Evaluation 5 how did you attract, address your audience


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Evaluation 5 how did you attract, address your audience

  1. 1. Evaluation 5 and Audience Feedback and Reflection<br />
  2. 2. How did you attract/address your audience? <br />
  3. 3. Front cover<br />One way in which my front cover attracts its audience is by giving away freebies of a free download on iTunes. I found that music was commonly consumed over the internet, so I chose to include free downloads rather than a free CD. This was also influenced by people saying they would like something free to be included with the magazine. Except for the masthead ‘The Wombats’ is the largest sans-serif font on the page placed across the middle of the cover, making it the focus point of the cover and therefore the main headline attracting the audience as they are a popular band. On the bottom left hand side of the front cover I have positioned a list of featured bands. This gives the audience an idea of what bands and therefore would excite the reader to see all these bands inside this issue. The deliberate use of a larger font for the headline and masthead coloured in yellow with an outer glow makes it stand out from the page to catch the readers eyes. In addition, I have used an image of a festival which further attracts the reader as it conveys that this magazine features information on gigs and live music! <br />
  4. 4. Contents Page<br />It follows on well from the front cover as it uses the same types of colours and fonts therefore this addresses the audience as they know this links from page to page within the magazine. In addition, I have used a CD as the main image so when you open it up it seems as if it acts like a real album coverexciting the reader as not many magazines do this. I deliberately used a quote in the contents page ‘Tuesday IS the new Friday’ emphasizing ‘IS’ and it acts as a lure. Because it is quite a bold statement that some might find a bit unusual, this will grab the readers attention and encourages them to turn to the page and read more about it. I also included page numbers next to text to keep the reader interested in what is in the magazine. In addition, I placed a large image of a lead singer to give the contents page a greater effect making it less boring to look at for the reader. Further more, I used exclamation marks, words such as ‘Best’ and ‘Amazing’ to excite the reader as I feel they will understand and relate to these words. <br />
  5. 5. Double page spread<br />It features a stand first and a drop capital to introduce the article to keep the reader engaged. The use of a personal quote is displayed in a bigger font than the article with an ellipsis at the end in order to grab the readers attention and encourage them to read the interview. The use of the colour green on a darker background, makes the quote stand out more. The layout for my double page spread is fairly straightforward and similar to ones I have researched; a whole page for the photo is used for the left hand page, with hardly any text displayed, and columns of text on the other. This gives the page a minimalist, uncluttered appearance, along with the use of standard English, I feel makes it clear and simple for my young audience to understand. I have images of festivals which appeal to my male audience who tend to go to festivals. The main image of the band, I feel may inspire young musicians and believe they can become like this ‘cool’ band such as the image of ‘The Wombats’. <br />
  6. 6. I addressed my target audience by asking what their opinions were regarding my magazine... <br />
  7. 7. What do you think about the final version of my Front Cover‘INDIvidual’?<br />Feedback person 1<br />“The first thing that I noticed was that the Front Cover was shaped in a CD case which gave a glimpse of what the magazine was about inside and I’ve never seen this before which I find very clever. Also the colours are very effective, matching style of the image”.<br />Feedback person 2<br />“I like the way the front cover is speaking about what will be inside the magazine which links well to the title ‘INDIvidual’ as they are all Indie bands. Also the title and the headline are very eye catching for the reader as they are big and colourful’”<br />Feedback person 3<br />“You know by looking at the front cover what you are getting: a new and cool magazine for ‘indie’ lovers! The ‘free download’ will attract new readers as well as the details of new festivals!”.<br />
  8. 8. What do you think about the final version of my Contents Page ‘INDIvidual’?<br />Feedback person 1<br />“I like the way that the contents page follows along with the front cover, using a CD shape. I also like the simplicity of it as it does what a contents page should have with text and page numbers”.<br />Feedback person 2<br />“The contents page links with the front cover which is very effective. The quote ‘Tuesday IS the new Friday’ made me laugh as it was quite out of the ordinary and I think it is good to have a bit of humour in it which makes the page feel good”.<br />Feedback person 3<br />“The content page really looks like a CD and I find this very original-<br />I am not sure about the quote ‘Tuesday IS the new Friday’ – I like the quote, but I want to find out more, and could not see this on the contents page!?”<br />
  9. 9. What do you think about the final version of my Double Page Spread ‘INDIvidual’?<br />Feedback person 1<br />Would you buy it? ‘If I was a male then yes’<br />“I like the way that you’ve used the same people but in different poses. Also I like the way you’ve got a quote from the band. I can now easily see that this is an Indie magazine about albums”!<br />Feedback person 2<br />Would you buy it? ‘ Yes absolutely!’<br />“I think the heading is very clever the way it had a slight bend to it which made it extremely effective. I like the stand first to tell you what the band will be talking about in the paragraph. Overall a great Indie magazine at last”!<br />Feedback person 3<br />Would you buy it? ‘Yes!, free download inside why not?’<br />“This is a great article and looks professional– I love the reference to the Wombles – I will definitely go and buy their album”! <br />
  10. 10. Reflection on Audience Feedback<br />Overall I am extremely pleased with the feedback from my friends and family. I feel that I have received much more of a positive feedback than negative which I am very pleased of. I really like how in the majority of the feedback they understood on what my magazine is about by the shape and layout of my magazine, which is about new albums and of an Indie genre. I feel now that I have chosen the right colours due to many praising this in the feedback. I feel that people felt that my magazine flowed and has continuity as each page follows well on to the next page which I felt was important so I am glad people could spot this. The feedback has also helped me to realise what I could do better if I might produce something similar in the future where one of the people feed-backing didn’t understand where to follow the quote on the contents page, however I felt looking back in the feedback the quote helped lure my reader in. Also one of the females said they would buy it if they were a boy which is what my target audience is, so this feedback has helped me realise that some females may not be attracted by my magazine as I have mainly targeted a young male audience.<br />