor performing average salesman just causing unpleasant and ineffective purchase experiences, ultimately destroying trust and confidence. I form part of a successful dealership, McCarthy Toyota Centurion in the Bidvest group. Our dealership is very conveniently situated in one of the main, well known roads of Centurion, the Hendrik Verwoerd Drive. The aim of your attendance today and of this presentation is so that you are properly informed of the spectacular service delivery that you can expect from me, from our dealership and our dynamic, pro-active team, that aims to uphold and uplift the tremendous core values and vision that the Toyota Company has established. This presentation should take approximately seven minutes of your time and will consist of desired outcomes hopefully resulting in you as a potential customer, so there should be no need for any questions afterward. Expect to be introduced to professionalism and to the promise of effective service delivery. BODY Has it ever happened to anyone of you where delays was experienced with the sourcing of a desired vehicle model or specification, or even found yourselves being offered alternative
  2. 2. Toyota Presentation Skills – Theory by Francois Nieman 2 vehicle models as a solution? This strategy might be regarded as an effective sales technique in many vehicle dealerships, but my aim is to prove to you otherwise. McCarthy Toyota Centurion has an undisputed reputation of being the leader in sourcing that vehicle model that you require through quick and efficient dealer networking. Not only do we please by accurate model specification sourcing, but also by the ability to deliver on quantity.  This talent that we have derives from the stigma that exists in our dealership which instinctively trains and encourages each employee to be relentless in the task on hand, until such time that total customer satisfaction is achieved. As a team we are committed to our customer’s needs and utilize each and every aspect of our well established dealer network in the McCarthy group to ultimately and successfully deliver on our customer’s request. Whether it is a specific immaculate pre-owned vehicle or a unit in our wide range of new models, hassle-free, punctual delivery is our goal and our key to success.  Over the past decade, our group of directors has specifically focussed their initiatives on our dealership by implementing high tech equipment, the latest available customer data retrieval systems and top of the range facilities that allows us to excel to the highest and most efficient standards of customer service satisfaction.  On record, our problem resolution procedures are transparent proof of excellent customer experience ratings, both in our service, as well as our sales ratings. This tactics resulted in above standard capital growth rates. The core reasons for these developments and initiatives lie with our ability to adapt to the ever-changing diverse market and the current day’s high demands of service excellence.
  3. 3. Toyota Presentation Skills – Theory by Francois Nieman 3 My presentation today is to leave you with one main message. The task to consider me, Francois Nieman, as your representative to “lead the way” to a long term relationship, ensuring stability, continuity, trust and confidence. Many sales operative’s focus ultimately revolves around profits, am I right? My pledge today in this presentation is to maintain the relationship not through profits alone, but by the promise of service excellence through experience.  I have proven to be a successful representative for Two reputable vehicle manufacturers for Seven years but please note, the third being my ultimate choice, Toyota. For the past three years, the true and traditional South African brand has been my ultimate choice for many obvious reasons. Included in the presentation package you will find a graph of my sales performance over the past 10 years which should display sound proof of the pride I have in my work and the consistency that I maintain.  I have been trained and sculpted by these companies to successfully present and deliver a product, to acknowledge my customer’s needs, emotionally adapt to my customer’s circumstances and tirelessly maintain a healthy business orientated relationship. I have been rendered qualified by the banker’s institute of South Africa to present sound business transactions and legal legitimate financial information. I am your solution in a business perspective to fulfil needs and requirements. CLOSING Be assured today of the following:  That through effective networking solutions McCarthy Toyota Centurion and I, can effortlessly adapt to your business requirements,  Acknowledge and successfully structure your financial requirements and take special care of your financial needs.
  4. 4. Toyota Presentation Skills – Theory by Francois Nieman 4  My ability to be on top of my game through knowledge and experience to exceed expectations. As a fully functional, experienced networking solution, we can fulfil your requirements in sourcing the required product. As a qualified and experienced employee of a well-equipped dealership you can have confidence in our abilities to provide sound business options and solutions. You can experience peace of mind in timeous and effective vehicle sourcing whether it is by model specification or by quantity. You can expect from me to be pro-actively informative about our product launches, vehicle specification changes and pricing structures which will enable your business to maintain sustainable future predictions. Choose us to improve the statistical planning of your future purchases.